The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
In 1332 Edward III levied a universal tax to pay for wars against the Irish and the Scots and the list of the amounts paid by the Maghefeld [Mayfield] and Wadehurst [Wadhurst] landowners is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
Matilda de Aillardenne
Alexander de Arlegh
William de Bayndenne
Peter le Beche
William Beghildebrugg
Roger de Beregg
William de Beregy
Robert de Berklegh
Robert junior Berklegh
Reginald de Beteryndenne
John de Betesfeld
Laurence le Bont
William le Bousse
Thomas Brown
Richard Burdon
John Cade
John Cade
Matthew Cade
Richard le Cade
Robert Cade
William Cade
Robert Carpenter
John le Cat
Relict Chomcele
John Chyllye
Robert le Coche
Gilbert Coggere
Walter Cokerel
Relict Colet
John Colyn
Laurence de Courtehope
William de Crouherst
Gilbert Curtays
William Denays
William Deneman
Henry DodeslondDodeslond [now Dudsland]
Stephen Downgate
Laurence atte Erowe
Gilbert de Eversfeld
Alice de Eversfeld
John le Frye
Richard atte Frythe
John Gilberd
Roger Gregory
Richard atte Halle
Robert Halpeny
Robert Hamon
William Henry
John le Hert
William le Hert
Laurence de HorleghHorlegh [now Horleigh Green]
Elizota de Hothlegh
John le Hourt
Gilbert Huchon
Simon de Isted
John de Isted
William le Kent
William Lepard
William de Leveselegh
William Lyghtfote
Gilbert atte Lymene
Matilda Mapelhurst
John Martyn
Elya atte Melle
Nicholas le MistMist [now Mist Cottages]
James de MouleshaleMouleshale [now Mousehall]
John de MuleshaleMuleshale [now Mousehall]
John de Nywenham
Richard Oderne
Peter Oderne
William Palmer
Relict John atte Pelle
Richard Phyrlock
John Pilcher
John Ponte
Thomas Pryncle
Christian Pulcher
John Pulcher
Thomas atte Red
William le Red
Richard le Reg
Adam de Rysdene
Alan Sage
Robert de Sapertone
Laurence Saunere
Julia Serymond
Robert Setter
Relict Steld
Hamon de Stonlegh
Zabar Sutor
Margery Swetyng
Peter le Tayllur
Alice de Tokyngersh
James atte Venele
Isabel Virgile
Isabel Virgyle
William Walays
Laurence de Wanebourn
John de Waneburn
Agnes atte Watere
Alan le Wayte
John atte Welle
Simon Wevere
John Wilkyn
Laurence atte Wode
Simon Wolfan
Robert de Yerdhurst
John de Yerdherst

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