The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Robert Saxbies
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16th century
Buckhurst Terrier
30th Nov 1598
Leasehold (21 yrs)
At Thornie croft
Buckhurst Terrier
Robert Saxbies, yeoman, holds by deed a newly erected messuage and lands called Thornie croft, the Roomes, rough pasture west of Thornie croft, the Roomes, rough pasture west of Thornie Croft, Blackham Meadow, Rough Croft, meadow called Pannymead, two parcels of Ladyfield Wood, Lodgefield Croft, two meadows called Wier Meads and arable adjoining (totals not given).
Rent £37 and 2 fat capons alive 20th November

No ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Saxbie, Saxbies, Saxbyes, Saxby, Saxbey, Sexby, Saxsby, Sexbey, Saxelby, Saxly, Saxley, Saxpes individual records

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