The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Stephen Groombridge, son of Thomas Groombridge and Mary Groombridge
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Stephen Groombridge, was born at Goudhurst on 7th January 1755 to Thomas and Mary Groombridge. He married Lavinia Martha Treacher on 24th January 1793 and they bore two children neither of whom outlived them.

In 1802 the couple moved to Blackheath and close to the Royal Observatory, Greenwich where Stephen, now 47, developed his keen passion for astronomy. He persuaded Edward Troughton to design advanced astronomical instruments which he used to make tens of thousands of observations of more than 4000 stars. As a result of this work he was, in 1812, elected a fellow of the Royal Society and in 1820 he was a founder and council member of the Astronomical Society of London (later called the Royal Astronomical Society). He published twelve papers on astronomy between 1808 and 1826. He has the recognition of having "Goombridge's Star" in the constellation of Ursa Major named after him.

In 1827 Stephen Groombridge suffered a stroke and died five years later at Blackheath. He is buried in the churchyard at Goudhurst where there is a plaque with the inscription: "During a long course of honourable exertion and uniform usefulness he combined the pursuits of science with the discharge of the duties of private and social life: he lived abundantly blessed by a gracious providence. He died full of Christian Faith and Hope."

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7th Jan 1755
In the Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
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24th Jan 1793
Lavinia Martha Treacher at St. Bartholomew The Less, in London
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Birth of a daughter
Mary Susanna
Private Groombridge contribution
13th Nov 1802
Birth of a son
Stephen Paris
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30th Mar 1832
In the Parish of Blackheath, Kent
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6th Apr 1832
In the Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
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Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Groombridge, Gromebridge, Groombridg, Grombridge, Groomebridge, Groomsbridge, Grombreg, Grombrege, Grombredge, Grumbredge, Grumbridge, Gromrege family records
The ancestral pedigree of Stephen Groombridge
 Thomas Groombridgem: c 1745Mary 
 b: c 1725
d: 1797
  b: c 1725
d: 1793
 5 children Stephen 1 child 
 b: 1745 to 1755 b: 7th Jan 1755 Goudhurst, Kent
d: 30th Mar 1832 Blackheath, Kent
bur: 6th Apr 1832 Goudhurst, Kent
 b: after 1755 
 Stephen Groombridgem: 24th Jan 1793 St. Bartholomew The Less, LondonLavinia Martha Treacher 
 b: 7th Jan 1755 Goudhurst, Kent
d: 30th Mar 1832 Blackheath, Kent
bur: 6th Apr 1832 Goudhurst, Kent
  b: 1767
d: 30th Aug 1832
 Mary Susanna Stephen Paris 
 b: 1795
d: 4th Aug 1824
 b: 13th Nov 1802
ch: 22nd Nov 1802 St Mary, Lewisham, London
d: 7th Jan 1803 Goudhurst, Kent

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