The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
James Wing, son of William Wing and Harriet Wing [Holmes]
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In the Parish of West Hoathly, Sussex
Ian Rooke's records
c 1869
Fanny .....
Birth of a son
Charles in the Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
Birth of a daughter
Rose Edith in the Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex
3rd Apr 1881
At Ship Street in the Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex; James Wing, M, Head, married, age 32, born West Hoathly; occupation Hay Binder
1881 Census
East Grinstead, Sussex

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Wing, Wings individual records
The ancestral pedigree of James Wing
 William Wingm: 21st Oct 1805 St. Margaret's Church, West Hoathly, SussexRebecca Budgen 
 b: c 1783 Sussex
d: 1859 West Hoathly, Sussex
  b: c 1782 Sussex
d: March 1853 East Grinstead, Sussex
 Mary Celia William 
 b: 1806 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1811 Cuckfield, Sussex b: 1816 Streat, Sussex
d: after 1881
Grandfather record
 William Wingm: 15th Jun 1837 St Swithin Parish Church, East Grinstead, SussexHarriet Holmes 
 b: 1816 Streat, Sussex
d: after 1881
  b: 1812 Cowden, Kent
d: before 1881
Alfred  Mary Ann  Thomas Sarah Anne James Angeline Emily Traton 
b: 1838 West Hoathly, Sussex  b: 1842 West Hoathly, Sussex
d: 1871 to 1877
  b: 1845 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1847 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1849 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1851 West Hoathly, Sussex b: 1855 West Hoathly, Sussex
d: 7th Feb 1856
 b: 1856 West Hoathly, Sussex 
  Francis  Jane Anne             
  b: 1839 West Hoathly, Sussex  b: 1843 West Hoathly, Sussex             
Parental record
 James Wingm: c 1869Fanny 
 b: 1849 West Hoathly, Sussex  b: 1849 Chelsea, London
 Charles Rose Edith 
 b: 1875 East Grinstead, Sussex b: 1880 East Grinstead, Sussex 
Family record

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