The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Descendant's report for Reverend Edward Turner, son of Richard Turner and Jane Turner [Hills]

The Reverend Edward Turner, M.A., V.P., Rector of Maresfield and Vice-President of the Sussex Archaeological Society. Mark Anthony Lower said of Edward Turner that he was "the oldest living antiquary of Sussex, whose acquaintance with all that concerns the history and topography of the county, and whose willingness to communicate his knowledge to the public, entitle him to the respect and regard of every lover and well-wisher of that shire"

See also:
The Free Chapels of Maresfield and Dudeney by Rev E. Turner published in 1851
Richard Kidder, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and the Kidders of Maresfield by Rev E. Turner published in 1857
Uckfield, Past and Present by Rev E. Turner published in 1860
Ashdown Forest by Rev E. Turner published in 1862
Maresfield by Rev E. Turner published in 1862
Isfield Place by Rev E. Turner published in 1866
Memoir of The Rev. E. Turner, M.A., V.P. published in 1873.
Generation No. 1
  1. Reverend Edward Turner was the son of Richard Turner and Jane Turner [Hills]. He was born 16th Jun 1794 at Westmeston, Sussex; christened 8th Jul 1794 at Westmeston, Sussex; died 28th Jan 1872
  He married Elizabeth Turner on 6th May 1823 at Keymer, Sussex. She was the daughter of Thomas Turner and Elizabeth Turner [Blaker]. She was born 17th Feb 1794 at Keymer, Sussex; christened 13th Mar 1794 at Keymer, Sussex; died 25th Sep 1870. They had the following children:
  iElizabeth who was born 29th Feb 1824
  iiThomas Richard who was born 9th Feb 1830; christened 9th Mar 1830 Nuthurst, Sussex

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