The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Crouchs [a.k.a. Couch] Croft    Piltdown  Maresfield  
Historical records

1557 to 1564Manor recordStephan BourdeCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1564Manor recordPyltedowne Common SW, Road N, E & SCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1610 to 1611Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Stephen Bordman and Elizabeth nee Penfold mortgage Antony Goldsmyth. 1611 surrendered to William Brooker.

1611 to 1639Manor recordWilliam Brooker admit. 1639 deceased.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1639Manor recordCottage lately built & barnCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

after 1639Manor recordRichard Brooker admit.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

before 1641Manor recordNicholas Brooker to self and assigns.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1641 to 1645Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Nicholas Brooker then John Kettle admit, heriot and fine 20/-. 1645 John Kettle surrendered to John Humphrey.

1645 to 1655Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Humphrey of Piltdown admit, fine 18/-. 1655 but court of 1657 mortgage to Richard Dane £25/8/6d. 1655 forfeit on non payment.1660 surrendered to Richard Dane.

1655 to 1673Manor recordRichard Dane admit, fine 30/-. 1673 deceased.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1673 to 1688Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Dane son 16 admit, fine 4d. Robert Wood and William Bannester guardians. 1688 surrendered to John Smith.

1688 to 1745Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Smith of Maresfeild limeburner. 1706 surrendered to uses. 1745 deceased.

1745 to 1745Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Smith son of Edward, son of John Smith admit, fine 4d, mother Mary guardian, fine 1/-. 1745 surrendered to will and deceased.

1745 to 1764Manor recordWilliam Smith admit, fine 25/-. 1747 surrendered to will. 1764 deceased.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1764 to 1803Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Smith son of Edward eldest brother of William Bannester admit and surrendered to will. 1803 deceased.

1803 to 1804Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Elizabeth Smith sister admit by probate, Elizabeth Fleming John Smith's niece attorney, fine £3.1804 surrendered to Elizabeth Fleming.

1804 to 1804Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Elizabeth Fleming admit on 2nd proc during life of Elizabeth Smith, fine £2.1804 surrendered to Samuel Grover.

1804 to 1835Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Samuel Grover of Fletching bricklayer admit, fine £2 and surrendered to will. 1805 mortgage John Verrall of Southover gent £100. 1827 satis.1827 mortgage Joseph Swift of Chailey yeoman £300. 1828 Joseph Swift anotherseph Swift another £100. 1831 Edward Stillwell exor satis. 1831 mortgage Mary Swift of Chailey widow £425. 1838 satis. 1835 deceased, heriot cow compo £5/6/8d.

1837 to 1838Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
David and Edward Grover sons admit trustees by will on 3rd proc, fine £30. 1838 surrendered to John Verrall £300, heriot pig compo £1. 1838 surrendered to Daniel Grover £260.

1838Manor recordCrouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor
Formed by partition of Crouchecrofte, 3 acres at Piltdown Crossroads.

1838Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Partition to form Crouchecrofte, 4 cottages, 0.5 acre at Piltdown Crossroads by apportionment 3d annual rent

1838 to 1864Manor recordCrouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor
James Wood junior admit, fine £15 and mortgage James Wood the elder of East Grinstead gamekeeper £200. 1852 exors satis. 1852 mortgage Benedicta Vincett of Wandsworth spinster £200.1858 satis. 1858 mortgage Thomas Humortgage Thomas Huson of Lewes gent £300. 1862 satis.1862 mortgage John Hillman younger and Alfred Hillman of Cliffe £400. 1864 satis. 1864 mortgage Edward Hillman of Lewes gent £50 subject to £400. 1864 satis. 1864 surrendered to Alexander Elmsley £300.

1839Manor recordTithe map nos.1827/29 0.1.29 acre.Crouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor

1839 to 1862Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Daniel Grover of Sevenoaks builder admit on 3rd proc, fine £10. 1862 surrendered John Villiers Shelley £350.

1840Manor recordTithe map nos.1826, 1830/32 3.1.02 acres.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

6th Jun 1841CensusDavid Grover, M, Head, age 25 to 29, born Sussex; occupation: bricklayerDavid Grover, bricklayerCouch Crofts1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Anne Grover, F, [Wife], age 35 to 39, born SussexAnn Grover

1862Manor recordMessuage tenement and lodge.CrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

1862 to 1867Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
John Villiers Shelley Bart of Maresfeild Park admit, fine £20. 1867 deceased, heriot horse compo £20.

1864 to 1876Manor recordCrouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor
Alexander Elmsley of Lewes brewer admit on 2nd proc, fine £20. 1876 deceased, heriot horse compo £46/13/4d. 1882 Charles Edward James disclaimer will of Alexander Elmsley.

1867 to 1875Manor recordCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor
Dame Louisa Elizabeth Anne Shelley admit with Cottage, 1/2 rood at Horney Common, Cottage, 2 acres. 1875 enfranchised £81/9/10d, with Cottage, 1/2 rood at Horney Common, Cottage, 2 acres.

1875Manor recordEnfranchisedCrouchecrofteDuddleswell Manor

c 1875Piltdown, South West of Maresfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyCrouchs Croft

1882 to 1884Manor recordMaria Ann Elmsley widow of South Malling admit by will. 1884 deceased.Crouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor

1885 to 1885Manor recordCrouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor
Susan Jane Elmsley spinster admit by will of Alexander Elmsley, fine £30. 1885 surrendered to John Wishart Lyell £300.

1885 to 1888Manor recordCrouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor
John Wishart Lyell of Gottenburg Sweden brewer admit, fine £31. 1886 mortgage Matthew Inglett Fortescue Brickdale of Lincolns Inn barrister at law and Rev Arthur Thomas of Rottingdean £5000 !!. 1888 satis. 1888 enfranchise. 1888 enfranchised.

1888Manor recordEnfranchised.Crouchecrofte, 4 cottagesDuddleswell Manor

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