The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Brown, M, Head, married, age 60, born Speldhurst, Kent; occupation: town drainage labourerWilliam Brown, town drainage labourer1 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Mary A. Brown, F, Wife, married, age 65, born Bletchington, OxfordMary A. Brown

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Wheeler, M, Head, married, age 49, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation TailorWilliam Wheeler2 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Charlotte B. B. Wheeler, F, Wife, married, age 42, born Cranborne, DorsetCharlotte B. B. Wheeler
Mary L. Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 13, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarMary L. Wheeler
Elizabeth S. Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 11, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarElizabeth S. Wheeler
Charlotte Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 9, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarCharlotte Wheeler
Nelly Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 7, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation ScholarNelly Wheeler
William Wheeler, M, Son, age 1, born Sevenoaks, KentWilliam Wheeler
Catherine Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 4, born Sevenoaks, KentCatherine Wheeler
Eva M. Wheeler, F, Daughter, age 1, born Sevenoaks, KentEva M. Wheeler

3rd Apr 1881CensusCharlotte Godley, F, Head, married, age 62, born Sevenoaks Weald, Kent; occupation: manglerCharlotte Godley, mangler3 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
John Godley, M, Son, single, age 26, born Godden Green, Kent; occupation: messengerJohn Godley
Annie Godley, F, Daughter, single, age 23, born Godden Green, Kent; occupation: needle womanAnnie Godley

3rd Apr 1881CensusWilliam Bird, M, Head, married, age 68, born Stepney, Middlesex, occupation: school board attendance officerWilliam Bird, school board attendance officer4 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
William S. Bird, M, Son, age 10, born Sevenoaks, Kent, occupation: schoolboyWilliam S. Bird
Caroline Hoult, F, Servant, single, age 26, born Hastings, Sussex; occupation: housekeeperCaroline Hoult
Thomas Shouler, M, Lodger, widowed, age 68, born Shenley, Buckingham; occupation: gardenerThomas Shouler

3rd Apr 1881CensusJohn W. Perrie, M, Head, widowed, age 75, born Tonbridge, Kent; occupation LabourerJohn W. Perrie5 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent

3rd Apr 1881CensusHenry Perrie, M, Head, married, age 43, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation CoachmanHenry Perrie6 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Caroline Perrie, F, Wife, married, age 29, born Sevenoaks, KentCaroline Perrie
Sophia E. Perrie, F, Daughter, age 6, born Sevenoaks, KentSophia E. Perrie
Caroline Perrie, F, Daughter, age 4, born Sevenoaks, KentCaroline Perrie
Minnie Perrie, F, Daughter, age 2, born Sevenoaks, KentMinnie Perrie

3rd Apr 1881CensusSamuel How, M, Head, single, age 72, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: yeomanSamuel How, yeoman7 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Sarah How, F, Sister, single, age 76, born Sevenoaks, KentSarah How
Annie Limes, F, Servant, single, age 21, born Derby; occupation: domestic servantAnnie Limes

3rd Apr 1881CensusStephen How, M, Head, married, age 69, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: carpenterStephen How, carpenter8 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Harriett How, F, Wife, married, age 71, born Sevenoaks, KentHarriett How

3rd Apr 1881CensusCain Reynolds, M, Head, married, age 45, born Battle, Sussex; occupation ButcherCain Reynolds9 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Sarah Reynolds, F, Wife, married, age 54, born Hawkhurst, KentSarah Reynolds
William Wiggins, M, Lodger, single, age 29, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation Milk manWilliam Wiggins

3rd Apr 1881CensusGeorge Dodd, M, Head, married, age 58, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: brewerGeorge Dodd, brewer10 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Harriet Dodd, F, Wife, married, age 61, born Sevenoaks, KentHarriet Dodd
Charles Dodd, M, Grandson, age 10, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: scholarCharles Dodd
Thos. Rawleson, M, Lodger, single, age 51, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation Brewer's labourerThomas Rawleson

3rd Apr 1881CensusHenry Ashon, M, Head, married, age 47, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: vetinary surgeonHenry Ashon, vetinary surgeon11 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Ellen Ashon, F, Wife, married, age 40, born Sevenoaks, KentEllen Ashon
Henry Ashon, M, Son, age 14, born Sevenoaks, KentHenry Ashon
Frederick Ashon, M, Son, age 12, born Sevenoaks, KentFrederick Ashon
John Ashon, M, Son, age 10, born Sevenoaks, KentJohn Ashon
Charles Ashon, M, Son, age 8, born Sevenoaks, KentCharles Ashon
Frank Ashon, M, Son, age 6, born Sevenoaks, KentFrank Ashon
Kate Ashon, F, Daughter, age 4, born Sevenoaks, KentKate Ashon
Herbert Ashon, M, Son, age 3, born Sevenoaks, KentHerbert Ashon
Arthur Ashon, M, Son, age 1, born Sevenoaks, KentArthur Ashon

3rd Apr 1881CensusHarry Wood, M, Head, married, age 29, born Franting, Essex; occupation Brewer's labourerHarry Wood12 Lock Yard1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Marry Wood, F, Wife, married, age 29, born Little Bromley, EssexMarry Wood
Eliza Dalton, F, Lodger, single, age 78, born Eltham, Kent; occupation: former servantEliza Dalton
Eliza Warren, F, Lodger, widowed, age 64, born Mareham, Berkshire; occupation CharwomanEliza Warren

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