The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
St Johns      Tunbridge Wells  
Places in St Johns
Albert Terrace
Albion Square
Amherst Lodge
Amherst Road
Ashwood Cottages
Belle Vue
Ben Nevis Villas
Brewery Cottages
Brickmakers Arms
Canewood Farm
Cavies Cottages
Church View
Clifton Cottage
Clifton Villas
Combermere House
Cross Keys
Culverden Castle [a.k.a. Tower]
Culverden Cottage
Culverden Farm
Culverden Hill
Culverden Park
Culverden Square
Culverden Street
Dover House
Dover Place
Dunstan Road
Ebury Cottages
Egerton Lodge
Elizabeth Villas
Fern Cottage Nursery
Fern Villas
Ferndale View
Garden Cottage
Gasworks, Broom Hill
Goods Station Cottage
Grange Cottage
Great Culverden
Green Bank
Harp Hotel
Hartfield Cottage
Hartfield Villa
Haywards Cottages
Huntleys Estate
Ivy Cottages
John Street
Kelsey Cottages
Little Culverden Farm
Liverpool Arms
Malgre Tout
Medwyn Villa
Moreton Lodge
Mortimer Villas
Mount Pleasant Villas
Myrtle Villas
New England Cottage
Newcomen Road
Norwood Villa
Oak Villa
Percy Cottages
Pollards Cottages
Preston Cottage
Queens Head
Queens Road
Railway View
Red Lion Inn
Reynolds Lane
Rock Cottage
Rose Cottage
Rose Villas
Saltwood Lodge
Sims Cottages
Smockham Farm
South Hill House
Southfield Brickyard
St Johns Road
St. John's Church
St. John's Lodge
St. John's Villa
St. Mary's
St. Paul's Cottage
Standen Street
Strange Brick Field
Sussex House
Sussex Villas
Swiss Cottage
Thatch Cottage
The Glen
The Skinners School
The Vale
The Vicarage
Thomas Street
Walkers Cottages
Werton Grove
West Hall
Westow Lodge
White House
William Street
Woodbury Hill
Woodbury Lodge
Woodbury Park Villa
Wycliffe Lodge
Yates Lodge
Historical records

1880BirthHenry J. Young

Sep 1880BirthMary S. Young

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