The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Clifton Place      Westerham  
Historical records

5th Apr 1891CensusJames H Cousins, M, Head, married, age 32, born Fareham, Hampshire; occupation: coach builder and wheelerJames H Cousins, coach builder and wheelerClifton Place, No 31891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Sarah A Cousins, F, Wife, married, age 31, born Shefford, BedfordshireSarah A Cousins
Frederick W Cousins, M, Son, age 10, born Shefford, BedfordshireFrederick W Cousins
Charles H Cousins, M, Son, age 8, born Shefford, BedfordshireCharles H Cousins
Eliza Poplett, F, Lodger, widowed, age 72, born Westerham, Kent; occupation Living on own meansEliza Poplett
Jane Smith, F, Visitor, single, age 25, born Limpsfield, Surrey; occupation: general domestic servantJane Smith

5th Apr 1891CensusHenry R Miles, M, Head, married, age 33, born Gravesend, Kent; occupation: carpenter and joinerHenry R Miles, carpenter and joinerClifton Place, No 21891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Elizabeth Miles, F, Wife, married, age 36, born Westerham, KentElizabeth Ann Miles [Moss]
Katherine E Miles, F, Daughter, age 10, born Westerham, KentKatherine E Miles
Ida Rose Miles, F, Daughter, age 2, born Westerham, KentIda Rose Miles
Joan Miles, F, Daughter, age 2 months, born Westerham, KentJoan Miles
Edward Radbone, M, Boarder, single, age 29, born Barby, Northamptonshire; occupation ButcherEdward Radbone

5th Apr 1891CensusJesse Hatcher, M, Head, married, age 39, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: ironmonger's carmanJesse Hatcher, ironmonger's carmanClifton Place, No 11891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Bessie Hatcher, F, Wife, married, age 49, born Sevenoaks, KentBessie Hatcher
Maggie M Hatcher, F, Daughter, single, age 14, born Charlton, Kent; occupation: scholarMaggie M Hatcher
Harold F Hatcher, M, Son, age 10, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: scholarHarold F Hatcher
Eva Mary Hatcher, F, Daughter, age 8, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: scholarEva Mary Hatcher
Albert Edw Sherry, M, Lodger, single, age 21, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: brewer's clerkAlbert Edw Sherry

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