The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
High Street      Westerham  
Places in High Street
Bank Cottages
Blacksmiths Forge
Board's Hill
Brewery Cottages
Canterbury Cottage
Chapel House
Commerce House
Common Lane
Copthall Cottages
Crown Beerhouse
Dale Cottages
Eagle Boot Stores
Elm View
Fountain Tavern Coffee Shop
George & Dragon Hotel
Gordon Villa
Gospel Hall Cottage
Grasshopper Inn
Gratitude Place
High Street Inn
Hope Cottage
Inglefields Cottages
Kings Arms Hotel
Kirk Gate
London House
Magdala House
Manor House
Merle Cottage
Milk Cottages
Mill House
Mill Lane
Mill Lane Cottages
Moreton Cottage
Orchard Villas
Park View
Pear Tree Villa
Public Hall
Pywell Cottages
Quebec Cottages
Rifleman Beerhouse
Rose Villa
Spring Gardens
Springfield Cottages
St. Mary's Church
Stratton House
Stratton Terrace
The Beeches
The Grange
The Laurels
The Pheasantry
Vicarage Cottage
Vicarage House
Warde Arms Inn
Wardes Cottage
Westerham Post Office
Winterton House
Wolfe Inn
Woodville Cottage
Yew Tree Cottage
Historical records

c 1900High StreetHigh Street, WesterhamGeorge P. Brown's collection

1905Looking WestLooking West, WesterhamPrivate collection

1908The Manor HouseThe Manor House, WesterhamPrivate collection

1908High StreetHigh Street, Westerham photographed by Photocrom Co Ltd.Private collection

1909Looking WestLooking West, Westerham photographed by J.A. Hughes, WesterhamPrivate collection

1910The GreenThe Green, Westerham photographed by W.T. Williams, WesterhamHigh StreetPrivate collection

1911High StreetHigh Street, Westerham photographed by G. White, WesterhamPrivate collection

1914High StreetHigh Street, WesterhamRoy Wolfe's records

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