The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Historical notes about Framfield
n/kLandParish of Framfield, Sussex
n/kLandParish of Framfield, Sussex
n/kLandParish of Framfield, Sussex
10th Sep 1597TenantRobert HodsonTickeridges landParish of Framfield, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Rob. Hodson for Tickeridges land
Yearly rent 14s 2d
10th Sep 1597TenantEdmund StapleyPalehouseParish of Framfield, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Edmund Stapley, gent, for Palehouse
Yearly rent 11s 9d
10th Sep 1597TenantThomas EversfeildNewnham ParkParish of Buxted, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
The Lord Buckhurst for certain lands called Newnham Park
Yearly rent 1s 4d
10th Sep 1597TenantRobert WellsOlivesParish of Buxted, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Robert Wells for land called Olives
Yearly rent 16s 3d
10th Sep 1597TenantEdmund StapleyPerimansParish of Buxted, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Edmund Stapley for Perimans
Yearly rent 2s 6d
10th Sep 1597TenantSimon DaieShortbridge MillParish of Uckfield, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Simon Daie for Shortbridge Mill
Yearly rent 6d
10th Sep 1597TenantRobert BakerGilredgeParish of Uckfield, SussexBuckhurst Terrier
Robert Baker for Gildredge
Yearly rent 11s 4d

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