Olive Ivy Hall [Hale]
20th Apr 1917
At 54 Grange Road, Hove in the Parish of Brighton, Sussex; daughter of Christopher Henry Hale and Florence May Hale
Judy Hall's research
2nd Sep 1917
At St Martins Church in the Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Judy Hall's research
29th Oct 1938
At St Wilfreds Church in the Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Judy Hall's research
2nd Oct 2010
At The Mary Grange Nursing Home, Sandy Bay in the State of Tasmania, Australia
Judy Hall's research
23rd Aug 1950
Birth of a son
At Scaynes Hill in the County of Sussex
Judy Hall's research
20th Oct 1939
Birth of a daughter
At 306 Franklands Village in the Parish of Haywards Heath, Sussex
Judy Hall's research

The ancestral pedigree of Olive Ivy Hall [Hale]
 Arthur Leslie Hallm: 29th Oct 1938 St Wilfreds Church, Brighton, SussexOlive Hale 
 b: 18th Jul 1911 Whitesmith Cottage, Laughton, Sussex
ch: 27th Aug 1911 Chiddingly Parish Church, Chiddingly, Sussex
d: 30th Mar 1988 Launceston General Hospital, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
bur: 31st Mar 1988 Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
  b: 20th Apr 1917 54 Grange Road, Hove, Brighton, Sussex
ch: 2nd Sep 1917 St Martins Church
d: 2nd Oct 2010 The Mary Grange Nursing Home, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia
 Janet Olive Christopher
 b: 20th Oct 1939 306 Franklands Village, Haywards Heath, Sussex b: 23rd Aug 1950 Scaynes Hill, Sussex
Family record

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