Ann Oxley, daughter of Richard Oxley and Susannah Oxley [Traish]
In the Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Heathfield Parish Registers
21st Jan 1738/39
At All Saints Church in the Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Heathfield Parish Registers

The ancestral pedigree of Ann Oxley
 Richard Oxleym: 30th Oct 1722 All Saints Church, Mountfield, SussexSusannah Traish 
 b: c 1700
d: Feb 1773 Heathfield, Sussex
bur: 10th Feb 1773 All Saints Church, Heathfield, Sussex
  b: c 1700 
Richard Susannah Sarah William Mary Ann John Elizabeth
b: 1725/26 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 9th Jan 1725/26 All Saints Church
d: Sep 1803 Heathfield, Sussex
bur: 12th Sep 1803 All Saints Church, Heathfield, Sussex
 b: 1727 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Dec 1727 All Saints Church
 b: 1729 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 29th Sep 1729 All Saints Church
 b: 1732 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 28th Jul 1732 All Saints Church
 b: 1734 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 27th Oct 1734 All Saints Church
 b: 1738/39 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 21st Jan 1738/39 All Saints Church
 b: 1740/41 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 20th Dec 1740/41 All Saints Church
 b: 1744/45 Heathfield, Sussex
ch: 24th Feb 1744/45 All Saints Church
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