Isaac Rumens, son of Gideon Rummens, farmer and Martha Rummens [Durey]
In the Parish of Cranbrook, Kent
David John Rumens' records

The ancestral pedigree of Isaac Rumens
 John Rummensm: 4th Oct 1803 Rye, SussexAbigail Dobell 
 b: 1781 Benenden, Kent
d: Mar 1844
  b: 1787 Cranbrook, Kent 
Gideon Isaac Henry Daniel Sarah Naomi Eliza Mary Ann
b: 1805 Biddenden, Kent
d: 1869 Flimwell, Sussex
 b: 1813 Biddenden, Kent
d: 1907 Cranbrook, Kent
 b: 1815 Biddenden, Kent b: 1816 Biddenden, Kent
d: 1879 Cranbrook, Kent
 b: c 1820 b: 1826 Biddenden, Kent
d: 1895 Ashford, Kent
 b: 1826 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1827 Cranbrook, Kent
ch: 6th Aug 1827 St Dunstan's Church
Grandfather record
 Gideon Rummens
m: 26th Jun 1834 St Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, KentMartha Durey 
 b: 1805 Biddenden, Kent
d: 1869 Flimwell, Sussex
  b: 1811 Cranbrook, Kent
d: 1892 Flimwell, Sussex
Isaac  Sarah Naomi Martha Ruth Moses Rachael John
b: 1838 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1843 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1845 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1847 Hawkhurst, Kent
d: 1877 Flimwell, Sussex
 b: 1850 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1852 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1854 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1856 Hawkhurst, Kent
 b: 1840 Cranbrook, Kent
d: 1928 Hawkhurst, Kent
Parental record

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