Daniel P. Taylor, son of Daniel Peter Taylor, farmer and chicken dealer and Rhoda Taylor [Brinkhurst]
In the Parish of Framfield, Sussex
1891 Census
Framfield, Sussex

The ancestral pedigree of Daniel P. Taylor
 Daniel Taylor
farm labourer
m: 17th Feb 1800 St. John-under-the-Castle, Lewes, SussexElizabeth Foard 
 b: 1778 Sussex
d: Apr 1842 Waldron, Sussex
bur: 24th Apr 1842 All Saints' Church, Waldron, Sussex
  b: 1779 Mayfield, Sussex 
 John Hart 
 b: 1815 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 22nd Oct 1815 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
Grandfather record
 John Hart Taylor
farm labourer
m: c 1841Hannah 
 b: 1815 Framfield, Sussex
ch: 22nd Oct 1815 St. Thomas à Becket's Church
  b: 1821 Mayfield, Sussex 
George Daniel Peter Jane Homer Cain Obed Ephraim Georgeana
b: 1841 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1845 Waldron, Sussex b: 1847 Framfield, Sussex b: 1849 Buxted, Sussex b: 1850 Buxted, Sussex b: 1853 Framfield, Sussex b: 1860 Waldron, Sussex b: 1864 Waldron, Sussex
Grandfather record
 Daniel Peter Taylor
farmer and chicken dealer
m: Jan to Mar 1873Rhoda Brinkhurst 
 b: 1845 Waldron, Sussex  b: 1852 Framfield, Sussex 
Mary  Benjamin  Ruth Harriett Thomas W. George W. Ethel M. Lucy E. Daniel P.
b: 1875 Framfield, Sussex  b: 1878 Framfield, Sussex  b: 1880 Framfield, Sussex b: 1882 Framfield, Sussex b: 1884 Framfield, Sussex b: 1885 Framfield, Sussex b: 1890 Framfield, Sussex b: 1891 Framfield, Sussex
 Kate Rhoda Anne      
 b: 1877 Framfield, Sussex b: 1879 Framfield, Sussex      
Parental record

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