Edward Verrall Lucas, son of Alfred Lucas and Jane Lucas [Drewett]

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Edward Verrall Lucas was born in 1868 of a Quaker family and at the age of sixteen was an apprentice in a Brighton book shop before joining the staff of the Sussex Daily News as a reporter. In 1904 he published Highways and Byways in Sussex and on the strength of the popularity of the book E.V. Lucas came to be regarded as an authority on the county. He became a prolific writer on travel and paintings and his humorous verses in Punch and his books of nonsense and parody tickled the country. He wrote on cricket and he annotated the works of Charles and Mary Lamb. He received the Companion of Honour in 1932 and an honorary doctorate at Oxford and St Andrews as well as numerous other testimonials to his work.

See also Highways and Byeways in Sussex by E.V. Lucas published in 1904, The Sussex Side of E.V. Lucas by Arthur Beckett published in 1938 and
12th Jun 1868
In the Parish of Eltham, London
1901 Census
c 1895
Florence Elizabeth Gertrude .....
Birth of a daughter
Audrey at Holborn, in London
1901 Census
26th Jun 1938
At 20 Devonshire Place, in London
Probate Registry of England and Wales
21st Jul 1938
London; Effects: £24,670 2s 2d
Probate Registry of England and Wales

The ancestral pedigree of Edward Verrall Lucas
 Alfred Lucasm: 22nd May 1866 Luton, BedfordshireJane Drewett 
 b: 1842 Southwick, Sussex
d: 28th Sep 1895
  b: 1845 Luton, Bedfordshire
 Alfred Edward Verrall Benjamina 
 b: 1867 Eltham, London b: 12th Jun 1868 Eltham, London
d: 26th Jun 1938 20 Devonshire Place, London
 b: 1871 Eltham, London 
Parental record
 Edward Verrall Lucasm: c 1895Florence Elizabeth Gertrude 
 b: 12th Jun 1868 Eltham, London
d: 26th Jun 1938 20 Devonshire Place, London
  b: 1873 Hampstead, Middlesex
 b: 1898 Holborn, London 
Family record

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