The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
In 1295 Edward I levied a universal tax for the expenses of his Scottish War and the list of the amounts paid by the Byvylham [Bibleham] landowners is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
Symon de BayndennTax - 3s 4 1/4dBaynden [now Bainden]
Isabel de BayndenTax - 3s 7 1/2dBaynden [now Bainden]
Matilda de ByvyhamTax - 12dByvyham [now Bibleham]
Peter de ChillehopeTax - 3s 0dChillehope [now Gillhope]
Matthew de CumbdennTax - 3s 0d
Stephen de CumbdennTax - 3s 3 1/4d
Adam atte CumbeTax - 10s 11dCumbe [now Coombe]
Gilbert atte Forde
Matilda atte Hechetun
William Josmyth
Henry LuggreLuggre [now Luckhurst Crouch]
Johan de Mardon
Gilbert MerywederMerryweder [now Merryweather]
William Mone
Matthew de Shonyngherst
Peter atte Teehe
Godfrey Waleys
Gilbert de Waneburn
Hugh de Waneburn
John Wylekyn

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