The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
East Grinstead
East Grinstead High Street in 1909
East Grinstead High Street in 1909
The soil is generally poor, but the scenery is beautifully wild, open, and extensive. The town is situated, on a considerable eminence, near the borders of Surrey, on the road from Brighton through Lewes, to the metropolis. It is irregularly built, but contains some good modern houses, and respectable inns. It is paved but not lighted, and is supplied with water from wells. The river Medway rises at Turner's Hill, and flows through Forest Row, and onwards to Tunbridge. Several mineral springs are within the boundaries of the parish, but they have been but little noticed, and but seldom used for medical purposes.
extract from Horsfield's The County of Sussex published in 1835
East Grinstead is a market town in the East Grinstead division of Sussex, in the hundred of East Grinstead, rape of Pevensey, rural deanery of East Grinstead, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester. East Grinstead was a borough by prescription and returned two members to Parliament from 1307 in the reign of Edward II until the passing of the Reform Act of 1832 in the reign of William IV, when it was disenfranchised.
East Grinstead is 30 miles south of London
Populationc 1,100c 1,2502,6592,8043,1533,3643,5863,8204,2665,3906,9685,1806,0597,0907,3228,728
In 1894 Forest Row was created as a separate parish and 2,137 people were reclassified in the 1891 figures and excluded subsequently
East Grinstead historical notes has been derived from the same sources to highlight East Grinstead's key events in chronological order

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
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also published as
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2010Extracts from the Maidstone Journal (1786-1851) relating to Edenbridge, Hever, Chiddingstone, Westerham, Brasted and Hever by Lionel ColeJournal

People of note
Compton, Henry
(c1575 - )
Courthope, George
(1616 - 1685)
Cramp, Thomas
(1810 - 1891)
Founder of the Temperance cause
Epps, Dr John
(1805 - 1869)
Writer and social reformer
Germaine (Sackville), Lord George
(1715 - 1795)
Hills, Wallace Henry
(1832 - 1932)
Kidder, Richard
(1633/4 - 1703)
Bishop of Bath and Wells
Neale, Reverend John Mason
(1818 - 1866)
Warden of Sackville College
Payne, Edward
(1593 - 1660)
Landowner and Sheriff of Sussex
Rowe, John
(1560 - 1639)
Lawyer and antiquarian
Sackville, Robert
(1561 - 1609)
Founder of Sackville College
Slight, Rev. Benjamin
(1800 - 1889)
Nonconformist minister
Story, John
(1510 - 1571)

Picturesmore pictures 

Frampost - 1773

Ruins of East Grinstead Church - 1773

East Grinstead Church - 1781

The Old Church - 1782

East Grinstead - 1786

Blackwell Hollow - 1795

J.M. Neale and family, Sackville College - 1855

Sackville College - 1860

East Grinstead Toll - 1864

Opening Day, The 2nd Railway Station - 1st Oct 1866

London Road - 1890

High Street - c 1895

East Grinstead Fair - 21st Apr 1896

The Water Rats Swimming Club - 1898

East Grinstead Maps

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825

c 1899

Sussex Maps






1st Sept 1787




Places and properties in East Grinstead - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Admiral's Bridge, Forest Row
Ashurstwood Sabbath School Room, Ashurstwood
Ashurstwood Vicarage, Ashurstwood
Back Road, Forest Row Village
Baldwins Hill
Below the Rocks Congregational Chapel
Bethesda Chapel, Forest Row
Brambletye Hotel, Forest Row Village
Brambletye Mill, Forest Row
Chapel Lane, Forest Row Village
Congregational Chapel, Ashurstwood
Congregational Church, Moat Road
Constitutional Club, High Street
Corn Mill, Tablehurst
Cricket Ground, West Street
Crown Hotel, High Street
Cuttens Hill Mill, Cuttens Hill
Dirty Lane, Ashurstwood
Dorset Arms Hotel, High Street
Dunning's Mill
East Grinstead Brewery, Moat Road
East Grinstead Gas Works, Moat Road
East Grinstead Police Station, High Street
East Grinstead School, College Lane
East Grinstead Vicarage, Church Street
East Grinstead Workhouse, Glen Vue Road
Elephants Head, Cemetery [a.k.a. Queens] Road
Felbridge Road
Fonthill School, Sainthill Road
Forest Row Gas Works, Forest Row
Forest Row Green, Forest Row Village
Forest Row Rectory, Forest Row
Forest Row School, Forest Row Village
Fowlers Place, Moat Road
Gilhams Lane, Forest Row
Hammerwood School, Hammerwood
Holy Trinity Church, Forest Row
Imberhorne Road, Imberhorne Lane
Infant School, Tyes Cross
Kimberley Place, Forest Row Village
Lower Road, Forest Row Village
Maypole Inn, Ashurstwood
Mill Lane, Cuttens Hill
Park Corner, Ashurstwood
Quabrook Common, Quabrook
Railway Hotel, Forest Row Village
Roman Catholic Church, London Road
Rose and Crown Inn, High Street
Royal Oak Public House, Highgate
Sackville College, Church Street
Sainthill Chapel, Sainthill Road
Ship Inn, Ship Street
St Margaret's Convent, Moat Road
St Mary the Virgin, Windmill Lane
St Swithin Parish Church
St. John the Divine, Felbridge
St. Stephen's Church, Hammerwood
St. Stephen's Vicarage, Hammerwood
Station Hotel, London Road
Sussex Arms, West Street
Swan Hotel, London Road
Swan Inn, Forest Row Village
The Almshouses, London Road
Three Crowns Public House, Ashurstwood
Warwick House [Arms], London Road
Wesleyan Chapel
Whillets [a.k.a. Wellets, Willets] Bridge
White Lion Inn, London Road
Wych Cross Vicarage, Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Zion Chapel
Roads and Streets
Blackwell Hollow
Canteloupe Road
Cemetery [a.k.a. Queens] Road
Chapel Lane
Charlwoods Road
Church Street
College Lane
Cranston Road
Crown Lane
Cuttens Hill
De La Warr Road
Durkins Road
East Grinstead Common
East Grinstead Town
Forest Row
Forest Row, Forest Row
Forest Row Village
Glen Vue Road
Green Hedges Lane
Hartfield Road
Hermitage Lane
High Street
Highfield Road
Holtye Road
Imberhorne Lane
Lewes [a.k.a. New] Road
Lewes Road
Lingfield Road
London Road
Lowdells Lane
Lower Glen Vue Road
Maypole Road
Moat Road
Old Road
Portland Road
Sainthill Road
Ship Street
Shovelstrode Lane
St James Road
Station Road
Turners Hill Road
Tyes Cross
Uplands Road
Wall Hill
Water Lane
Wells Bottom Lane [a.k.a. Hermitage Road]
West Street
Windmill Lane
Wood Street
Homes and Farms
Acorn Gill, Forest Row
Albany House, Lingfield Road
Albion Cottage, Forest Row Village
Albion Cottages, Moat Road
Albion Villas, Moat Road
Alder Place, Lingfield Road
Alma Cottage, Cemetery [a.k.a. Queens] Road
Alpha Villa, Forest Row Village
Armstrong Cottages, Forest Row Village
Arundel House, Lingfield Road
Ashdown Cottage, Hartfield Road
Ashdown Cottage, Highgate
Ashdown Forest [near Forest Row], Ashdown Forest
Ashdown Forest [near Witch Cross], Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Ashdown House [a.k.a. Ashdown Place, Lavortye], Forest Row
Ashurst Cottage, Cuttens Hill
Ashurst Cottages, Forest Row Village
Ashurstwood House, Ashurstwood
Ballards Farm, Highgate
Bank Farm, Ashdown Forest
Barlings Cottage, Green Hedges Lane
Barn House, St James Road
Barrack House, Ashurstwood
Barrick Cottages
Bashford's Cottages, Forest Row Village
Bazing Cottages, Hammerwood
Beaumont, Lingfield Road
Beeches Farm, Ashurstwood
Belle Vue, Lewes [a.k.a. New] Road
Belle Vue Cottage, Old Road
Bensleys Cottage, Ashurstwood
Binfield, Moat Road
Birch Farm
Black House, London Road
Blackland Farm
Blackwell Farm, Blackwell Hollow
Blenheim Villas, Forest Row
Bodmin Cottage, Ashurstwood
Bower Farm, Hammerwood
Bower Hill, Forest Row
Bowerlodge Cottages, Hammerwood
Box Cottage, Durkins Road
Box Farm, Ashurstwood
Boyleys [a.k.a. Bileys] Farm
Bramble Cottage, West Street
Bramblehurst, Wall Hill
Brambletye House, Forest Row
Brambletye Mansion, Ashurstwood
Brewery Cottages, Moat Road
Brewery House, Moat Road
Brickyard Cottage, Tablehurst
Broadstone Farm, Forest Row
Brockhurst, Ashurstwood
Brook Farm, Forest Row
Brook House, Turners Hill Road
Brookers Bottom, Forest Row
Brookhurst Farm, London Road
Brookland, Hammerwood
Buck Cottage, Ashurstwood
Bude Cottage, Ashurstwood
Burnthouse Farm, Forest Row
Busses Farm
Calver Cottage, Ashurstwood
Camden Cottage, Cuttens Hill
Cannon House, London Road
Carlton House, Lingfield Road
Cedar Cottage, Forest Row Village
Chantlers [a.k.a. Chandlers], London Road
Chapel House, Chapel Lane
Charlwood, Forest Row
Charlwoods Cottages, Charlwoods Road
Charlwoods Cottages, Green Hedges Lane
Charlwoods Row, Charlwoods Road
Chequers House, Forest Row
Cherry Garden, Ashurstwood
Chevills End
Cima Cottage, College Lane
Claremont House, Maypole Road
Clay Hall
Clyde Cottage, Ashurstwood
Coft Cottage, London Road
Coldharbour, Forest Row
Colyton House, Forest Row
Cookham, Forest Row
Coombe Farm
Coombe Hill House
Coopers Farm, Felbridge
Copyhold, Imberhorne Lane
Cottage, Ashurstwood
Cottage, Wall Hill
Cottage Hospital, London Road
Court-in-Holmes, Forest Row
Courtlands, Tyes Cross
Cripps Corner, Forest Row
Crockers Bank, Ashurstwood
Cross Fields
Cross Ways
Crown Yard, High Street
Cuttens Hill Farm, Cuttens Hill
Daledene, Lewes [a.k.a. New] Road
Dallingridge Farm, Forest Row
Delta [a.k.a. Delton] Villa, Forest Row
Divalls Cottages, Ashurstwood
Divalls Row, Ashurstwood
Doges [a.k.a. Dodges] Cottage, Tyes Cross
Domaha, Chapel Lane
Domans, Maypole Road
Dunning's, Sainthill Road
Durkins Cottage, Durkins Road
East Court, Blackwell Hollow
East Grinstead Railway Station, Station Road
Eastcourt Cottage
Eckington Villa, London Road
Elm House, Ship Street
Elm House, Station Road
Elm Villa, London Road
Epps Cottage, Ashurstwood
Errol Cottage, Ashurstwood
Fairlight Farm, Holtye Road
Fen Place Mill
Fern Bank, Shovelstrode Lane
Fernleigh, Station Road
Fir Bank, Forest Row
Firtree House, Ashurstwood
Five Oak, Felbridge
Fonthill [a.k.a. Rockwood], Sainthill Road
Fonthill Lodge, Sainthill Road
Forest Row Post Office, Forest Row Village
Forest Row Smithy, Forest Row Village
Forest Row Station, Tablehurst
Forest View, Forest Row Village
Forest View
Frogs Mote, Forest Row
Fuller's House, Forest Row
Gardener's Cottage, Holtye Road
Gardener's Cottage, Green Hedges Lane
Gashouse Cottages, Forest Row
Gateway Manor House, Forest Row
Gatlands Row, Forest Row
Glen Vue Villas, Glen Vue Road
Goat Farm, Forest Row
Goodwin's Farm, Holtye Road
Gordon Cottages, Lingfield Road
Gothic Cottage, High Street
Gotwick Farm, Holtye Road
Great Harwood's Farm
Great Surries, Ashurstwood
Great Water Farm, Hammerwood
Green Farm, Sainthill Road
Greenhall, Highgate
Greenhedges, Green Hedges Lane
Greenhedges Cottages, Green Hedges Lane
Grove Farm, Ashurstwood
Gulledge, Felbridge
Hackenden Farm, East Grinstead Common
Halsford, London Road
Hammerwood Cottages, Hammerwood
Hammerwood Gas Works, Hammerwood
Hammerwood House, Hammerwood
Hammerwood Lodge, Hammerwood
Harbury, Forest Row
Hartshall, Felbridge
Hawarden House, Green Hedges Lane
Hawthorn Villas, Ashurstwood
Hazelden Farm
Hedge Court, Felbridge
Hermitage, Wells Bottom Lane [a.k.a. Hermitage Road]
High Fields, West Street
High Grove, Felbridge
Hill House, Tablehurst
Hill Place, Turners Hill Road
Hill Place House, Forest Row
Hillside, Shovelstrode Lane
Hindleap, Forest Row
Hindleap Lodge, Forest Row
Holly Cottage, Ashdown Forest
Holly Tree Cottage, Lingfield Road
Home Dale, Forest Row
Home Farm
Homelea, Lingfield Road
Homestall Farm, Ashurstwood
Hooker's Cottage, Forest Row
Horseshoe Farm, Forest Row
Hoskins Farm
Hospital Farm, Forest Row
Hurley [a.k.a. Early] Farm, Imberhorne Lane
Hurst Farm, Felbridge
Hurst-on-Clays, Ship Street
Imberhorne Buildings, Imberhorne Lane
Imberhorne Farm, Imberhorne Lane
Imberhorne House, Imberhorne Lane
Imberhorne Lodge, Maypole Road
Imberhorne Stable, Imberhorne Lane
Ivy Cottage, Imberhorne Lane
Ivy Cottage, Highgate
Ivy Cottage, Forest Row Village
Ivy House, Ashurstwood
Judges Terrace, High Street
Keepers Cottage, Tablehurst
Keeper's Cottage, Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Keeper's Cottage, Holtye Road
Kidbrooke, Forest Row
Kingscote, Imberhorne Lane
Knowle Villa, Lingfield Road
Lanka Cottage, Moat Road
Larnach's Cottages, Cuttens Hill
Lavender Cottage, Forest Row
Legsheath, Forest Row
Lime Tree Villa, St James Road
Lingfield Lodge, London Road
Lion House, Ship Street
Little Harwood's Farm
Little Hollybush Farm
Little Surries, Ashurstwood
Little Water Farm, Ashurstwood
Lonsdale House, Lingfield Road
Luxford's Farm, Ashurstwood
Homes and Farms
Macks Cottages, Forest Row Village
Manor House [a.k.a. Oakleigh Farm], Cuttens Hill
Marles, Forest Row
Marlpits Hall, Forest Row
Martin's Cottages, Forest Row Village
Maynard's Cottage, Holtye Road
May's House, Forest Row
Meadowlands, Forest Row
Medway Farm
Melrose House, St James Road
Middle Row
Mill Place Farm
Moat Cottage, Moat Road
Moat House, Moat Road
Moat Manse, Moat Road
Moat Terrace, Moat Road
Moat Villas, Moat Road
Monkshill, Forest Row
Montague House, Maypole Road
Moor Place, Lingfield Road
Morris Cottages, Green Hedges Lane
Morris Cottages, Ashurstwood
Mount Noddy, Moat Road
Mount Noddy Cemetry
Mount Villa, St James Road
Mudbrook, Forest Row
Muggridges, Ashurstwood
Nenthorn, Forest Row Village
New Lodge, Hammerwood
Newlands, London Road
Neyland [a.k.a. Naylands] Farm
North End, London Road
Northleigh, Moat Road
Oak Cottage, Maypole Road
Oak Field, Moat Road
Oak Villas, Moat Road
Oakcroft, Moat Road
Oakcroft, Forest Row Village
Oakfields, Forest Row Village
Oakhurst, Maypole Road
Oakleigh, Cuttens Hill
Old Mill
Old Mill Cottage
Olivers Farm, Ashurstwood
Oriel House, St James Road
Owlett's [a.k.a. Howletts] Farm, Hammerwood
Park Corner, Forest Row Village
Park Hill Farm, Tablehurst
Parkside Cottage, Highgate
Parrotts Row, Ashurstwood
Peartree Cottage, Ashurstwood
Pest House, London Road
Phoenix Cottage, Ashurstwood
Phoenix Terrace, Ashurstwood
Pixton [a.k.a. Pickstones] House, Tablehurst
Place Land, London Road
Plawhatch, Forest Row
Pock Hill, Ashurstwood
Police Station, Ashurstwood
Poplar Cottage, Highgate
Post Office, Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Post Office, Lingfield Road
Primrose Cottages, Forest Row
Prospect Cottages, Ashurstwood
Prospect Place, Ship Street
Pumphouse [a.k.a. Pumphoast] Farm, Holtye Road
Quarry Cottages, Ashurstwood
Queens Road Cemetry
Railway Station House, Glen Vue Road
Railway Works, Glen Vue Road
Raynard's Yard, High Street
Red Cottage, Cuttens Hill
Rehoboth Villa, Lingfield Road
Ridge Hill
Rist Farm, Hartfield Road
Rock Gardens, Glen Vue Road
Rock House, London Road
Rocklands, Lewes [a.k.a. New] Road
Rocks, College Lane
Rose Cottage, West Street
Rose Cottage, Ashurstwood
Rose Cottage, Felbridge
Rose Cottage, Hartfield Road
Rose Cottages, Forest Row
Rose House, Ashurstwood
Rose Villa, Ashurstwood
Rosemount, Shovelstrode Lane
Round Houses, High Street
Rowland Cottage, Charlwoods Road
Royal Ashdown Forest and Tunbridge Wells Golf Club, Chapel Lane
Sainthill, Sainthill Road
Scarlets Mill Hill, Ashurstwood
Shalesbrook [Shelves Brook], Highgate
Shovelstrode Farm, Ashurstwood
Shovelstrode Lodge, Holtye Road
Shuckburgh Cottages, London Road
Slab Castle, Ashurstwood
Smiths Row, Ashurstwood
Smithy, Ashurstwood
Snuff and Rag, Forest Row
South Park Farm, Forest Row
Southdene, Hermitage Lane
Southeap Cottage, Felbridge
Southwick House, London Road
Spring Hill Cottage, Ashurstwood
Spring Villas, Moat Road
Springfield, Shovelstrode Lane
Springfield, Moat Road
St Johns, Moat Road
Stable House, Cuttens Hill
Stapleford Cottage, London Road
Stone Farm
Stone Quarry House, Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Stonehouse, Forest Row
Stoneleigh, College Lane
Strattons Cottages, Forest Row
Sussex Cottage, Durkins Road
Sutton House, High Street
Sycamore Cottages, Green Hedges Lane
Tablehurst Farm, Tablehurst
Tan Yard, Ashurstwood
Temperance Terrace, West Street
Testers Cottage, Forest Row Village
Thatched Cottage, Felbridge
The Cottage, Ship Street
The Croft
The Elms, Forest Row
The Hermitage
The Hollies, Forest Row
The Homestead, Forest Row
The Larches [a.k.a. Little Shovelstrode Farm], Holtye Road
The Laurels, St James Road
The Laurels, Forest Row Village
The Priory [a.k.a. Clay Pits], Highgate
The Rocks, Ashurstwood
The Town, London Road
Thornhill [a.k.a. Fowle Farm], Ashurstwood
Tilkhurst Farm
Timber Yard, London Road
Toll Gate, High Street
Tompset's [a.k.a. Thommas's] Bank, Highgate
Trimmers Pond, Forest Row Village
Truro Cottage, Ashurstwood
Tunbridge Wells Road, Forest Row
Turley Cottage, West Street
Turnpike Gate, Highgate
Twyford Cottages, Forest Row
Uplands, Uplands Road
Vale Cottage, Water Lane
Ventnor Villa, Moat Road
Victor Cottage, Ashurstwood
Vine Cottage, Felbridge
Vine Cottage, Forest Row Village
Walesbeech [a.k.a. Welsbeach, Whalesbeach], Forest Row
Wallhill Farm, Wall Hill
Warley Cottage, Moat Road
Warren Side, Highgate
Waters Cottage, Wells Bottom Lane [a.k.a. Hermitage Road]
Waters Cottages, Durkins Road
Well's Bottom, Wells Bottom Lane [a.k.a. Hermitage Road]
Wells Cottage, Forest Row Village
Wesley House, Crown Lane
West Buildings, High Street
West Fields, West Street
Whitehouse Farm, Forest Row
Willsons Cottage
Windmill, Windmill Lane
Windmill Cottage, Tablehurst
Winterlane Cottage, Ashurstwood
Witch Cross Cottage, Wych [a.k.a. Wytch] Cross
Wood Cottage, Ashurstwood
Woodies [a.k.a. Woodags] Cottage, Hammerwood
Woods House, Forest Row Village
Woolvins Lane, Forest Row
Worsted's Farm, Lewes [a.k.a. New] Road
Yew Cottage, Forest Row Village
Yew Tree Cottage, Felbridge
Yewhurst [a.k.a. Polleys Farm], Ashurstwood
Yexley [Yazley] Cottage, London Road
Zion House, West Street

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