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The Dorset Arms Inn, Hartfield, c 1910
The Dorset Arms Inn, Hartfield, c 1910
A.A. Milne
A.A. Milne
The very name of Hartfield tells its own story of centuries bygone, when the wild deer sped across the hills and down the vales, and crossed the forest glades while pursued by the hunters on their foaming steeds.
The Sackvilles, and also the Barons of Pevensey, worshipped here, and the picturesque church which stands so conspicuously as a landmark for all the country-side with its bracelet tower and lych gate, has many interesting stories connected with it. The dark heather grounds which surround it can show, in the springtime, all the glories of golden gorse and daffodils; so that any time of year, and even in the snowy clays of winter, Hartfield Church is a place to visit, and to look upon with interest as both a scenic and historic monument.
extract from Lady Hope's English Homes and Villages published in 1909
Hartfield is a village and parish midway between East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells. Hartfield is in the East Grinstead division of Sussex, in the Hartfield hundred, Pevensey rape, rural deanery of East Grinstead, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester. Bolebroke and Perry Hill are part of Hartfield. Hartfield is 33 miles south of London.

Hartfield's name reflects its origins in that it was a preserve for deer when the great forest of Andredsweld abounded in 'vert and venison'. Hartfield appears in the Domesday book as 'Hertevel'
Hartfield historical notes has been derived from the same sources to highlight Hartfield's key events in chronological order

Parish & other records Before

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People of note
Milne, Alan Alexander
(1882 - 1956)
Sutton, Rev. Charles Nassau
(1859 - 1916)
Rector of Withyham

Picturesmore pictures 

Bolebroke - 1782

Hartfield Village - c 1800

The Gateway of Bolebrook - 1809

Bolebroke - 1809

Bolebrook - 1824

Hartfield Church - c 1900

Bolebroke - c 1900

Hartwell - c 1900

Holly Hill - c 1900

Hartfield Lych Gate - c 1900

The Almshouse, Holtye - c 1900

The Inn - 1904

Hartfield - 1904

High Street and Post Office - 1905

Hartfield Maps

c 1597

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825

c 1875

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1st Sept 1787





Places and properties in Hartfield - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Almshouse, Newbridge
Anchor Inn, Hartfield Village
Bolebrook Mill
Butchers Cross, Butcherfield Lane
Colemans Hatch School, Colemans Hatch
Countess Thannets Alms House, Holtye
Dorset Arms, Hartfield Village
Hartfield National School, Hartfield Village
Hartfield Public Elementary School, Hartfield Village
Hartfield Workhouse, Hartfield Village
Hatch [a.k.a. The Sign of the Gate] Inn, Colemans Hatch
Holy Trinity Church, Colemans Hatch
Jackmans Place, Colemans Hatch
Lady Darlings School, Hartfield Village
Newbridge Corn Mill, Newbridge
Shepherds Hill, Colemans Hatch
St. Mary's Church, Church Street
St. Peter's Chapel, Holtye
St. Richard De Wych Church, Colemans Hatch
Wesleyan Chapel
Roads and Streets
Butcherfield Lane
Cat Street
Chapel Lane
Chuck Hatch
Church Street
Colemans Hatch
Gallypot Hill
Hartfield Village
Parrock Lane
Homes and Farms
500 House, Chuck Hatch
500 Rough, Chuck Hatch
Allcorns, Quabrook
Andrews Bank [a.k.a. Parrock Wood], Parrock Lane
Angle Cross, Gallypot Hill
Bank Cottage, Newbridge
Bank Farm, Holtye
Bassetts Farm, Holtye
Beech Grove Cottages, Holtye
Beeches [a.k.a. Two Fillets] Farm, Butcherfield Lane
Bell Gate, Holtye
Birling Farm, Quabrook
Bolebrook [a.k.a Bolebroke] Castle
Brick & Tile Works, Quabrook
Brick Kiln Farm, Colemans Hatch
Brickkiln Farm
Brickyard Cottage, Newbridge
Broom House, Hartfield Village
Buckhurst Cottages, Hartfield Village
Burnt House, Holtye
Butcherfield Cottages, Butcherfield Lane
Camber Walk, Colemans Hatch
Castle Farm, Hartfield Village
Cave Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Chandlers Farm, Holtye
Chapel Cottages, Hartfield Village
Chartners [a.k.a. Chartness] Farm, Butcherfield Lane
Chuck Hatch Farm, Chuck Hatch
Church Lane, Hartfield Village
Claypit Farm, Newbridge
Colebrook Cottages, Holtye
Colemans Hatch Road, Colemans Hatch
Coleman's Hatch Smithy, Colemans Hatch
Colstock Toll House, Colstock
Cotchford [a.k.a. Scotchford] Farm
Cottage Forest House, Colemans Hatch
Court House, Hartfield Village
Cullinghurst, Holtye
Deadmans Cottage
Earwig Cottages, Holtye
East Grinstead Brook, Quabrook
Edgemount, Newbridge
Elm Cottages, Hartfield Village
Elm Tree Cottages, Holtye
Faulkners [a.k.a. Hogtrough] Farm, Holtye
Faulkners Cottage, Holtye
Fincham Farm, Cat Street
Fir Tree Cottage, Quabrook
Forest House, Colemans Hatch
Forest View, Cat Street
Forestall [a.k.a. Fostal], Hartfield Village
Frogs Hole Farm, Newbridge
Furnace [a.k.a. Wallis's] Cottages, Holtye
Furnace Farm, Newbridge
Gallypot Street, Gallypot Hill
Gate House Farm, Quabrook
Golden Castle, Chuck Hatch
Graddock Pits [a.k.a. Grey Dock Pitts, Cabbagestalk] Pits, Cat Street
Hammerwood Lodge Gate House, Holtye
Hartfield Green, Hartfield Village
Hartfield Grove [a.k.a. South Hartfield House, Snow's Hole], Colemans Hatch
Hartfield Post Office, Hartfield Village
Hartfield Rectory, Church Street
Hartfield Station, Hartfield Village
Harts Farm
Hartwell, Butcherfield Lane
Hartwell Cottages, Butcherfield Lane
Heasmans Rough, Newbridge
Heath Hoath [a.k.a. Heath Place Farm, Hethe Place Farm, Langley Farm]
Heath Place Cottages
Hill Cottage, Cat Street
Hodore Farm, Gallypot Hill
Hollyhill [a.k.a. Flocks Farm], Colemans Hatch
Holtye Common, Holtye
Holtye House, Holtye
Holywych [a.k.a. Holywych House, Upper Holywych]
Holywych Farm
Jenners Street, Chuck Hatch
Jinks Cottage, Colstock
Jumpers [a.k.a. Chapmans] Town, Newbridge
Keepers Cottage, Holtye
Kidd's Hill, Colemans Hatch
Killicks Cottage, Newbridge
Kitford House, Holtye
Landhurst, Gallypot Hill
Leywoods Farm
Lines [a.k.a. Limes] Farm, Quabrook
Little Bassetts, Chuck Hatch
Little Cansiron [a.k.a. Swaysland], Holtye
Little Laywoods
Little Parrock Farm, Quabrook
Little Shepherds Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Little Shepherds Farm, Colemans Hatch
Lodge, Holtye
Lone Barn
Loneoak [a.k.a. Alone Oak] Hall, Chuck Hatch
Lower Brockshill [a.k.a. Broxhill] Farm, Holtye
Lower Parrock, Parrock Lane
Homes and Farms
Marsh Green, Newbridge
Mathews [a.k.a. Matthews] Cross, Newbridge
Mays Cottage, Quabrook
Moss Cottages, Newbridge
Neaves Farm, Chuck Hatch
New Bridge Cottage, Colemans Hatch
New Cottage, Quabrook
New Lodge Farm, Newbridge
Newbridge Brick Works, Newbridge
Newbridge Water House, Newbridge
Newton Terrace, Gallypot Hill
Newtons Cottages, Gallypot Hill
Newtons Hill, Gallypot Hill
North Clay [a.k.a. Clays]
Oaklea, Hartfield Village
Old Brick Kiln, Newbridge
Old Lodge, Ashdown Forest
Old Old Chequers, Hartfield Village
Old Old Crown, Hartfield Village
Old Old Toll Gate House, Hartfield Village
Orchard Cottage, Hartfield Village
Owls Croft, Holtye
Palmers Cottage, Holtye
Parrock Lane Cottage, Parrock Lane
Paternoster, Cat Street
Peculiars, Newbridge
Perryhill Cottage
Perryhill Farm
Pesthouse [a.k.a. Hurstlands] Farm, Chuck Hatch
Pet Lands [a.k.a. Pitlands]
Pittland Cottage, Cat Street
Plantation House, Chuck Hatch
Platt Farm, Colemans Hatch
Police Station, Hartfield Village
Popes Cottage, Hartfield Village
Posingford [a.k.a. Postingford, Possingford] Farm, Chuck Hatch
Puckstye Farm, Holtye
Pump House, Hartfield Village
Rampers Wood Cottage, Cat Street
Ranters Cottages, Holtye
Rats Castle [a.k.a. Cottage], Holtye
Ravens Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Red Houses, Cat Street
Reed Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Reed Cottages, Hartfield Village
Reids Farm, Chuck Hatch
Rice Hill, Quabrook
Roberts Chapel, Chuck Hatch
Roberts Corner House, Chuck Hatch
Robins Lane, Hartfield Village
Rock Cottage, Hartfield Village
Rogers Town, Holtye
Rough Tye, Cat Street
Sackville Cottage, Hartfield Village
Sackville Court, Gallypot Hill
Scraggs Farm, Holtye
Shawhurst Farm, Ashdown Forest
Shepherds Gate, Colemans Hatch
Shervmay Cottages, Holtye
Smithy, Holtye
Snipe Cottage, Quabrook
Spring Cottage, Hartfield Village
Spring Cottage, Chuck Hatch
Spring Cottages, Gallypot Hill
Springhill Cottage, Newbridge
St. Ives Farm
Stairs Farm, Hartfield Village
Stills Cottage, Colstock
Stone Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Stone House, Chuck Hatch
Stream [a.k.a. Shaw] Meadow, Quabrook
Suntings Farm, Newbridge
Sussex House Farm, Holtye
Sweetwoods Farm, Holtye
Ten Acre Wood, Cat Street
Terrace [a.k.a. Whatley] Cottages, Holtye
Thanet Cottage, Holtye
The Brambles, Hartfield Village
The Laurels, Cat Street
The Lych Gate, Church Street
The Prelude, Colemans Hatch
The Ridge, Colemans Hatch
Thornhill Farm, Newbridge
Tigers Den, Colemans Hatch
Tile Lodge, Newbridge
Trespass Lodge, Chuck Hatch
Turnpike Gate House, Hartfield Village
Tye Farm, Holtye
Upper Brockshill [a.k.a. Broxhill, Old Marks] Farm, Holtye
Upper Parrock [a.k.a. Paddock] Farm, Parrock Lane
Vine Cottage, Hartfield Village
Walters Farm
Walters Lane Cottage
White Cottage, Colemans Hatch
White House [also Horse] Farm & Inn, Holtye
White House Bank, Chuck Hatch
Wilverley, Holtye
Woods Park, Quabrook
Wrens Warren, Chuck Hatch
Wroth Tyes, Cat Street
Yew Tree Cottage, Colemans Hatch
Yew Tree Cottage, Hartfield Village
Yew Tree Farm, Colemans Hatch

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