The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Batemans in 1869
Batemans in 1869
Burwash High Street in 1907
Burwash High Street in 1907
Pooks Hill in 1938
Pooks Hill in 1938
It would be difficult to find a more satisfying village, even in Sussex, than Burwash, for not only is it composed of unspoilt medieval buildings, rich in the mellow colouring of Time, but from its ridge it commands extensive views of rare beauty, both by day and by night. … Burwash stands on that great highway which goes north-east from Brighton to Canterbury by Lewes, Heathfield, Hurst green, Tenterden, and Ashford, and this highway is just on the 300 feet level when it becomes Burwash High Street - a slightly winding half-mile of ancient houses, shops and inns, with several dwellings of the manor house sort. On the north side of the street is a raised causeway with a row of pollard limes along its border and, summer and winter alike these trees add a singular charm to the village. The western approach to Burwash has a particularily effective fringe of firs; indeed, I know of no more lovely foreground for a sunset than those firs, seen as one looks along the street. When that misty red dusk, which betokens a fine day on the morrow, is filtering through those gaunt black pines, and when lights begin to appear amidst the old tiled and timbered houses, there is a strange old-world feeling over the scene, as if one were looking upon some wealden sunset of the Middle Ages.
extract from Rudyard Kipling's Village by William A. Ramsay published in 1934
Burwash is a village and parish, partly in the hundreds of Henhurst and Shoyswell, but chiefly in that of Hawkesborough, Eastern division of the county, Ticehurst union, Tunbridge Wells county court district, Hastings rape, rural deanery of Dallington, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester, 2 ½ miles south-east front Etchingham station, on the Hastings and Tunbridge branch of the South Eastern railway, 48 from London and 12 south-east from Tunbridge Wells, on the road from Lewes to Hawkhurst. Burwash, under its old form of "Burghersh", gives a title to the eldest son of the Earl of Westmorland and means "the town in the forest", or "the fortified hill in the wood". The church of St. Bartholomew, partly in the Early English style and partly of later date, consists of chancel, nave, aisles, west porch and a western tower with spire containing 5 bells

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Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
1835The History, Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex by Thomas Walker Horsfield, F.S.A.p. 577
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1934Rudyard Kipling's Village by William A. Ramsey ⇒ p. 228
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People of note
Kipling, Rudyard
(1865 -1936)

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South East View of Burwash Church - 1784

Holmeshurst - 1869

Batemans - 1869

Burwash - 1900

Burwash - 1900

High Street - 1900

Burwash Weald - 1904

Burwash - 1905

High Street, Burwash - 1906

Upper Street - 1906

In Kiplings Country - 1906

High Street - 1907

High Street - 1907

Upper Street - 1907

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1st Sept 1787





Places and properties in Burwash - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Bateman's, Bateman's Lane
Burwash Independent Chapel
Police Station, The Square
Providence Chapel
Railway Tavern, Burwash Common
Rose & Crown, Ham Lane
School House, Bell Alley
St. Bartholomew's Church
St. Philip's Church, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Thatchers Arms [a.k.a. New Inn], Fontridge Lane
The Admiral Vernon, The Square
The Bear Inn, Burwash Village
The Bell Inn, Burwash Village
The Blacksmiths Arms, Burwash Village
The White Hart, Burwash Village
Wesleyan Chapel
Wheel Inn, The Village
Willard's Hill, Ludpit Lane
Withernden Hill, Witherenden
Roads and Streets
Bateman's Lane
Bell Alley
Burwash Common
Burwash Village
Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Copper's Hill
Crowhurst Bridge Road
Fontridge Lane
Foots Lane
Fry's Hill
Ham Lane
Kings Hill
Ludpit Lane
Shrub Lane
Spring Lane
The Square
The Village
Westdown Lane
Willingford Lane
Homes and Farms
Ashlands, Burwash Village
Baisdens, Fontridge Lane
Banks Farm, Burwash Common
Barkley, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Barn House, Copper's Hill
Bernard House, Burwash Common
Beulah Villa, Witherenden
Bines Farm, Witherenden
Blacksmiths Cottage, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Bohemia, Westdown Lane
Bonnicks, Fontridge Lane
Bough Farm, Burwash Common
Bough Villa, Burwash Common
Bowmans, Fontridge Lane
Brick House, Fontridge Lane
Brickyard Cottage, Crowhurst Bridge Road
Brook Cottages, Ham Lane
Brooksmarle, Ham Lane
Brownings, Witherenden
Budds Farm, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Burghurst, Burwash Village
Burnt House Farm, Copper's Hill
Burwash Farm, Witherenden
Burwash Forge, Copper's Hill
Burwash House, Burwash Common
Challenger Farm, Foots Lane
Chambers Farm, Fontridge Lane
Chapel Cottages, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Chaunt House
Cherry Tree House, Burwash Village
Church House, The Square
Church House, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Cockham, Fontridge Lane
Court Lodge Farm, Burwash Village
Courtbarn Cottage, Bell Alley
Coxes Mill, Burwash Common
Crowhurst Bridge Farm, Crowhurst Bridge Road
Cuckold's Row, Copper's Hill
Daws Farm, Spring Lane
Dower Cottage, Burwash Common
Dows Farm, Fontridge Lane
Dudwell Farm, Bell Alley
Dudwell House, The Square
Elphicks, Fry's Hill
Fisher's Farm, Fontridge Lane
Fontridge Farm, Fontridge Lane
Foots Cottage, Foots Lane
Foots Farm, Foots Lane
Franchise Manor, Spring Lane
Fry's Cottages, Fry's Hill
Fry's House, Fry's Hill
Garstons, Bell Alley
Gatehouse Cottages, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Gingerbread Farm, Burwash Common
Glazier's Forge, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Glydish Farm, Fontridge Lane
Goodsoal [a.k.a. Goodsole, Gutshole] Farm, Burwash Common
Grandturzel, Fontridge Lane
Great Pookhill, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Great Poundsford, Burwash Common
Green Farm, Burwash Village
Green Hill, Copper's Hill
Grove Cottages, Burwash Common
Grove Villa, Burwash Village
Ham Lane Cottage, Ham Lane
Ham Place Farm, Ham Lane
Heatherlands, Fontridge Lane
High Wood House, Willingford Lane
Hillside Cottages, Copper's Hill
Hole Farm, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Hollyhurst, Burwash Common
Holmshurst, Witherenden
Holton Farm [a.k.a. Holt Down, Holton Hill, Halton Hill], Spring Lane
Hutchings Farm, Fontridge Lane
Ivy House, Witherenden
Jubilee Cottages, Burwash Common
Keylands, Copper's Hill
Laurel Cottages, Burwash Village
Laurel Hurst [a.k.a. Judings], Copper's Hill
Lime Kiln, Burwash Common
Little Bateman's, Bateman's Lane
Little Climshurst Farm, Burwash Common
Little Daws, Spring Lane
Little Foots Farm, Foots Lane
Little Perryman's Farm, Fontridge Lane
Little Pookhill, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Little Poundsford, Burwash Common
Living Gate, Burwash Common
Homes and Farms
Magpie Hall, Kings Hill
Matthews Farm, Burwash Common
Mottynsden Manor [a.k.a. Mottingsden], Spring Lane
Oakdown, Burwash Common
Oaklands, Burwash Village
Old Row, Burwash Village
Park Farm, Willingford Lane
Park Hill Farm, Foots Lane
Park Mill Farm, Bateman's Lane
Park Wood House, Burwash Village
Perch Hill Farm, Willingford Lane
Perryman's Farm, Fontridge Lane
Pheabes, Fontridge Lane
Platt's Farm, Fontridge Lane
Ponts Farm, Witherenden
Porchester Cottage, Copper's Hill
Post Office, Burwash Village
Post office, The Village
Pound Farm, The Village
Pugshole Farm, Willingford Lane
Pump Court, Burwash Village
Quayham, Foots Lane
Rampyndene, Burwash Village
Rectory, The Square
Rings Farm, Burwash Common
Rocks Cottage, Burwash Common
Rocks Field Cottage, Burwash Village
Rocks Houses, Copper's Hill
Rope Walk, Burwash Common
Rye Green Farm, Copper's Hill
Scotsham, Burwash Common
Sea view Lodge, Burwash Common
Seller's Brook, Copper's Hill
Shrub House, Crowhurst Bridge Road
Skinners Bank, Burwash Common
Slutswell, Burwash Common
Southbins, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Southover Hall, Spring Lane
Square Farm, The Square
St. Joseph's Cottage, Burwash Village
Stokes Farm, Burwash Common
Stone Bank, Witherenden
Stones Cottages, Copper's Hill
Sunny Bank, Copper's Hill
Swing Gate Farm, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Tester's Farm, Witherenden
Thatcher's Barn, Witherenden
The Firs, Spring Lane
The Old Tott Farm, Burwash Village
The Presbytery, Spring Lane
Town Toll Gate, Burwash Village
Turk Farm, Burwash Weald [a.k.a. Burwash Wheel]
Turzes Farm, Crowhurst Bridge Road
Valenciennes, Witherenden
Vicarage, Burwash Common
Villa, Burwash Village
Waterhouses, Copper's Hill
Waterloo House, Witherenden
Watkins Down, Burwash Common
West End Cottages, Burwash Common
Westdown Farm, Westdown Lane
Wheel House, The Village
White House
Willingford Farm, Willingford Lane
Wilson's, Witherenden
Windmill House, Copper's Hill
Winters Farm, Spring Lane
Witherhurst House, Copper's Hill
Woodknowle Farm, Witherenden
Woodlands Farm, Copper's Hill

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