The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The High Street and London Road in 1905
The High Street and London Road in 1905
Sevenoaks is one of the most picturesque and delightfully old-world little towns in England. As the traveller enters from the Tonbridge Road, he is first fascinated with its High Street, where the ancient gables and red brick walls of past days hold their own in wonderful preservation, jostling against irregularly built little shops and private houses thrown rather back from the pavement ; and these again are in easy proximity to trees and gardens which give a country air to the whole, and are fully consistent with the continuation of his ramble. For at every turn new vistas open up of meadow land, parks and woods, with far-reaching views of distant scenery - Yes, here is a full view of the Weald of Kent. But the road itself is unique after we have passed the town, for the overhanging trees of Knole spread their roots in exquisite delicious meanderings over the high red banks that slope down from the Park, making every yard of our way a picture. We really must stop here to consider the beautiful places we are passing, Knole, the noblest and in every respect most perfect of all country houses, we cannot but take one look from a certain point in the road at her massive red brick walls and towers with the richly timbered deer park visible from here only by peeps through the trees. For the freshest, purest and most real enjoyment, take a motor drive through this part of Kent and look well to your right and left, halting here and there for a real eye feast on the view that seems to offer you unlimited space, the broken foregrounds of hill and dale leading on and on into melting distances of blue, which again fade away into a far off horizon where we know the sea line is shining in silver beauty if we could but trace it, and sometimes, though rarely, we can catch a shimmer of its reflected light.
extract from Lady Hope's English Homes and Villages published in 1909

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
1766The History of Tunbridge Wells by Thomas Benge Burr ⇒ p. 224
1797The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent - Volume III by Edward Hastedp. 60
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1810Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood by Paul Amsinck and Letitia Byrnep. 58
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1840New Guide for Tunbridge Wells by John Colbran and edited by James Phippen ⇒ p. 349
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1909English Homes and Villages (Kent & Sussex)
also published as
Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood by Lady Hope ⇒ p. 187
1910Notes on the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Sevenoaks by John Rooker, M.A., Rector ⇒ Booklet
1914Highways and Byways in Kent by Walter Jerrold with Illustrations by Hugh Thomson ⇒ p. 348

People of note
Amherst, Jeffrey, Field Marshall
(1716/7 - 1797)
Commander in the North American Seven Years War
Corke, Charles Essenhigh
(1852 - 1922)
Artist and painter
Judde, Sir Andrew
(c1492 - 1558)
Founder of Tonbridge School
Lambarde, William
(1536 - 1601)
Richards, Frank
(1822 - )

Picturesmore pictures 

High Street - 1640

Bradbourne - 1770

The Parish Church before the 1810 restoration - 1797

Park Place - c 1800

Vine Court - c 1800

Wildernesse - c 1800

Bethlehem Farm House - c 1800

Montreal - c 1800

South Porch and Tower of Sevenoaks Church - 1809

Knole - 1809

Knole - 1809

Sevenoaks Church - 1809

View of Sevenoaks Church from the Rectory Farm - 1810

Sevenoaks Church and Old Rectory - 1820

Places and properties in Sevenoaks - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Alms House
Amhurst Arms, Riverhead
Bat and Ball Inn, St Johns
Bat and Ball Railway Station, St Johns
Bedlam Farm and Hotel
Beehive, Chipstead Lane
Beer Shop, St Johns Hill
Beer Shop, Sevenoaks Weald
Boarding School, Cobden Road
Boswell School, London Road
Bowzel Common, Sevenoaks Weald
Bradbourne College, Bradbourne Road
Bradbourne School, Bradbourne Road
Bricklayers Arms
Bricklayers Arms, No 48, High Street
Camden Arms
Chequers Inn, No 71, High Street
Claremont School, St Johns Road
Cleveland Place
Coachmakers Arms, No 23, High Street
Congregational Chapel, Sevenoaks Weald
Congregational Church, Dartford Road
Cottage Hospital, St Johns
Cricket Ground
Crown Tap, London Road
Dorset Arms
Elephants Head, Seal Road
Fever Hospital, Oak Lane
Fletchers Green, Sevenoaks Weald
Fullers Place, Bethel Road
Gladstone Place, St Johns Hill
Greatness Mill, Seal Road
Grocers Shop, Sevenoaks Weald
Halfway House Public House, London Road
Hip Hospital
Hortus Place
Infant School, No 59, London Road
London & County Bank, High Street
Man of Kent
Montreal Park, Cross Keys
Norfolk Place
Oak Tap, High Street
Percy Place
Police Station
Portland Place
Post Office, Sevenoaks Weald
Prince of Wales, Sevenoaks Weald
Prospect Place
Quarry Place, Tubs Hill
Railway Station, Tubs Hill
Railway Tavern, St Johns
Redman Place
Riverhead School, Riverhead
Riverhead Vicarage, Riverhead
Rock & Fountain, Tubs Hill
Rose & Crown, No 96, High Street
Royal Crown Hotel, No 17, High Street
Royal Oak Hotel, No 3 , High Street
Scottiswood Boarding School, Vine Road
Sennocke Hotel
Sevenoaks School
St. Clair Boarding School
St. Mary's Church, Riverhead
St. Mary's Church, Kippington
St. Mary's Church, Kemsing
St. Nicholas Parish Church, High Street
St. Peter's Church, Seal
Sylvan Place, Bradbourne Road
The Anchor, London Road
The Beacon Boys Boarding School, Camden Raod
The Castle Inn, St Johns Hill
The Chequers, Sevenoaks Weald
The Compasses
The Greyhound, St Johns Hill
The Rectory, High Street
The Rifleman, St Johns
The Vicarage, Sevenoaks Weald
Vine Place, Vine Road
Vine Recreation Ground, Vine Road
Vine Tavern, Vine Road
Water Works, Oak Lane
Wesleyan Methodist Church
Wheatsheaf, London Road
White Hart, Sevenoaks Common
White Hart Inn, London Road
Windmill Public House, Sevenoaks Weald
Roads and Streets
Bank Street
Bayham Road
Bayleys Hill
Beech Road
Bessels Green Road
Bethel Road
Bradbourne Road
Bradbourne Vale Road
Camden Raod
Chipstead Lane
Cobden Road
Cross Keys
Dartford Road
Dorset Street
Eardley Road
Fawke Common Road
Godden Green
Granville Road
Greatness Road
Greatness Street
Grove Road
High Street
Holly Bush Lane
Holmesdale Road
Hope Terrace
Hubbards Hill
Knole Road
Lime Tree Walk
Linden Square
London Road
Oak Hill
Oak Lane
Oak Lane
Otford Road
Parsonage Lane
Quakers Hall Road
Royal Oak Square
Seal Road
Serpentine Road
Sevenoaks Common
Sevenoaks Weald
Six Bells Lane
Slaughter House Lane
South Park
South Terrace
St Johns
St Johns Hill
St Johns Road
St Johns Terrace
Tonbridge Road
Tubs Hill
Vine Road
Homes and Farms
Abbotsford House, Camden Raod
Agustine Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Albiom House, Bradbourne Road
Almshouse, Sevenoaks Weald
Alpha Cottages
Anchor, Hubbards Hill
Ash Villas, Bayham Road
Ashgrove, Cross Keys
Bakers Cottages
Barrack Lodge, St Johns
Beaunions, St Johns
Beech Villas
Beechcroft, Vine Road
Beechmont, Hubbards Hill
Belgrave Terrace, St Johns Hill
Belle Vue, Sevenoaks Common
Belmont, Vine Road
Bethel Place [a.k.a. Bethlehem Farm House, Blighs Hotel]
Black Hall Farm
Black Hut, Sevenoaks Weald
Blacksmith Forge, Sevenoaks Weald
Blighs Cottages, Bethel Road
Blighs Rents
Bottle Colleges, St Johns
Bowzell Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Bradbourne Farm, St Johns
Bradbourne Hall, London Road
Bradbourne Lodge, St Johns
Bradford Villas
Brittains, Cross Keys
Brook Cottage, Sevenoaks Weald
Brook Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Brook House, Sevenoaks Weald
Bullfinch, London Road
Bushers Row
Cade House, Chipstead Lane
Camden Cottages, St Johns Hill
Camden Villas, St Johns Hill
Camden Villas, Camden Raod
Catherine Villa
Cedar Terrace
Clare Bank
Claremont House, London Road
Cleardon, Vine Road
Clock House, St Johns
Cottages, Sevenoaks Weald
Cromwell Cottages
Crown Yard, London Road
Dale [a.k.a. Hubbard] Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Dartnells Cottage
Dibden Farm, Oak Lane
Dorset House, Bradbourne Road
Eardley Lodge, Eardley Road
East Lodge, St Johns
Eden Cottage
Edenhurst, Oak Hill
Ellis Cottages
Elses Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Fairymead, Vine Road
Fellmongers Cottage, Cross Keys
Fern Cottage
Fig Street Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Filstone House, Granville Road
Folly Cottage
Gambridge Lodge, South Park
Garden Cottage, Oak Lane
Gardeners Cottage
Gaslaxes Cottages
Gate House, Seal Road
Greatness Farm, Seal Road
Greatness Terrace, Seal Road
Greystone Lodge, Granville Road
Grosvenor Cottages, Bradbourne Road
Guests Yard, High Street
Guiton House, St Johns Road
Hale Oak Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Half House, Sevenoaks Weald
Halls Green Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Hards Yard, High Street
Harts Land Cottage, Cobden Road
Hartslands Cottages
Harwarden Villa, Eardley Road
Hatchlands Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Heathfield, London Road
Henderon Lodge, Tubs Hill
Hill Side, Granville Road
Hills Cottages, Quakers Hall Road
Hillsborough Cottage
Holly Lodge
Holmesdale Villa, St Johns
Hooper Yard, High Street
Hope Cottage
House Cart, London Road
Hugenden Villa, Eardley Road
Hurst Lea
Ivy Cottages
Kemps Cottages, Bethel Road
Kemps Cottages
Kings Farm, Cross Keys
Kippington Cottages, Kippington
Kippington House, Kippington
Kippington Lodge, Oak Lane
Kirkelley, Oak Lane
Knole Cottage
Laundry Cottage
Linden Cottage
Lock Yard, High Street
Long Barn, Sevenoaks Weald
Lynton House, Granville Road
Homes and Farms
Manor House, Bessels Green Road
Mansa Cottage, Ivy Lodge, Vine Road
Martins Rents
Melrose Villas, St Johns
Meopham Cottages, Sevenoaks Weald
Merlewood Lodge
Mill Cottages, Seal Road
Ministers House
Model Cottage, Riverhead
Montreal Cottage, Riverhead
Morleys Cottage, Sevenoaks Weald
Mount Villas
Myrtle Cottage, St Johns Hill
New House Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
New Park Villas, Eardley Road
Newland Lodge
No 7, Camden Raod
Northside, Bradbourne Road
Norvalia House
Nursery Cottage
Oak Hill House, Oak Hill
Oak Lodge, Granville Road
Oakfield Grange, Oak Lane
Oaklane Cottage, Oak Lane
Old House Cottage, High Street
Orchard Cottage, Cobden Road
Pakefield, St Johns
Panthurst Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Park Cottages, Sevenoaks Common
Park Farm
Park View
Perrins Row, St Johns
Pond Cottages
Quakers Hall, Serpentine Road
Quakers Hall, Knole Road
Quakers Hall Road Cottages, Quakers Hall Road
Red House, No 50, High Street
Red Row, St Johns
Rising Sun, St Johns
Riverhead House, Riverhead
Riverhill, Tonbridge Road
Riverhill House, Tonbridge Road
Rock Villa, Tubs Hill
Rockdale, High Street
Rose Cottage
Rose Cottage, London Road
Rosefield, Kippington
Rumstead [a.k.a. Romshed] Farm, Tonbridge Road
Sackville House, Camden Raod
Shade Villas, Seal Road
Shaw Well, Sevenoaks Common
Shoreham Lodge, Granville Road
Smiths Court
Souldern, Vine Road
Springfield Cottage, Sevenoaks Weald
St Clair, St Johns
St Katherines, St Johns
St. Botolphs
St. Johns Lodge, St Johns Hill
St. Julians, Tonbridge Road
Stanmore Lodge, Bradbourne Road
Station Masters House, Tubs Hill
Stidolpes Farm, St Johns
Stone Buildings
Stone Cottage, Beech Road
Stone Ville Cottage
Sunny Bank, London Road
Surrey Cottages
Surrey Villas
Swifts Cottage
Swiss Cottage, Cobden Road
Sylvan Villa, London Road
Tea Chest Row, St Johns Hill
The Bank, Tubs Hill
The Beeches, Bradbourne Road
The Firs, St Johns Hill
The Forest, St Johns
The Heights, St Johns
The Hollies, South Park
The Hollow
The Huts, St Johns
The Mount
The Poplars, London Road
The Quarry, Kippington
The Shambles
The Thorns, London Road
Thorn Lodge, Kippington
Thornhill, Oak Lane
Tubs Hill Mill House, Tubs Hill
Union Cottages, St Johns Hill
Vale Cottages, Bradbourne Road
Vale House, Bradbourne Road
Vine Cottages, Vine Road
Vine Court, Vine Road
Vine House, Vine Road
Vine Lodge, Vine Road
Vine Pleasant, Vine Road
Vine View, Vine Road
Vine Villas, Vine Road
West Lodge, St Johns
West View, St Johns
Westwood Farm, Sevenoaks Weald
Wickhurst Manor, Sevenoaks Weald
Wildernesse, Seal Road
Windmill Cottage, Sevenoaks Common
Wood Ridings, Granville Road
Woodleigh, St Johns
Yew Cottage

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