The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Reverend William Clarke, M.A.
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In the County of Shropshire
Horsfield's Sussex
1723 to 1768
At St. Margaret's Church in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex; Occupation Rector of Buxted
c 1725
Anne Wotton
Birth of a son
William in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex
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Batch J15204-1
Birth of a daughter
Anne in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex
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Batch K15204-1
Birth of a son
Edward at Buxted Rectory in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Horsfield's Sussex
Birth of a son
William in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex
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Batch J15204-1
In the Parish of Chichester, Sussex
Horsfield's Sussex
c 1835
Horsfield's Sussex
Extract from Horsfield's History of Sussex
William Clarke, the son of a respectable yeoman in Shropshire, was born at Hagmon Abbey, now within the boundaries of Sundbourne Park, in that county, in the year 1696. After having obtained the rudiments of a liberal education at Shrewsbury school, he removed in 1713 to St. John's College, Cambridge, of which Society he was elected fellow in 1716-17, at the early age of twenty years. In 1724, after having been successively chap­lain to Dr. Adam Ottley, Bishop of St. David's, and to Thomas Holles, Duke of Newcastle, he was presented to the rectory of Buxted by Archbishop Wake. In 1738, he obtained the prebend of Hora Villa, in the church of Chichester, and in 1770 he was installed chancellor of that cathedral. “Though his income was never large,” says his biographer, “it was his custom to devote a shilling in every guinea to the service of the poor.” His principal work is “The Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins.”
Mr Clarke, after having held the living of Buxted for forty-four years, resigned it to his son in 1768, and retired to Chichester, where he died in 1711. A Latin tribute to his memory, composed by his son, is inscribed on a tablet affixed to the eastern wall of the chancel in Buxted church.

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Descendent's report
Clark, Clarke, Clarkie, Clarkson, Clerck, Clerk, Clerke individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Reverend William Clarke, M.A.
 Reverend William Clarke
m: c 1725Anne Wotton 
 b: 1696 Shropshire
d: 1771 Chichester, Sussex
  b: 3rd Jun 1700 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
 William Anne Edward William 
 b: 1726 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 8th Nov 1826
 b: 1728 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 17th Jan 1828
 b: 1730 Buxted Rectory, Buxted, Sussex
ch: 31st Mar 1830
d: 1786
 b: 1742 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 25th Mar 1842

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