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Elizabeth Heron [de Saye], Lady Say, daughter of Lord Geoffrey (Galfredus) de Saye and Maud de Saye [Beauchamp]
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c 1328
In the Town of Sawbridge, Hertfordshire
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c 1350
John de Falvesley
1352 to 1523
Buxted The Beautiful
Sir Galfredus de Say held it [the manor of Bocstede] in 1352, and it continued in his family for thirty years, when John de Say died seized of this manor in his minority, leaving it to Elizabeth, his sister and heiress. It continued in the de Say family down to 1397 when Sir J. de Clynton [who had married Idonea de Say] held the manor.
William Heron [who had married Elizabeth de Say] was his successor (1403), but the de Clyntons again held it (1432).
Then it passed to the Lewknors, by whom it was sold in 1523 to the Walleys.
c 1395
William Heron
30th Oct 1404
Horsfield's Sussex
William Heron, Lord Say, by his testament bearing date Oct. 30, 1404 (6th Henry IV), appointed Sir Robert Pebelow, Parson of Westbourne, Sir Piers, Vicar of Bourne, feoffees of the Brewose his lands, which fell to Elizabeth Lady Say, his wife, by inheritance, should deliver all those lands unto her next heir, on the Brewose his side, charging them as they could answer at the day of doom, to compleat an hospital which was begun at the church of Buckstead, of six or four poor men at least; and a chantry priest to govern them, the priest to have for his support ten marks, and every poor man five marks per annum.
c 1870
Lower's Sussex
Extract from Lower's History of Sussex
Mr. Chapman; in an excellent article, “The Parochial History of Hamsey,” “Sussex Arch. Coll.,” vol. xvii., has given a full account of' the successive lords of this place. The De Says, who, soon after the Conquest, built a Castle here upon a little peninsula formed by a sudden winding of the Ouse, but of which very slight traces remain, continued in possession till 1383, when John de Say left a sister and heiress Elizabeth, aged 16. She married first Sir John de Falvesley, who fought the French at the little battle of Rottingdean, and was there taken prisoner. He died without issue in 1392, and was buried at Lewes Priory. His widow re-married Sir William Heron, who also died without issue. Both the husbands of Elizabeth were summoned to Par­liament as Barons. The next lord of Hamsey was Sir William de Clynton, son of John de Clynton and Idonea de Say, who was summoned to Parliament as Lord de Clynton and Saye, and died in 1432. His son John, who had a parliamentary summons from 1450 to 1460, was a conspicuous person in his time. He went into the war against France with Richard, Duke of York, and being taken prisoner the large sum of 6,000 marks was demanded for his ransom. Henry VI., in aid of his redemption, granted him a license to employ agents to buy 600 sacks of wool and 600 pieces of woollen cloth. He afterwards revolted against the king, joined the cause of Edward, came back with him to England, landed at Ravenspur, and died bravely fighting for him at the battle of Barnet, in 1471. He was succeeded by John, Lord Clinton and Saye, who, for £200, sold his manor of Hammes et Heynstrete (now a hamlet called Hewin Street) to Sir Henry Willoughby.

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The ancestral pedigree of Elizabeth Heron [de Saye], Lady Say
 Geoffrey de Sayem: c 1300Idonia Leiburn 
 b: c 1280  b: c 1280
 Geoffrey (Galfredus) Juliane Roger Ralph Katherine Isabel 
 b: 6th Jun 1305 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire b: c 1307 Birling, Kent b: c 1310 Birling, Kent b: c 1312 Birling, Kent b: c 1315 Birling, Kent b: c 1317 Birling, Kent 
 Lord Geoffrey (Galfredus) de Sayem: c 1324 Sawbridge, HertfordshireMaud Beauchamp 
 b: 6th Jun 1305 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire  b: c 1305
 William Elizabeth Idonia John Thomas 
 b: c 1325 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire b: c 1328 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire b: c 1331 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire b: c 1333 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire b: c 1335 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire 
 John de Falvesleym: c 1350Elizabeth de Saye 1st marriage
 b: c 1320
d: 1392
 b: c 1328 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire
 William Heron
Lord Say
m: c 1395Elizabeth de Saye
Lady Say
 2nd marriage
 b: c 1320
d: 30th Oct 1404
 b: c 1328 Sawbridge, Hertfordshire

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