The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Historical records

6th Jun 1841CensusSamuel Reed, M, Head, age 25 to 29, born Sussex; occupation GrocerSamuel ReedClifton Villa1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Martha Reed, F, [Wife], age 25 to 29, born SussexMartha Reed
Nelson Reed, M, [Son], age 1, born SussexNelson Reed
Henry Booker, M, age 18, born Sussex, occupation: grocer's apprenticeHenry Booker
male Grover, M, age 10, born SussexMale Grover

6th Jun 1841CensusGeorge Funnell, M, Head, age 35 to 39, born Sussex; occupation: farm labourerGeorge Bassett Funnell, farm labourerClifton Villa1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Gribillia Funnell, F, [Wife], age 40 to 44, born SussexPriscilla Wilden Funnell [Sawyers]
Mary Funnell, F, [Daughter], age 20, born SussexMary Funnell
William Funnell, M, [Son], age 15 to 19, born SussexWilliam Wilding Funnell, farmer
Thomas Funnell, M, [Son], age 10, born SussexThomas Funnell
George Funnell, M, [Son], age 7, born SussexGeorge Funnell
Charles Funnell, M, [Son], age 6, born SussexCharles Funnell, carpenter and wheelwright

6th Jun 1841CensusJohn Tyler, M, Head, age 68, born Sussex; occupation IndependentJohn TylerClifton Villa1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Jacob Tyler, M, [Son], age 30 to 34, born Sussex; occupation FarmerJacob Tyler
Sarah Tyler, F, [Daughter-in-law], age 30 to 34, born SussexSarah Tyler [Awcock]
Mary Tyler, F, [Grand-daughter], age 3, born SussexMary Tyler
Enoch Tyler, M, [Grand-son], age 2, born SussexEnoch Tyler
Sarah Tyler, F, [Grand-daughter], age 2 months, born SussexSarah Tyler
Frances Awcock, F, age 5, born SussexFrances Awcock
Richard Simmons, M, age 18, born SussexRichard Simmons

6th Jun 1841CensusJohn Laurence, M, Head, age 30 to 34, born Sussex; occupation: wheelwrightJohn Laurence, wheelwrightClifton Villa1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Emma Laurence, F, [Wife], age 30 to 34, born SussexEmma Laurence
John Laurence, M, [Son], age 9, born SussexJohn Laurence
Adam Laurence, M, [Son], age 6, born SussexAdam Laurence
Ann Laurence, F, [Daughter], age 4, born SussexMary Ann Laurence
Frances Laurence, F, [Daughter], age 1, born SussexFrances M. Laurence
Thomas Awcock, M, age 20 to 24, born SussexThomas Awcock
Robert Markwick, M, age 15 to 19, born SussexRobert Markwick, millwright

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