The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Historical records

1843BirthJohn Charles BrownDaltonBeryl Offley's records

27th May 1849BirthMaria Brown [Wheatley]DaltonBeryl Offley's records

18th Feb 1853BirthDavid WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

15th May 1859BirthJob BrownDaltonBrian Riley's records

23rd Aug 1868BirthSarah Ross WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

1870BirthDonald John WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

16th Feb 1871DeathCause of death: dysentryThomas Brown, farmerDaltonBrian Riley's records

27th Sep 1872BirthMaud Mary Victoria WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

23rd Sep 1874BirthFlorence Janetta Cookson [Wheatley]DaltonBeryl Offley's records

5th Jun 1877BirthKathleen May WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

18th Feb 1908DeathElias BrownDaltonBrian Riley's records

8th Aug 1910DeathStephen BrownDaltonBrian Riley's records

7th Dec 1918DeathJohn Frederick Wesley WheatleyDaltonBeryl Offley's records

1919DeathChristiana Margaret Wheatley [Shaw]DaltonBeryl Offley's records

30th Jul 1919DeathSarah Holgate [Brown]DaltonBrian Riley's records

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