The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Published pedigrees ►Abstracts of the Austen family wills from 1468 to 1554 by Arthur Hussey Kent Archaeology Society
Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Kent by William Berry published 1830 - pp. 127; 350
The Jane Austen Connection published 2000 - pp. 6

 William Blackfordm: c 1850Elizabeth Austen 
 b: 1825 Frant, Sussex  b: 1830 Frant, Sussex 

 Edmund Austen
m: c 1850Lydia 
 b: 1825 Rolvenden, Kent  b: 1828 Rolvenden, Kent 
 Mary William
 b: 1857 Rolvenden, Kent b: 1861 Rolvenden, Kent

 Jesse Page
farm labourer
m: Apr to Jun 1850Annie Austen
 b: 1831 Nutley, Sussex  b: 1833 Benenden, Kent 
William  Ellen Owen Susan Albert Kate Anne Frederick
b: 1851 Benenden, Kent  b: 1854 Benenden, Kent b: 1858 Benenden, Kent b: 1860 Benenden, Kent b: 1862 Benenden, Kent b: 1866 Benenden, Kent b: 1869 Benenden, Kent b: 1872 Benenden, Kent
ch: 26th May 1872 St. George's Church
   b: 1853 Benenden, Kent         

 Alfred Austin
m: c 1851Ann 
 b: 1831 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1826 Hooe, Sussex 

 Thomas Fearsm: 17th Apr 1851 St. Clement's Church, Hastings, SussexRuth Austin 
 b: 1826 Arlington, Sussex  b: 1826 Hellingly, Sussex 
 Luther David Clarissa
 b: Apr to Jun 1855 Hailsham, Sussex b: 1858 Hailsham, Sussex

 Mark Austin
gardener and domestic servant
m: c 1854Sarah 
 b: 1833 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1834 Blaby, Leicestershire 

 Andrew Canfield
m: 17th Apr 1854 St. Alban's Church, Frant, SussexKeziah Austin 
 b: 1829 Sundridge, Kent  b: 1833 Chiddingstone, Kent 
 Walter Sidney Austin Andrew Thomas Clara Elizabeth Rose Hannah Edith
 b: Oct to Dec 1860 Sundridge, Kent b: Jul to Sep 1863 Sundridge, Kent b: Jul to Sep 1865 Sundridge, Kent b: Oct to Dec 1866 Sundridge, Kent b: Apr to Jun 1870 Sundridge, Kent b: Apr to Jun 1873 Sundridge, Kent

1st marriageHenry Jeffrey Austen
auctioneer, valuer and farmer
m: 28th Oct 1854 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexNancy Walter 
 b: 9th Feb 1823 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 25th Oct 1887 Marling Place, Wadhurst, Sussex
  b: 1824 Rotherfield, Sussex
d: 7th Nov 1882 Wadhurst, Sussex
 Emily Sidney Frank Elizabeth (Bessie) Minnie Gertrude Newton Taylor
 b: 24th Aug 1856 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 21st Mar 1858 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 7th Jun 1858 Wadhurst, Sussex
 b: 20th May 1859 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 2nd Oct 1909 Marling Place, Wadhurst, Sussex
 b: 3rd Jun 1860 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 19th Oct 1862 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 6th Mar 1864 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 1896 Wadhurst, Sussex

1st marriageJohn Francis Austenm: c 1855Charlotte Tucker 
 b: 1817 Capel Manor, Horsmonden, Kent
ch: 15th Sep 1817 St Botolph, Chevening, Kent
d: 1893
  b: c 1820
d: 1862
 Charlotte Roma Catherine
 b: 1857 London
d: 1910
 b: 1858 London
d: 1932

 Peter Austin
m: c 1855Esther 
 b: 1824 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1829 Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex 
 Alfred Thomas Sarah Anne Hephzibah Amos Jeffrey
 b: 1862 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 29th May 1864 St. James' Church, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
 b: 1864 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 29th May 1864 St. James' Church
 b: 1867 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 29th Aug 1869 St. James' Church

 John Austen
m: c 1855Mary Jane 
 b: 1830 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1835 Surrey 
 Ernest John Annie Elizth. Alfred Luther Gertrude Mary Jessie Elsie Herman Edward
 b: 1862 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1864 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1866 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1868 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1870 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1872 Wadhurst, Sussex b: 1874 Wadhurst, Sussex

 James Henry Austen
farm labourer
m: c 1855Louisa 
 b: 1835 Barcombe, Sussex  b: 1837 Barcombe, Sussex 
 Edith Emily 
 b: 1875 Uckfield, Sussex 

 Mr Austenm: c 1855Louisa Austen
old age pensioner
    b: 1837 Barcombe, Sussex 
 Louisa John Henry
 b: 1860 Barcombe, Sussex b: 1865 Barcombe, Sussex

 Peter Powellm: 1st Apr 1855 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, SussexEmmis Austin 
 b: 1833 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 15th Dec 1833 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 27th Dec 1832 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 23rd Jul 1837 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, Sussex

 Benjamin Austinm: 1st Apr 1855 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, SussexMary Wright 
 b: 1834 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1834 Lewes, Sussex 
 b: 1860 Horseley Down, Surrey 

 John Henry Austenm: 10th Apr 1855 St George's Church, Benenden, KentBilinder Bridge 
 b: c 1830  b: 1831 Sandhurst, Kent 

 George Austen
farm labourer
m: c 1856Harriett 
 b: 1835 Northiam, Sussex  b: 1836 Hurst Green, Sussex 
 Thomas Harry Harriett Ann Sarah John George
 b: 1857 Salehurst, Sussex b: 1858 Salehurst, Sussex b: 1860 Hadlow, Kent
ch: 25th Mar 1860 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1861 Hadlow, Kent b: 1863 East Peckham, Kent b: 1865 Hadlow, Kent b: 1869 Hadlow, Kent

 Isaac Austen
m: 1st Apr 1856 St. Peter's Church, Southborough, KentMary Crayford 
 b: 1826 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1833 Tudeley-cum-Capel, Kent 
 Robert Samuel Mary John
 b: 1857 Brenchley, Kent b: 1859 Brenchley, Kent b: 1862 Brenchley, Kent b: 1865 Brenchley, Kent

 John Burleym: 9th Aug 1856 St. Nicholas Church, Godstone, SurreyPhilis Austin 
 b: 1833 Lingfield, Surrey
ch: 25th Aug 1833 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1836 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 21st Apr 1836 St Swithin Parish Church
 b: Oct to Dec 1857 Godstone, Surrey
ch: 10th Jan 1858 St. Nicholas Church

 Thomas Austenm: c 1858Rhoda 
 b: 1838 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 21st Nov 1838
  b: 1840 Brenchley, Kent 
 Frances Amelia Rhoda Elizabeth Miriam Lydia
 b: 1860 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1861 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 31st Mar 1861 St. John's Church
 b: 1863 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 29th Nov 1863 St. John's Church
 b: 1866 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 25th Mar 1866 St. John's Church
 b: 1868 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1870 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 Obed Austin
bricklayer journeyman
m: c 1859Jane 
 b: 1830 Hellingly, Sussex  b: 1839 Hellingly, Sussex 
 Sarah Henry Albert Fanny Esther Stephen
 b: 1856 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1863 Hailsham, Sussex b: 1866 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1870 Hellingly, Sussex b: 1879 Hellingly, Sussex b: Mar 1881 Hellingly, Sussex

 unknown father
Not marriedSarah Austin 
   b: 1841 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Jan 1842 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, Sussex
 b: 1860 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 17th Aug 1860 St. Mark's Church

 William Austen
painter and decorator
m: c 1860Mary 
 b: 1837 Packham, Surrey  b: 1840 Hawkhurst, Kent 
 Charles E. 
 b: 1878 Hawkhurst, Kent 

 Thomas Austin
m: c 1860Emma 
 b: 1832 Brighton, Sussex  b: 1837 Woolwich, Kent 

 James Austenm: c 1860Emily 
 b: c 1840  b: c 1840 
 b: 1863 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 29th Nov 1863 St. James' Church

 Joseph Clark
master printer
m: c 1860Amelia Austin 
 b: 1840 Bidborough, Kent  b: 1834 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 
 Walter Edith Ann Tom Leonard
 b: 1868 Plumstead, London b: 1874 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1876 Speldhurst, Kent

 Septimus Austin
coal merchant
m: c 1861Catherine 
 b: 1835 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1841 Tonbridge, Kent 
 Henry Horace
 b: 1864 Brenchley, Kent b: 1871 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 James Austin
m: c 1862Martha 
 b: 1837 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 5th Nov 1837 St Swithin Parish Church
  b: 1842 Shoreham, Kent 
 Anne Henry
 b: 1877 Sundridge, Kent b: Feb 1881 Sundridge, Kent

 Thomas Austen
police constable
m: c 1862Caroline 
 b: 1841 Ticehurst, Sussex  b: 1842 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 
 Charles G. Albert M. James Kate Edith C. Nellie W.
 b: 1864 Ashford, Kent b: 1870 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1874 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1877 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1879 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: Nov 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 Quelez Austin
builder and contractor
m: c 1863Ann 
 b: 1843 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1836 Wadhurst, Sussex 
 Quelez Harry Ernest Rosana L.
 b: 1867 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1872 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1874 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1877 Tonbridge, Kent

 Jesse Harding
farm labourer
m: Jan to Mar 1863Mary Austen 
 b: 1840 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 22nd Mar 1840 St. Margaret's Church, West Hoathly, Sussex
  b: 1845 Edenbridge, Kent 
Eliza Ann  Albert  Harriett E William Kate Margaret Alfred Albert A
b: 1864 East Grinstead, Sussex  b: 1868 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 29th Nov 1868 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1872 Cowden, Kent b: 1875 Cowden, Kent b: 1880 Cowden, Kent b: Dec 1880 Cowden, Kent b: 1885 Cowden, Kent b: 1888 Cowden, Kent
   Jesse Walter Mildred      
   b: 1866 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Sep 1866 St. Mary's Church
d: 7th Dec 1952
 b: 1870 Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 31st Jul 1870 St. Mary's Church

 William Jenner
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1863Elizabeth Austin 
 b: 1841 Hever, Kent  b: 1844 Hever, Kent 
 Jane Sarah Ann Margaret Clara George William
 b: 1865 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1868 Cowden, Kent b: 1870 Holtye, Hartfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Apr 1870 St. Mary's Church
 b: 1875 Edenbridge, Kent b: 1878 Edenbridge, Kent

 William Pricem: 19th May 1863 St. Alban's Church, Frant, SussexMary Austen 
 b: c 1840  b: c 1840 

 John Austen
m: c 1864Martha 
 b: 1842 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 13th Mar 1842 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1844 Chiddingstone, Kent 
 Alice Ada Minnie John Harry Frank Ernest P
 b: 1870 Penhurst, Sussex b: 1873 Penhurst, Sussex b: 1875 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 28th Mar 1875 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1878 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 6th Jan 1878 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1879 Withyham, Sussex
ch: Before 4th Jan 1880 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1884 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 27th Jan 1884 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1888 Groombridge, Kent and Sussex

 Charles Austin
cashier contractor to road
m: c 1864Mrs Austin 
 b: 1844 Berkhampstead, Middlesex    
 Jas. Jno. 
 b: 1861 Berkhampstead, Middlesex 

2nd marriageJohn Francis Austenm: c 1865Georgiana Pearse 
 b: 1817 Capel Manor, Horsmonden, Kent
ch: 15th Sep 1817 St Botolph, Chevening, Kent
d: 1893
  b: 1843 Woodford, Essex
d: 1931
 Georgina Florence Frances Elizabeth
 b: 1870 London
d: 1885
 b: 1880 London
d: 1930

 George Austen
journeyman butcher
m: c 1865Anne M. 
 b: 1842 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 23rd Nov 1842
  b: 1841 Gloucestershire 

 Henry Austinm: c 1865Ellen 
 b: 1848 Cowden, Kent  b: 1848 Speldhurst, Kent 
 Ernest John Elizabeth Hannah Herbert Helena Frederick
 b: Jan to Mar 1869 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1871 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1877 Croydon, Surrey b: 1880 Croydon, Surrey b: 1882 Croydon, Surrey

 Edward Austen
County Court clerk
m: c 1865Annie Clifton 
 b: 1842 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1845 Tonbridge, Kent 
 Arthur John
 b: 1868 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1869 Tonbridge, Kent

 John Austenm: c 1865Emily 
 b: c 1845  b: c 1845 
 b: 1868 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 26th Apr 1868 St. Nicholas Parish Church

 William Austenm: c 1865Susan 
 b: 1844 Bradfield, Suffolk  b: 1848 London 
 Susan Maria Eliza Ellen Maude Edith Mabel
 b: 1868 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 29th Nov 1868 St. Thomas' Church, Southborough, Kent
 b: 1876 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 12th Mar 1876 St. Peter's Church, Southborough, Kent
 b: 1878 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 10th Feb 1878 St. Peter's Church, Southborough, Kent

 Albert Piper
m: Oct to Dec 1866Jane Austin 
 b: 1841 Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
ch: 4th Oct 1840 St Mary's Parish Church
  b: 1836 Tenterden, Kent 
 Albert E. 
 b: 1876 Hawkhurst, Kent 

 Thomas Austen
m: 11th Aug 1866 St. Alban's Church, Frant, SussexPhoebe Whitehead 
 b: 1837 Frant, Sussex
ch: 11th Jun 1837 St. Alban's Church
  b: 1847 London 
 Emma Annie Harry
 b: 1867 Frant, Sussex
ch: 24th Feb 1867 St. Alban's Church
 b: 1876 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Apr 1876 Holy Trinity Church, Eridge Green, Sussex

 Nathan Austin
grocer and draper
m: c 1867Jane 
 b: 1847 Hellingly, Sussex  b: 1830 Ninfield, Sussex 
 b: 1877 Wartling, Sussex 

 George Austin
gardener and domestic servant
m: c 1867Susan 
 b: 1843 Eastling, Kent  b: 1847 Herne, Kent 
 Herbert E. Edith L.
 b: 1869 Sittingbourne, Kent b: Aug 1870 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 Thomas Austinm: c 1867Rosanna 
 b: 1838 West Chiltington, Sussex  b: 1846 Wantage, Berkshire 
 Martha E. Percy J. Edith R. Elizabeth L. James W.
 b: 1868 Reading, Berkshire b: 1870 Bridgend, Glamorgan, Wales b: 1873 Lewes, Sussex b: 1874 Slough, Buckinghamshire b: 1877 Tonbridge, Kent

 Stephen Luck
m: 21st Oct 1867 St. Margaret's Church, Horsmonden, KentMary Ann Luck 
 b: 1846 Horsmonden, Kent  b: 1848 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 19th Mar 1848 All Saints Church
 Herbert Henry Rose
 b: 1868 Goudhurst, Kent
ch: 8th Mar 1868 All Saints Church, Brenchley, Kent
 b: 1870 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 30th Jan 1870 All Saints Church

2nd marriageJames Ashdown
master bricklayer
m: 21st Dec 1867 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, SussexSarah Austin 
 b: 1827 Framfield, Sussex  b: 1841 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Jan 1842 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, Sussex
 William Eunice Henry Ebenezar James
 b: 1869 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1870 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1872 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1874 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1879 Mayfield, Sussex

1st marriageBenjamin Daniel Austen
farm labourer
m: 25th Dec 1867 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexMercy Duplock 
 b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1848 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 18th Mar 1848 St. Dunstan Church
 John Benjamin James Thomas Benjamin Daniel
 b: 1868 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 1st Nov 1868 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1870 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Oct 1870 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, Sussex
 b: 5th Jan 1872 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 12th Aug 1877 St. Denys Church

 John Austen
m: c 1868Charlotte 
 b: 31st May 1844 Frant, Sussex
ch: 18th Jun 1848 St. Alban's Church
  b: 1848 Sussex 
 Frederick J. Annie F. Harry
 b: 1870 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1877 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 Charles Austen
farm labourer
m: c 1869Elizabeth 
 b: 1849 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1845 Cranbrook, Kent 
 Ellen Emily Annie Edith Kate
 b: 1872 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1874 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1876 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1877 Cranbrook, Kent b: Oct 1880 Cranbrook, Kent

 William Austen
lodginghouse keeper
m: c 1869Elizabeth 
 b: 1849 Canterbury, Kent  b: 1849 Callow Wirksworth, Derbyshire 
 Lilian Maud 
 b: 1879 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 

 Henry Richard Austinm: 3rd Apr 1869 St Swithin Parish Church, East Grinstead, SussexEllen Mitchell 
 b: 1850 Cowden, Kent  b: 1847 Lingfield, Surrey 
 Ada Elizabeth Jane Mary
 b: 1870 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 25th Dec 1870 St Swithin Parish Church
 b: 1878 North Shields, Northumberland b: 1880 North Shields, Northumberland

 Richard Constable
bricklayer's labourer
m: c 1870Emily Austen 
 b: 1841 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1849 Tonbridge, Kent 
 Richard Emily Rose John
 b: 1871 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1875 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1876 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1880 Tonbridge, Kent

 Arthur Austinm: c 1870Charlotte 
 b: c 1850  b: c 1850 
 Edith Mary 
 b: 1871 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 24th Sep 1871 St. Michael's Church

 John Austenm: c 1870Mary Ann 
 b: c 1850  b: c 1850 
 John Cille Rose Mary
 b: 1873 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 11th May 1873 St. Nicholas Parish Church
 b: 1873 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 11th May 1873 St. Nicholas Parish Church

 John Austen
m: c 1871Rebecca 
 b: 1841 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 2nd Jan 1842 St. Nicholas Parish Church
  b: 1847 Marylebone, London 

 James Austen
farm labourer
m: c 1871Adelaide 
 b: 1838 Benenden, Kent  b: 1851 Benenden, Kent 
 Ernest J. 
 b: 1870 Benenden, Kent 

 John Pulleym: c 1871Helen Austin 
 b: 1851 Hadlow, Kent  b: 1849 Sevenoaks, Kent 
 Grace Lilian Mable Ella
 b: 1873 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1876 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1880 Sevenoaks, Kent b: Sep 1880 Sevenoaks, Kent

 Moses Rumensm: Jan to Mar 1871Caroline Austin 
 b: 1852 Hawkhurst, Kent  b: 1853 
 Ada Bertie
 b: 1878 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1881 Chalk Street, Gravesend, Kent

 Thomas Austinm: 28th Jun 1871 St Andrew & St Mary Church, Fletching, SussexHarriett Thorpe 
 b: 1840  b: 1843 

2nd marriageThomas Austin
m: 3rd Jul 1872 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Tonbridge, KentMary Jarman 
 b: 1826 Chiddingstone, Kent
ch: 8th Jan 1826 St. Mary's Church
d: 15th May 1889
  b: 1845 Sevenoaks, Kent 
 b: 1877 Sevenoaks, Kent 

 John Clayton Austen
m: c 1873Francis Ann 
 b: 1853 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 19th Jun 1853 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1853 Tonbridge, Kent 
 Frank C. Nellie Lily
 b: 1876 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1878 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1880 Tonbridge, Kent

 John Austin
gardener and domestic servant
m: c 1873Annie 
 b: 1847 Ticehurst, Sussex  b: 1853 Cranbrook, Kent 
 Annie Kate Fanny M. James Charles
 b: 1872 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1873 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1875 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1876 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1878 Hawkhurst, Kent

 John Austin
m: c 1873Mrs Austin 
 b: 1821 Tenterden, Kent    
 b: 1874 Tonbridge, Kent 

 George Jas. Austin
journeyman butcher
m: c 1873Lydia 
 b: 1853 Marden, Kent  b: 1848 Farningham, Kent 
 George Thos. 
 b: Jan 1881 Ticehurst, Sussex 

 Thomas H Austen
railway guard
m: c 1873Sarah 
 b: 1855 Brenchley, Kent  b: 1855 Rochester, Kent 
 Ethel R N 
 b: 1884 Dartford, Kent 

 William Austin
m: c 1874Frances Jenner 
 b: 1853 Cowden, Kent  b: 1855 Cowden, Kent
ch: 30th Dec 1855 St. Mary Magdalene
Annie  Elizabeth  Frances Alice Edith M. Emily Eveline Agnes
b: 1875 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 5th Mar 1875 St. Michael's Church
  b: 1878 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 5th Jan 1879 St. Michael's Church
  b: 1882 Withyham, Sussex b: 1883 Withyham, Sussex b: 1887 Withyham, Sussex b: 1890 Withyham, Sussex b: 1894 Withyham, Sussex b: 1896 Withyham, Sussex
 Esther Ellen Elias William        
 b: 1877 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 6th Aug 1877 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1878 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 5th Jan 1879 St. Michael's Church

 Edward (Jnr) Austin
m: c 1874Eleanor S. 
 b: 1853 Lambeth, London  b: 1854 Horton, Kent 
 Albert E. Herbert J.
 b: 1876 Lambeth, London b: 1877 Lambeth, London

 unknown father
Not marriedMary Ann Austen 
   b: 1848 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 19th Mar 1848 All Saints Church
 George Frederick 
 b: 1875 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 4th Apr 1875 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church

 William Austenm: c 1875Mary 
 b: c 1855  b: c 1855 
 b: 1878 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 23rd Jun 1878 St. Nicholas Parish Church

 Joseph Blackman
m: Apr to Jun 1875Mary Ann Luck2nd marriage
 b: 1846 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1848 Brenchley, Kent
ch: 19th Mar 1848 All Saints Church
 Grace William
 b: 1877 Wadhurst, Sussex b: Jul 1880 Frant, Sussex

 David Austin
farm labourer
m: c 1876Caroline 
 b: 1856 Cowden, Kent  b: 1856 Chiddingstone, Kent 
 David Thomas Clara Percy
 b: 1879 Cowden, Kent b: 1880 Cowden, Kent b: 1883 Cowden, Kent b: 1885 Cowden, Kent

 unknown father
Not marriedBeatrice A.
employed at paper mill
   b: 1862 Dartford, Kent 
 Beatrice J. 
 b: 1878 Loudwater, Buckinghamshire 

 John Page
m: Jan to Mar 1877Frances Austen 
 b: 1842 Wellbrook, Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 27th Nov 1842 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 1856 Brenchley, Kent 
 William J. Edith J
 b: 1879 Ticehurst, Sussex b: 1888 Ticehurst, Sussex

 Philip Paige
m: Oct to Dec 1877Sarah Austen 
 b: 1853 Sevenoaks, Kent  b: 1853 Robertsbridge, Sussex 
 Philip Julian Edith Amelia
 b: 1879 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1880 Sevenoaks, Kent

 Charles John Austin
m: c 1878Sarah S. 
 b: 1857 Cowden, Kent  b: 1858 Turners Hill, Sussex 
 Sarah A. Richard J. Charles H
 b: 1878 East Grinstead, Sussex b: 1879 East Grinstead, Sussex b: Mar 1881 East Grinstead, Sussex

 Bargew Stroudm: 9th Oct 1878 Hatton Church, Hastings, SussexEllen Austin 
 b: c 1860  b: 26th Aug 1861 Rusthall, Kent
ch: 20th Oct 1861 St. Mary's Church, Speldhurst, Kent

 John Austen
farm labourer
m: 13th Jul 1879 St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down, SussexAnn Reed 
 b: 1827 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1838 Mayfield, Sussex 

 Charles Austinm: c 1880Selina 
 b: 1852 Bermondsey, London  b: 1855 Bloomsbury, London 
 Charles James 
 b: 1887 Bermondsey, London 

 David Austin
m: c 1880Alice 
 b: 1854 East Grinstead, Sussex  b: 1860 Portsmouth, Hampshire 
 David R. 
 b: Nov 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 

 William Austinm: c 1880Ann 
 b: c 1860  b: c 1860 
 b: 1881 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 4th Dec 1881 St. Michael's Church

 Charles Austen
house painter and paper hanger
m: c 1881Emma E 
 b: 1857 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1863 Bethnal Green, London 

2nd marriageBenjamin Daniel Austen
farm labourer
m: c 1882Louisa 
 b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1862 Ditton, Kent 

 Benjamin Austin
farm labourer
m: c 1882Louisa 
 b: 1844 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1864 Ditton, Kent 

 William Austin
m: c 1882Rebecca 
 b: 1857 Claverdon, Warwickshire  b: 1855 Chevening, Kent 
 William J Evelyn J Florence M
 b: 1883 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1887 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1890 Tonbridge, Kent

 Robert John Barber
house painter
m: Oct to Dec 1882Elizabeth Austin
 b: Jul to Sep 1864 73, St George's Road, Brighton, Sussex
ch: 17th Jul 1864 St Peter
  b: Oct to Dec 1858 Brighton, Sussex 
 Edith Ellen Daisy Nellie Joseph William Victor Robert
 b: Jul to Sep 1889 Brighton, Sussex b: Jul to Sep 1894 Brighton, Sussex b: Oct to Dec 1896 Brighton, Sussex b: Oct to Dec 1900
d: Jul to Sep 1901

 Albert Austen
cricket ball maker
m: c 1883Elizabeth 
 b: 1860 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1865 Tonbridge, Kent 
 Albert J Edith
 b: 1889 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1890 Tonbridge, Kent

 Samuel Austen
farm labourer
m: Jul to Sep 1883Carey Towner 
 b: 1859 Brenchley, Kent  b: Jan to Mar 1863 Tudeley-cum-Capel, Kent
ch: 17th May 1863 St. Thomas a Beckets Church, Capel, Kent
d: Jan to Mar 1949

 Alfred Austinm: Apr to Jun 1885 Sevenoaks, KentCatherine
school mistress
 b: Jul to Sep 1849 Crowhurst, Surrey  b: Oct to Dec 1848 Edenbridge, Kent 

 George Albion Edward Law Marchant
m: 3rd May 1885 St. Mary's Church, Rolvenden, KentMary Austin 
 b: 1860 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 15th Jul 1850 St Laurence Church
  b: 1862 Rolvenden, Kent 
 Frances M Ada N William G Maud M
 b: 1883 Rolvenden, Kent b: 1886 Rolvenden, Kent b: 1889 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1890 Rotherfield, Sussex

 Horace Austin
journeyman blacksmith
m: c 1886Elizabeth 
 b: 1864 Milson, Kent  b: 1868 Ticehurst, Sussex 
 Rose Edith
 b: 1888 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1890 Rotherfield, Sussex

2nd marriageHenry Jeffrey Austen
auctioneer, valuer and farmer
m: 1887 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Wadhurst, SussexCharie Reed 
 b: 9th Feb 1823 Wadhurst, Sussex
d: 25th Oct 1887 Marling Place, Wadhurst, Sussex
  b: c 1825 

 Horace Valentine Austinm: Oct to Dec 1887 Ticehurst, SussexElizabeth Hyland 
ch: 17th Apr 1864 St Michael's Church, Sittingbourne, Kent
  b: 1869 Ticehurst, Sussex
ch: 7th Feb 1869 St. Mary the Virgin Church

 Arthur Wheatley
m: Oct to Dec 1889Ann Austin 
 b: Jul to Sep 1864 Shoreham, Sussex  b: c 1857 Oxfordshire 
 Ada Emily Maria
 b: Jan to Mar 1890 Penge, Surrey b: Apr to Jun 1893 Beckenham, Kent

 Henry William Austinm: c 1895Harriet 
 b: c 1875  b: c 1875 
 Sidney George 
 b: 1899 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 16th Apr 1899 St. Stephen's Church

 Patrick Austinm: c 1900Lily Baitup 
 b: 1880  b: 1880 Horsmonden, Kent 

 William Austenm: c 1900Ellen 
 b: c 1880  b: c 1880 
 Ivor Reginald 
 b: 1905 Hildenborough, Kent
ch: 27th Apr 1905 St. Johns Parish Church
d: 14th Apr 1906

 Henry Edward Albert Austin
engineer, electric light and power
m: c 1903Emily Janet 
 b: 1880 Tolington, London  b: 1885 Clerkenwell, London 

 Horace Heasman
house painter
m: 1905Alice Austin 
 b: 1879 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 20th Apr 1879 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1883 Withyham, Sussex 
 b: 1908 Frant, Sussex 

 Charles James Austinm: c 1910Alice Norman 
 b: 1887 Bermondsey, London  b: 1887 
 Ernest James 
 b: 1912 Bermondsey, London 

 Thomas George Austinm: 1914Agnes Novis 
 b: c 1885  b: 1885 Eastbourne, Sussex 

 Joseph Austinm: 5th Sep 1942 St Andrew & St Mary Church, Fletching, SussexFanny Hobbs 
 b: c 1880  b: 1883 Fletching, Sussex
ch: 6th May 1883 St Andrew & St Mary Church

 Ernest James Austinm: c 1945Melanie Tanner 
 b: 1912 Bermondsey, London  b: 1908 Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey 
 Jennifer Melanie 
 b: 18th Apr 1949 

 Brian Anthony Spicerm: c 1975Jennifer Austin 
 b: 1946 Pembury, Kent  b: 18th Apr 1949 
 James Austin Melanie Jane
 b: 2nd Apr 1977 Bishop's Stortford b: 21st Apr 1980 Bishop's Stortford

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