The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Mayfield, Sussex
Parish & other records Before

Elizabeth WestonBirth1600William WestonMrs WestonIGI - Family Search
William RelfBirth1599/1600Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
David ManserBirth1599/1600David ManserJoan Manser [Johnson]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth PeckhamBirth1599/1600William PeckhamElizabeth Peckham [Lucke]Mayfield Parish Registers
William RelfBirth1601William RelfAgnes Relf [Dyrrant]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joan PageBirth1600/01Christopher PageElizabeth Page [Weidge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ales RelfBirth1600/01Richard Relf, gunfounderAlice Relf [Lewen]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ann RelfBirth1602Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mersham WestonBirth1602Thomas WestonElizabeth Weston [Duncke]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth RelfBirth1601/02John RelfAlice Relf [Colin]Mayfield Parish Registers
John ManserBirthMay 1602Ralph ManserElizabeth Manser [Manser]Mayfield Parish Registers
Henry ManserBirth1603Ralph ManserElizabeth Manser [Manser]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ales PageBirth1603Christopher PageElizabeth Page [Weidge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard RelphBirth1603Richard Relf, gunfounderAlice Relf [Lewen]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alice Cogger [Sawyer]Birth1604Gregory SawyerAlice Sawyer [Fissenden]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Jeremy WestonBirth1604William WestonMrs WestonIGI - Family Search
Mary PeckhamBirth1604William PeckhamElizabeth Peckham [Lucke]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert MeppamBirth1605Robert MeppamAdrienne Meppam [Kerwin]Mayfield Parish Registers
John ManserBirth1605David ManserJoan Manser [Johnson]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MoonBirth1604/05Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
William ManserBirth1604/05Richard ManserSusan Manser [Hod]Mayfield Parish Registers
William SawyerBirth1606Gregory SawyerAlice Sawyer [Fissenden]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
William PageBirth1606Christopher PageElizabeth Page [Weidge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Gregory MooneBirth1606William MooneAgnes Moone [Lason]Mayfield Parish Registers
Andrew MooneBirth1606Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Margarett ManserBirth1606John ManserAnn Manser [Pain]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joan ManserBirth1606David ManserJoan Manser [Johnson]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MaunserBirth1606Ralph ManserElizabeth Manser [Manser]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas RelfeBirth1605/06Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MannserBirth1607Richard ManserSusan Manser [Hod]Mayfield Parish Registers
Jeames MoonBirth1607Isbell MoonMayfield Parish Registers
John StevensBirth1607John StevenMrs StevenMayfield Parish Registers
Mary BartonBirth1607John BartonBartonMayfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1607Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1606/07Richard Relf, gunfounderAlice Relf [Lewen]Mayfield Parish Registers
Nicholas ManserBirth1608Robert ManserAnn Manser [Brackfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Jone MooneBirth1608Robert MooneJoan Moone [Roger]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard MeppamBirth1608Robert MeppamAdrienne Meppam [Kerwin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard ManserBirth21st Nov 1608Richard StoneJoan ManserMayfield Parish Registers
Ann MooneBirth1609William MooneAgnes Moone [Lason]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert RelfBirth1609TwittRobert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
John RelfBirth1609Richard Relf, gunfounderAlice Relf [Lewen]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1609John RelfAlice Relf [Colin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard WickinsBirth1609Richard WickinsMrs WickinsMayfield Parish Registers
Sarah RelfBirth1609Thomas RelfeJoan Relfe [Austyn]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MoonBirth1609Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfeBirth1608/09Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
Raphe ManserBirth1608/09Ralph ManserElizabeth Manser [Manser]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ann RelfBirth1610Richard Relf, gunfounderAlice Relf [Lewen]Mayfield Parish Registers
Debora StevenBirth1610Roberte StevensMrs StevensMayfield Parish Registers
John RelfBirth1610Thomas RelfeJoan Relfe [Austyn]Mayfield Parish Registers
Annys BartonBirth1610John BartonBartonMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas BoremanBirth1610Thomas BoremanMrs BoremanMayfield Parish Registers
Agnes MephamBirth1611Agnes MephamMayfield Parish Registers
Gregory SawyerBirth1611Gregory SawyerAlice Sawyer [Fissenden]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Alyce StevenBirth1611John StevenMrs StevenMayfield Parish Registers
Susan ManserBirth1610/11Richard ManserSusan Manser [Hod]Mayfield Parish Registers
John RelfBirth1612TroyteRobert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
John BartonBirth1612John BartonBartonMayfield Parish Registers
Ann RelfBirth1611/12Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
William ManserBirth1613Richard ManserSusan Manser [Hod]Mayfield Parish Registers
Judith MephamBirth1613Robert MeppamAdrienne Meppam [Kerwin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfBirth1613Thomas RelfeJoan Relfe [Austyn]Mayfield Parish Registers
William MooneBirth1613William MooneAgnes Moone [Lason]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MannserBirth1612/13David ManserJoan Manser [Johnson]Mayfield Parish Registers
Rebecca RelfBirth1614Robert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas RelfBirth1614Robert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1614Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
William RelfBirth1614SigonsWilliam RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Francis StevensBirth1614John StevenMrs StevenMayfield Parish Registers
Agnes MoonBirth1614Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Mary DayBirth1614/15Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
John BartonBirth1616William BartonBartonMayfield Parish Registers
William PeckhamBirth1616John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Mary MephamBirth1616Robert MeppamAdrienne Meppam [Kerwin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary BourmanBirth1616Henry BourmanMrs BourmanMayfield Parish Registers
Joane RelfeBirth1615/16Thomas RelfeJoan Relfe [Austyn]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1617Thomas RelfeJoan Relfe [Austyn]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary PeckhamBirth1617John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Margaret RelfBirth1617Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard RelfBirth1616/17TwitteRobert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Francis DayBirth1616/17Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas BourmanBirth1618Henry BourmanMrs BourmanMayfield Parish Registers
Mary MoonBirth1618Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
John RelfBirth1618EarneshallWilliam RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1618Manshull?William RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas SawyerBirth9th Oct 1618Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
John MooneBirth1619SpitleyJohn MooneElizabeth Moone [Brigman]Mayfield Parish Registers
Frances RelfBirth1619FritheRobert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary BassettBirth1618/19Alexander BassettDenise Bassett [Daniell]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joan DayBirth1618/19Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
Francis ManserBirth1620William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Hannah Gray [Sawyer]Birth1620Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Alyce MoonBirth1620Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfBirth1620ManshallWilliam RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
John RelfBirth1620William RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert BakerBirth1620John BakerCatherine Baker [Offley]IGI - Family Search
Grace MephamBirth1620Ann MephamMayfield Parish Registers
Sarah MephamBirth1620John MephamSusan Mepham [Jarvis]Mayfield Parish Registers
Charles BakerBirthc 1620John BakerCatherine Baker [Offley]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth PeckhamBirth1619/20John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Peter BassettBirth1621Alexander BassettDenise Bassett [Daniell]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joseph RelphBirth1621TwitteRobert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elenor PeckhamBirth1620/21John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Robert MooneBirth1620/21SpitleyJohn MooneElizabeth Moone [Brigman]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard DayBirth1620/21Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth BourmanBirth1620/21Henry BourmanMrs BourmanMayfield Parish Registers
James RelfBirth1620/21Abraham RelfeMary Relfe [Parker]Mayfield Parish Registers
William RelfBirthDec 1621Samuell Relfe, husbandmanElizabeth Relfe [Humfrey]Mayfield Parish Registers
Jane BakerBirth1622John BakerCatherine Baker [Offley]IGI - Family Search
John StevensBirth1622Thomas StevensMary Stevens [Roodes]Mayfield Parish Registers
William SawyerBirth1622Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Thomas MephamBirth1622John MephamSusan Mepham [Jarvis]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MooneBirth1622Thomas MooneMary Moone [Martin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ann PeckhamBirth1622BiblehamJohn PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas StevensBirth1621/22Thomas StevensMary Stevens [Roodes]Mayfield Parish Registers
John BourmanBirth1623Henry BourmanMrs BourmanMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1623Samuell Relfe, husbandmanElizabeth Relfe [Humfrey]Mayfield Parish Registers
Abraham MooneBirth1623John MooneElizabeth Moone [Brigman]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1623Robert MooneElizabeth Moone [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alyne RelfBirth1623Robert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
William ManserBirth1623William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas MooneBirth1622/23Andrew MoonMrs MoonMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas DayBirth1622/23Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
Susanna PeckhamBirth1624John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth PeckhamBirth1624John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Katherine MephamBirth1624Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfBirth1624Henry RelfSarah Relf [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary PageBirth1623/24Nicholas PageMary Page [Hood]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MephamBirth1623/24John MephamSusan Mepham [Jarvis]Mayfield Parish Registers
John ElliotBirthc Sep 1624Alexander ElliotConstance Elliot [Hepden]IGI - Family Search
Stephen WilmshurstBirth1625
Joane RelfeBirth1625William RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth DayBirth1625Thomas DayElizabeth DayMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MooneBirth1624/25Thomas MooneMary Moone [Martin]Mayfield Parish Registers
William RelfeBirth1626Robert RelfeAlice Relfe [Depelance]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward MephamBirth1626John MephamSusan Mepham [Jarvis]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MephamBirth1626Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
John SawyerBirth1626Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Elizabeth BakerBirth1626John BakerCatherine Baker [Offley]IGI - Family Search
John MannserBirth1626William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Peter MooneBirth1626John MooneElizabeth Moone [Brigman]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward BourmanBirth1626Henry BourmanMrs BourmanMayfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1626Robert MooneElizabeth Moone [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary PeckhamBirth1626John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
John RelfeBirth1625/26Samuell Relfe, husbandmanElizabeth Relfe [Humfrey]Mayfield Parish Registers
John RelfeBirthFeb 1625/26HomstallJohn RelfeHelen Relfe [Wildy]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard StevensBirthJun 1626William StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Jan WestonBirth1627Richard WestonUrsula Weston [Gasson]IGI - Family Search
William ManserBirth1627Richard ManserAnn Manser [Garnebus]Mayfield Parish Registers
John StevensBirth1627Thomas StevensMary Stevens [Roodes]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alexander ElliotBirth1628Alexander ElliotConstance Elliot [Hepden]IGI - Family Search
Alexander PeckhamBirth1628John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
Susanna MooneBirth1628Thomas MooneMary Moone [Martin]Mayfield Parish Registers
Susanna MephamBirth1628John MephamSusan Mepham [Jarvis]Mayfield Parish Registers
Rose RelfeBirth1628Samuell Relfe, husbandmanElizabeth Relfe [Humfrey]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert RelfeBirth1627/28HomestallJohn RelfeHelen Relfe [Wildy]Mayfield Parish Registers
Henry PeckhamBirth1627/28John PeckhamSusanna PeckhamMayfield Parish Registers
John RelfeBirth1627/28William RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
William SawyerBirth1629William SawyerMartha Sawyer [Duke]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Anne MaunserBirth1629John MaunserMary MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas MephamBirth1629Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MooneBirth1629Robert MooneElizabeth Moone [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth PageBirth1629Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
David MannserBirth1628/29Agnes MannserMayfield Parish Registers
John MephamBirth1630Lewis MephamMargaret Mepham [Taylour]Mayfield Parish Registers
Anne RelfeBirth1630SpitlyWilliam RelfMartha Relf [Umphry]Mayfield Parish Registers
Martha StevensBirth1630John StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MaunserBirth1629/30William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MooneBirthNov 1630Andrew MooneElizabeth Moone [Woodgate]Mayfield Parish Registers
William RelfeBirth1631Henry RelfSarah Relf [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth SawyerBirth1631Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Mary MaunserBirth1631Richard ManserAnn Manser [Garnebus]Mayfield Parish Registers
Patience PageBirth1631Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
John StevensBirth1631/32Butchers CrossJohn StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward StevensBirth1630/31William StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Constance Wood [Elliot]Birth24th Aug 1631Alexander ElliotConstance Elliot [Hepden]IGI - Family Search
John StevensBirthOct 1631Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
William MooneBirth1632Andrew MooneElizabeth Moone [Woodgate]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard MephamBirth1632Lewis MephamMargaret Mepham [Taylour]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alexander MooneBirth1632Gregory MooneMary Moone [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MooneBirth1632Robert MooneElizabeth Moone [Hosmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard MephamBirth1631/32Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard RelfeBirth1631/32HomestallJohn RelfeHelen Relfe [Wildy]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MaunserBirth1631/32John MaunserMary MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MaunserBirth1633Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward StevensBirth1633John StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary SawyerBirth1633William SawyerMartha Sawyer [Duke]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Roger MaunserBirth1633Elizabeth MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas MaunserBirth1633William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Anne PageBirth1633Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfeBirthOct 1633Robert RelfeMary Relfe [Thunder]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alice MaunserBirth1634Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
Susan MaunserBirth1634John MaunserMary MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Stephen SawyerBirth1634Thomas SawyerAnn Sawyer [Penckhurst]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Elizabeth MephamBirth1634Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
William StevensBirth1633/34Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary RelfeBirth1635John RelfeHelen Relfe [Wildy]Mayfield Parish Registers
John PageBirth1635Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert RelfeBirth1635Henry RelfeElizabeth Relfe [Moone]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1635John MooneAlice Moone [Hoadly]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MooneBirth1634/35Andrew MooneElizabeth Moone [Woodgate]Mayfield Parish Registers
Margaret RelfeBirth1634/35Robert RelfeMary Relfe [Thunder]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MillesBirth1634/35John MillesUrsula Milles [Geston]Mayfield Parish Registers
Anne RelfeBirth1636Robert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Agnes MooneBirth1636Andrew MooneElizabeth Moone [Woodgate]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alice PageBirth1636Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas StevensBirth1636John StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Gregory SawyerBirth1636William SawyerMartha Sawyer [Duke]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Thomas Bourdman, husbandmanBirth1636Thomas BourdmanAnne BourdmanMayfield Parish Registers
Anne MillesBirth1636John MillesUrsula Milles [Geston]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas StevensBirth1636Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Steven MephamBirth1636Thomas MephamElizabeth Mepham [Parks]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MaunserBirth1635/36Richard ManserAnn Manser [Garnebus]Mayfield Parish Registers
John StevensBirthbefore 1637William StevensEglantine Stevens [Farmer]Mayfield Parish Registers
John MaunserBirth1637John MaunserMary MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Anne MaunserBirth1637Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
Ann Read [Baker]Birth1637Robert BakerAnne Baker [Penkhurst]IGI - Family Search
Richard MaunserBirth1638William MaunserAlice Maunser [Erstfield]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joan PageBirth1638Richard PageMary Page [Marchant]Mayfield Parish Registers
Robert RelfeBirth1638Robert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Richard BourdmanBirth1638Thomas BourdmanAnne BourdmanMayfield Parish Registers
Ann SawyerBirth1638William SawyerMartha Sawyer [Duke]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
Agnes MaunserBirth1638Elizabeth MaunserMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas MaunserBirth1638Richard ManserAnn Manser [Garnebus]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth StevensBirth1637/38John StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MooneBirth1637/38William MooneElizabeth Moone [Ovenden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary MillesBirth1637/38John MillesUrsula Milles [Geston]Mayfield Parish Registers
Steven RelfeBirth1639William Relfe, millerJoan Relfe [Charte]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary StevensBirth1638/39Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Thomas RelfeBirth1640Henry RelfeElizabeth Relfe [Moone]Mayfield Parish Registers
Alice RelfeBirth1640Robert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Thomas PageBirth1640Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
Anne RelfeBirth1640Abraham RelfeAgnes RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Freegift SawyerBirth1640William SawyerMartha Sawyer [Duke]Gloria Bauer Ishida's records
William MaunserBirth1639/40Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
William MillesBirth1639/40John MillesUrsula Milles [Geston]Mayfield Parish Registers
Richard StevensBirth1639/40John StevensSusanna Stevens [Besbridge]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward FryBirth1640 to 1645Thomas FryMargaret Fry 
William FryBirth1640 to 1645Thomas FryMargaret Fry 
John FryBirth1640 to 1645Thomas FryMargaret Fry 
Dorothy MillesBirth1641John MillesUrsula Milles [Geston]Mayfield Parish Registers
Susan PageBirth1641Richard PageMary Page [Marchant]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary WestonBirth1641Abraham WestonKatherine Weston [Wickenden]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth StevensBirth1640/41Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
John WoodBirth1642John WoodSusan Wood [Johnson]IGI - Family Search
Thomas RelfeBirth1642Robert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Marie RelfeBirth1642Abraham RelfeAgnes RelfeBuxted Parish Registers
Robert JarvisBirth1642Edward JarvisPriscilla Jarvis [Baker]Heathfield Parish Registers
Mary ManserBirth1642Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
Joseph StevensBirth1641/42Butchers CrossWilliam StevensDorrity Stevens [Harnden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth MooneBirth1641/42William MooneElizabeth Moone [Ovenden]Buxted Parish Registers
Anne MartinBirth1643Henry MartinAlice Martin [Latter]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Abraham RelfeBirth1643Abraham RelfeAgnes RelfeBuxted Parish Registers
Alexander BassettBirth1643Stephen BassettMrs Bassett [Stevens]Rotherfield Parish Registers
Johanna WestonBirth1644Abraham WestonKatherine Weston [Wickenden]IGI - Family Search
John BakerBirth1644John Baker, sheriffElizabeth Baker [Rivers]IGI - Family Search
Elizabeth RelfeBirth1644Henry RelfeElizabeth Relfe [Moone]Mayfield Parish Registers
Edward RelfeBirth1644Robert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
John MooneBirth1643/44William MooneElizabeth Moone [Ovenden]Mayfield Parish Registers
Mary FryBirth1645Thomas FryMargaret FryIGI - Family Search
Robert PageBirth1645Thomas PageAlice Page [Gallet]Mayfield Parish Registers
Susanna MaunserBirth1644/45Edward MaunserAnn Maunser [Wilmshurst]Mayfield Parish Registers
Sarah RelfeBirth1646SwitesRobert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Dorothy Baker [Baker]Birth1646John Baker, sheriffElizabeth Baker [Rivers]IGI - Family Search
Robert StevensBirth1646/47Mr StevensMrs StevensMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfeBirth1645/46Abraham RelfeAgnes RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Avis WestonBirth1647Abraham WestonKatherine Weston [Wickenden]IGI - Family Search
Daniel StevensBirth1649/50Mr StevensMrs StevensMayfield Parish Registers
Elizabeth RelfeBirth1648/49SwitesRobert RelfeAnne RelfeMayfield Parish Registers
Alternative Regions
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Alternative Areas/Parishes
Parish of Albourne, Sussex
Parish of Alciston, Sussex
Parish of Aldingbourn, Sussex
Parish of Aldrington, Sussex
Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
Parish of Amberley, Sussex
Parish of Angmering, Sussex
Parish of Appledram, Sussex
Parish of Ardingly, Sussex
Parish of Arlington, Sussex
Parish of Arundel, Sussex
Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
Parish of Ashington, Sussex
Parish of Ashurst, Sussex
Parish of Ashurstwood, Sussex
Parish of Balcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barcombe, Sussex
Parish of Barlavington, Sussex
Parish of Barnham, Sussex
Parish of Battle, Sussex
Parish of Beckley, Sussex
Parish of Beddingham, Sussex
Parish of Berwick, Sussex
Parish of Bexhill, Sussex
Parish of Bignor, Sussex
Parish of Billingshurst, Sussex
Parish of Binderton, Sussex
Parish of Binsted, Sussex
Parish of Birdham, Sussex
Parish of Bishopstone, Sussex
Parish of Blackboys, Sussex
Manor of Blackham
Parish of Blackham, Sussex
Parish of Blindley Heath, Surrey
Parish of Bodiam, Sussex
Parish of Bodle Street Green, Sussex
Parish of Bolney, Sussex
Parish of Bosham, Sussex
Parish of Bottolphs, Sussex
Parish of Boxgrove, Sussex
Parish of Bramber, Sussex
Parish of Brede, Sussex
Parish of Brightling, Sussex
Parish of Brighton, Sussex
Parish of Broadwater, Sussex
Parish of Broomhill, Sussex
Parish of Burgess Hill, Sussex
Parish of Burpham, Sussex
Parish of Burton, Sussex
Parish of Burwash, Sussex
Parish of Bury, Sussex
Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Parish of Catsfield, Sussex
Parish of Chailey, Sussex
Parish of Chalvington, Sussex
Parish of Charlton, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood Common, Sussex
Parish of Chelwood, Sussex
Parish of Chichester, Sussex
Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
Parish of Chidham, Sussex
Parish of Chithurst, Sussex
Parish of Clapham, Sussex
Parish of Clayton, Sussex
Parish of Climping, Sussex
Parish of Cocking, Sussex
Parish of Cold Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Colgate, Sussex
Parish of Compton, Sussex
Parish of Coombs, Sussex
Parish of Copthorne, Sussex
Parish of Cousley Wood, Sussex
Parish of Cowfold, Sussex
Parish of Crawley Down, Sussex
Parish of Crawley, Sussex
Parish of Crowborough, Sussex
Parish of Crowhurst, Sussex
Parish of Cuckfield, Sussex
Parish of Dallington, Sussex
Parish of Danehill, Sussex
Parish of Denton, Sussex
Parish of Didling, Sussex
Parish of Ditchling, Sussex
Parish of Donnington, Sussex
Parish of Duncton, Sussex
Parish of Dunsfold, Sussex
Parish of Durrington, Sussex
Parish of Eartham, Sussex
Parish of Easebourne, Sussex
Parish of East Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of East Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of East Dean, Sussex
Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of East Guldeford, Sussex
Parish of East Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of East Lavant, Sussex
Parish of East Preston, Sussex
Parish of East Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Eastbourne, Sussex
Parish of Eastdean, Sussex
Parish of Eastergate, Sussex
Parish of Edburton, Sussex
Parish of Egdean, Sussex
Parish of Elsted, Sussex
Parish of Emsworth, Sussex
Parish of Eridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Etchingham, Sussex
Parish of Ewhurst, Sussex
Parish of Fairlight, Sussex
Parish of Falmer, Sussex
Parish of Felpham, Sussex
Parish of Fernhurst, Sussex
Parish of Ferring, Sussex
Parish of Findon, Sussex
Parish of Fittleworth, Sussex
Parish of Fletching, Sussex
Parish of Flimwell, Sussex
Parish of Folkington, Sussex
Parish of Forest Row, Sussex
Manor of Framfield
Parish of Framfield, Sussex
Parish of Frant, Sussex
Parish of Friston, Sussex
Parish of Fulking, Sussex
Parish of Funtington, Sussex
Parish of Glynde, Sussex
Parish of Goring, Sussex
Parish of Graffham, Sussex
Parish of Greatham, Sussex
Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Guestling, Sussex
Parish of Hadlow Down, Sussex
Parish of Hailsham, Sussex
Parish of Hambledown, Sussex
Parish of Hamsey, Sussex
Parish of Hangleton, Sussex
Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
Parish of Harting, Sussex
Parish of Hastings, Sussex
Parish of Hawkenbury, Sussex
Parish of Haywards Heath, Sussex
Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
Parish of Heene, Sussex
Parish of Hellingly, Sussex
Parish of Henfield, Sussex
Parish of Herstmonceux, Sussex
Parish of Heyshott, Sussex
Parish of Higham Park
Parish of Hollington, Sussex
Parish of Holtye, Sussex
Parish of Hooe, Sussex
Parish of Horam, Sussex
Parish of Horley, Sussex
Parish of Horsham, Sussex
Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
Parish of Houghton, Sussex
Parish of Hove, Sussex
Parish of Hunston, Sussex
Parish of Hurst Green, Sussex
Parish of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex
Parish of Icklesham, Sussex
Parish of Iden, Sussex
Parish of Ifield, Sussex
Parish of Iford, Sussex
Parish of Iping, Sussex
Parish of Isfield, Sussex
Parish of Itchingfield, Sussex
Parish of Jarvis Brook, Sussex
Parish of Jevington, Sussex
Parish of Kemp Town, Sussex
Parish of Keymer, Sussex
Parish of Kingston, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-by-the-Sea, Sussex
Parish of Kingston-near-Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Kirdford, Sussex
Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
Parish of Lancing, Sussex
Parish of Laughton, Sussex
Parish of Leominster, Sussex
Parish of Lewes, Sussex
Parish of Linch, Sussex
Parish of Linchmere, Sussex
Parish of Lindfield, Sussex
Parish of Lingfield, Surrey
Parish of Litlington, Sussex
Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
Parish of Littlehampton, Sussex
Location not known
Parish of Lodsworth, Sussex
Parish of Lower Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Lullington, Sussex
Parish of Lurgashall, Sussex
Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
Parish of Mark Cross, Sussex
Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
Parish of Merston, Sussex
Parish of Midhurst, Sussex
Parish of Mid-Lavant, Sussex
Parish of Mountfield, Sussex
Parish of Netherfield, Battle, Sussex
Parish of New Fishbourne, Sussex
Parish of New Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Newhaven, Sussex
Parish of Newick, Sussex
Parish of Newtimber, Sussex
Parish of Ninfield, Sussex
Parish of North Chapel, Sussex
Parish of North Mundham, Sussex
Parish of Northiam, Sussex
Parish of Nuthurst, Sussex
Parish of Nutley, Sussex
Parish of Old Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Ore, Sussex
Parish of Oving, Sussex
Parish of Ovingdean, Sussex
Parish of Pagham, Sussex
Parish of Parham, Sussex
Parish of Partridge Green, Sussex
Parish of Patcham, Sussex
Parish of Patching, Sussex
Parish of Peasmarsh, Sussex
Parish of Penhurst, Sussex
Parish of Pett, Sussex
Parish of Petworth, Sussex
Parish of Pevensey, Sussex
Parish of Piddinghoe, Sussex
Parish of Piltdown, Sussex
Parish of Playden, Sussex
Parish of Plumpton, Sussex
Parish of Poling, Sussex
Parish of Portslade, Sussex
Parish of Poynings, Sussex
Parish of Preston, Sussex
Parish of Pulborough, Sussex
Parish of Pyecombe, Sussex
Parish of Rackham, Sussex
Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
Parish of Ripe, Sussex
Parish of Riverhall, Sussex
Parish of Robertsbridge, Sussex
Parish of Rodmell, Sussex
Parish of Rogate, Sussex
Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Parish of Rottingdean, Sussex
Parish of Rudgwick, Sussex
Parish of Rumbolds-Wyke, Sussex
Parish of Rusper, Sussex
Parish of Rustington, Sussex
Parish of Rye, Sussex
Parish of Salehurst, Sussex
Parish of Seaford, Sussex
Parish of Sedlescombe, Sussex
Parish of Selmeston, Sussex
Parish of Selsey, Sussex
Parish of Shermanbury, Sussex
Parish of Shipley, Sussex
Parish of Shoreham, Sussex
Parish of Sidlesham, Sussex
Parish of Singleton, Sussex
Parish of Slaugham, Sussex
Parish of Slindon, Sussex
Parish of Slinfold, Sussex
Parish of Sompting, Sussex
Parish of South Heighton, Sussex
Parish of South Malling, Sussex
Parish of Southease, Sussex
Parish of Southwick, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards On Sea, Sussex
Parish of St. Leonards, Sussex
Parish of St. Peter, Sussex
Parish of Stanmer, Sussex
Parish of Stedham, Sussex
Parish of Steyning, Sussex
Parish of Stockwell
Parish of Stonegate, Sussex
Parish of Stopham, Sussex
Parish of Storrington, Sussex
Parish of Stoughton, Sussex
Parish of Streat, Sussex
Parish of Sullington, Sussex
County of Sussex
Parish of Sutton, Sussex
Parish of Tarring Neville, Sussex
Parish of Telscombe, Sussex
Parish of Terwick, Sussex
Parish of Thakeham, Sussex
Parish of Three Bridges, Sussex
Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
Parish of Tidebrook, Sussex
Parish of Tillington, Sussex
Parish of Treyford, Sussex
Parish of Trotton, Sussex
Parish of Turners Hill, Sussex
Parish of Twineham, Sussex
Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
Parish of Udimore, Sussex
Parish of Up-Marden, Sussex
Parish of Upper Beeding, Sussex
Parish of Up-Waltham, Sussex
Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
Parish of Walberton, Sussex
Parish of Waldron, Sussex
Parish of Warbleton, Sussex
Parish of Warminghurst, Sussex
Parish of Warnham, Sussex
Parish of Wartling, Sussex
Parish of Washington, Sussex
Parish of West Blatchington, Sussex
Parish of West Chiltington, Sussex
Parish of West Dean, Sussex
Parish of West Firle, Sussex
Parish of West Grinstead, Sussex
Parish of West Hoathly, Sussex
Parish of West Itchenor, Sussex
Parish of West Stoke, Sussex
Parish of West Tarring, Sussex
Parish of West Thorney, Sussex
Parish of West Wittering, Sussex
Parish of Westbourne, Sussex
Parish of Westdean, Sussex
Parish of Westfield, Sussex
Parish of Westham, Sussex
Parish of Westhampnett, Sussex
Parish of Westmeston, Sussex
Parish of Whatlington, Sussex
Parish of Wiggonholt, Sussex
Parish of Willingdon, Sussex
Parish of Wilmington, Sussex
Parish of Winchelsea, Sussex
Parish of Wisborough Green, Sussex
Parish of Wiston, Sussex
Parish of Withyham, Sussex
Parish of Wivelsfield, Sussex
Parish of Woodmancote, Sussex
Parish of Woolavington, Sussex
Parish of Woolbeding, Sussex
Parish of Worth, Sussex
Parish of Worthing, Sussex
Parish of Yapton, Sussex

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