The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J Hobbs
published in 2004

Maresfield at Stumbletts Common  
West Hoathly  
East Grinstead  
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Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester and Henry Hall Viscount Gage Estate  
William Lord Abergavenny Estate  
Sir John Shelley Estate  

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East Grinstead
Forest Row
EG1Twyfordes7 acres new assart at LadywentsCopyhold
EG2Wallysborrowghe15 acresCopyhold
EG2AClaypits, cottage2.5 acresCopyhold
EG3Cottage and 2 crofts4 acres at Plawhatche GateCopyhold
EG4Leggesheath1 parcel, 10 acres assartCopyhold
EG5Landassart 4 pawls long by 2 pauls latitudeCopyhold
EG6Croft2 1/2 acresCopyhold
EG7Land1/2 rood at Plawhatche GateCopyhold
EG8Cottage at Kittbrooke GateCopyhold
EG9Land30 acresCopyhold
EG10Land1.2.00 acres at PlawhatchCopyhold
EG11Land1.2.00 acres at PlawhatchCopyhold
EG12Cottage0.2.12 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG13Cottage1/4 acre at KidbrookCopyhold
EG14Cottage1.1.15 acres at HyegateCopyhold
EG15Land0.2.16 acres in Hindleape WalkCopyhold
EG16Land3/4 acres in Hindleape WalkCopyhold
EG17Land1.1.13 acres in Hindleape WalkCopyhold
EG18Land1/4 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG20Land0.2.26 acre near Pages GillCopyhold
EG21Land1.2.11 acres, by paleCopyhold
EG24Land1/2 acre at Broadstone WalkCopyhold
EG25Land1.2.00 acres at ShalesbrookCopyhold
EG25ALand1.0.00 acres at ShalesbrookCopyhold
EG26Cottage3.1.30 acres at Hindleape WalkCopyhold
EG27Cottage0.2.16 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG28le Riceland1.3.00 acresCopyhold
EG29Cottage1/4 acre,at KidbrookCopyhold
EG30Land1/4 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG31Land1/4 acreCopyhold
EG32Land1/2 acre by QuabrookCopyhold
EG33Cottage3 acres, Miry Gill ECopyhold
EG35Land2. 0.16 acresCopyhold
EG36Cottage1/4 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG37Cottage1.2.00 acresCopyhold
EG37ALand2.0.05 acresCopyhold
EG38Land5.0.31 acres at LegsheathCopyhold
EG39Land32 acres at Paynes CornerCopyhold
EG40Land12 acres; lease for 50 years
EG41Land46 acresCopyhold
EG43Lavender Plat, cottage2 acresCopyhold
EG44Stone Quarryby road Forest Row/Wych Cross; 7 year lease
EG45Land1/4 acre at HyegateCopyhold
EG46Land4 acres near Stone QuarryCopyhold
EG47Cottage2 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG48Cottage2 acres at ShalesbrookCopyhold
EG48ALand0.1.10 acreCopyhold
EG48BLand0.1.10 acreCopyhold
EG48CLand0.1.00 acreCopyhold
EG48DLand0.1.00 acreCopyhold
EG48ELand0.2.00 acreCopyhold
EG48FLand0.2.00 acreCopyhold
EG49Cottage2 acres Tompsetts BankCopyhold
EG50Cottage1 acre at HighgateCopyhold
EG51Land1. 2. 00 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG52Cottage0. 3. 00 acres, Miry Gill E.Copyhold
EG53Land2 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG54Land1.2.00 acres near ShalesbrookCopyhold
EG55Land2 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG56CottageCottage and 1 acre at HighgateCopyhold
EG56ALand16 perchesCopyhold
EG56BLand16 perchesCopyhold
EG56CLand22 perchesCopyhold
EG56DLand25 perchesCopyhold
EG56E2 cotts, stable, cowshed and limeshed0.1.06 acresCopyhold
EG56FCottage32 perchesCopyhold
EG56F/Land10 perchesCopyhold
EG56F/Cottage11 perchesCopyhold
EG56G2 cottages16 perchesCopyhold
EG56G/Cottage wood lodge and bakehouseCopyhold
EG57Cottage1 acre at HighgateCopyhold
EG582 pieces of waste1.2.00 acres at ShalebrookCopyhold
EG58ALand0.0.20 at ShalebrookCopyhold
EG59Land3 acres S. of RistwoodCopyhold
EG60Holly Hall, cottage acre,near HighgateCopyhold
EG61Land1.2.00 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG62Cottage1.2.00 acres at HighgateCopyhold
EG62ALand12 perchesCopyhold
EG62BLand18 perchesCopyhold
EG63Land1 acre near Pages GillCopyhold
EG64Land1.2.00 acres, Miry Gill ECopyhold
EG65Land1 acre, Miry Gill ECopyhold
EG66Land1.2.00 acre at HighgateCopyhold
EG67Land1.2.00 acres at Thompsets BankCopyhold
EG68Land2 acres near Pages GillCopyhold
EG69Land3.1.00 acres near Kidbrook ParkCopyhold
EG70Cottage and buildings0.2.00 acre near Tompsetts BankCopyhold
EG71Land0.2.00 acre at HighgateCopyhold
EG72Cottage0.1.00 acre at Tompsetts BankCopyhold
EG73Land0.1.00 acre near Pages GillCopyhold
EG74Land1.1.00 acre, Tompsetts Bank ECopyhold
EG75Cottage0.2.00 acre, Miry Gill ECopyhold
EG762 cottages0.2.31 acreCopyhold
EG76ALand0.0.37 acreCopyhold
EG77 Cottage0.2.04 acre, Shalesbrook ECopyhold

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