The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J Hobbs
published in 2004

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Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester and Henry Hall Viscount Gage Estate  
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M1Le Sonke4 acres of assertCopyhold
M2Inhomes als Beggarswell6 acre field within forestCopyhold
M3Parcel of waste3 roods within forestCopyhold
M4Burchetts, 3 parcels of land15 acresCopyhold
M5Inhomes in Markstreet3 acresCopyhold
M5AInhomes in Markstreet30 perchesCopyhold
M6Pricketts hatchegate, cottageJohane Dynes, 2 acres assartCopyhold
M73 parcels13.25 acres new assart at Horney CommonCopyhold
M8Chapmans4 acres assart near Lampool GreenCopyhold
M8ALe Trench2 acresCopyhold
M9Hoogelette, messuage7 acresCopyhold
M9AHugletts Pit7 acresCopyhold
M10Courtehatche6 acresCopyhold
M10ANewlond4 acres new assartCopyhold
M10BNewlond6 acres new assartCopyhold
M11Crouchecrofte3 acres at Piltdown CrossroadsCopyhold
M11ACrouchecrofte, 4 cottages0.5 acre at Piltdown CrossroadsCopyhold
M13Messuage, garden, and 2 crofts5 acresCopyhold
M15Messuage1 acre at Brabies HatchCopyhold
M20Tinkers4 pieces 11 acres of woodland at CheynesFreehold
M212 tenements, messuage, cottage4 acres near OldlandsCopyhold
M22Whitehouse, messuage, 1 parcel land27 acres within the forestCopyhold
M22AWhitehouse, barn and buildingsCopyhold
M23Cottage1/2 acre by the Boringwheel PondCopyhold
M24Cottage1 rood at Jessops Hill by TinkersCopyhold
M25Cottage, small barn, new built5 acres by Boreing Whele PondCopyhold
M26Oast house, malthouse1/2 acre at Pricketts Hatch GreenCopyhold
M27Cottage1 rood at Horney CommonCopyhold
M28Cottage1/2 rood at Horney CommonCopyhold
M29Cottage1/2 rood at Horney CommonCopyhold
M30Cottage1/2 acre at Whitehouse LandCopyhold
M31Cottage & garden1 rood at Jessops HillCopyhold
M32Land190 acresCopyhold
M32ALand10 acresCopyhold
M32BLand14 acres in 3 parcelsCopyhold
M32CLand10 acresCopyhold
M32DLand10 acresCopyhold
M33le Churchwardens10 acresCopyhold
M34le SpringwellCopyhold
M35le Diall field4.2.00 acres at Horney CommonCopyhold
M36Messuage and barn19. 3. 00 acresCopyhold
M36ALand2.0.28 acres and ( 0.1.32 earlier taken in )Copyhold
M37Newlodge, messuage and tenement30 acres assart within ForestCopyhold
M38Marlelands, cottage and tenement5 acres assart within ForestCopyhold
M39Cottage adjacent BrownsbrookCopyhold
M40Clayfields10. 2. 00 acres assart within ForestCopyhold
M40AForest LodgeCopyhold
M41House lately built6 acres assart within ForestCopyhold
M41ALand2.3.30 acresCopyhold
M42Croft3 roods at Jessops HillCopyhold
M43Little Amblers, cottage4 acresCopyhold
M43ALittle Amblers2 acresCopyhold
M43A/BLittle Amblers20 perchesCopyhold
M44Messuage/tenement4 acres at Stubbs CrossCopyhold
M45Sealeswell12 acres at DuddleswellCopyhold
M46Land1 rood south of ClayfieldsCopyhold
M47Land5 acresCopyhold
M48Land5 acresCopyhold
M49Cottage and tenement4 acresCopyhold
M50le Stonyland15 acresCopyhold
M50Ale Stonyland5 acresCopyhold
M50Ble Stonyland5 acresCopyhold
M51Land7 .1. 00. acres at CopthallCopyhold
M52Land1 . 0. 08 acres at Brabies HatchCopyhold
M52ALand1/2 acre by Kenwards houseCopyhold
M52A/ALand3.07 acresCopyhold
M53Cottage0. 2. 29 acre top of Cackle StreetCopyhold
M54Cottage1/2 acre at Horney CommonCopyhold
M55Land33 acresCopyhold
M55ALand2 acresCopyhold
M56Land2.2.36 acresCopyhold
M59Land18. 2. 48 acres at DuddleswellCopyhold
M59ALand5. 2. 48 acres adj MarlelandsCopyhold
M60Land1/2 acre at FairwarpCopyhold
M63Cottage1/2 acre at Dodds HillCopyhold
M65Hopgarden1 acre by OldlandsCopyhold
M66Malthouse0. 0. 20 acreCopyhold
M68Messuage1 acre will be WhitehouseCopyhold
M70Land12. 0. 28 acres at DuddleswellCopyhold
M70ALand11 rods acres at DuddleswellCopyhold
M73Smiths shop1 acre at WitchcrossCopyhold
M75Land25 acres at DuddleswellCopyhold
M76The Boringwheel Pond5 acresCopyhold
M77Land0.5 acre at Brabies HatchCopyhold
M79LandSeveral pieces 2 acres below MisborneCopyhold
M80Workhouse4 acresCopyhold
M81Land4 acres south of MarlesCopyhold
M82Water corn mill40 rods by Boringwheel pondCopyhold
M83Cottage2.2.00 acresCopyhold
M84Land2 acres opposite Fords GreenCopyhold
M85Land2 acres at Whitehouse CommonCopyhold
M86Land1 acre at Whitehouse CommonCopyhold
M87Cottage and buildings1 acre by BoringwheelCopyhold
M88Land4 acres around WorkhouseCopyhold
M89Wych Cross road30 perchesCopyhold
M90Duddleswell 3 cottages2.1. 09 acres, 1. 3. 09 acres, and 0.0. 33 acresCopyhold
M90ADuddleswell cottagetriangular piece 0.0.33 acreCopyhold
M90BDuddleswell seed plot and old cottage0.0.14 acreCopyhold
M90CDuddleswell cottage0.0.20 acreCopyhold
M90DLand at Duddleswell4.1.33 acresCopyhold
M91Fairwarp cottage2.2.00 acresCopyhold
M91AFairwarp Oak CottageCopyhold
M92Cottage0.1.16 acresCopyhold
M92A3 cottages0.1.16 acresCopyhold
M93Forge Bank cottage, barn and lodges2.3.05 acresCopyhold
M94Messuage and buildings0.3.00 acreCopyhold
M94ACottage erected by Samuel Fox younger0.2.01 acreCopyhold
M95Cottage and bulidings near Spring Gardens2 acresCopyhold
M96Cottage and buildings in Fairwarp0.3.00 acreCopyhold
M96ACottage in Fairwarp0.1.24 acreCopyhold
M96A/AGrocers shop, bakehouse, messuage and shop in FairwarpCopyhold
M97Land4.0.00 acres near Duddleswell GateCopyhold
M98Nursery1.2.22 acres, Tithe no. 808/9; 1.2.27 acre,late nursery garden.Copyhold
M98ALand1.1.27 acresCopyhold
M99Land1.3.18 acres. Tithe nos. 858/62Copyhold
M100Cottage, brick kilns and brick sheds1.2.00 acresCopyhold
M100AWhitehouse Cottages ( 2 )1.2.14 acresCopyhold
M101Land1.2.00 acresCopyhold
M102Land1.2.00 acres near Duddleswell GateCopyhold

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