The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J Hobbs
published in 2004

Maresfield at Stumbletts Common  
West Hoathly  
East Grinstead  
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Henry Thomas Earl of Chichester and Henry Hall Viscount Gage Estate  
William Lord Abergavenny Estate  
Sir John Shelley Estate  

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N1Tenement and 6 parcels new assartCopyhold
N2ALe Lepe2. 2. 00 acresCopyhold
N3Land7 acresCopyhold
N3ACampishill5 acres new assartCopyhold
N4Castelltrowghea parcel of assartCopyhold
N5Messuage, garden, and croft within forestCopyhold
N5AMessuage, garden, and croft within forestCopyhold
N6Land1 acre at Pricketts hatcheCopyhold
N6ALandat Pricketts hatcheCopyhold
N6A/ALandat Pricketts hatcheCopyhold
N6BLand0.2.05 acre at Pricketts hatcheCopyhold
N7Symis, croft2 acres new assartCopyhold
N7ASymis, Messuage3 acresCopyhold
N7BNetherhouse and Sawters, messuage and barnCopyhold
N7B/ANetherhouse and Sawters0.2.05 acresCopyhold
N7B/BNetherhouse, 2 cottages0.1.22 acreCopyhold
N8Trepes1/2 acre and 1. 0. 20Copyhold
N8ALand1/2 acre gardenCopyhold
N9Millbrooks1. 2. 00 acre within forestCopyhold
N10Butts Place, cottage1 roodCopyhold
N10AButts Place19 perchesCopyhold
N11Messuage, barn and orchard3 pieces of 9 acres within forestCopyhold
N11ALe Sale, cottage10 rods
N11BLe Sale, 2 messuages - Laurels and Hollies and 4 cottagesCopyhold
N11B/ALe Sale, 4 cottagesCopyhold
N11B/BLe Sale, LaurelsCopyhold
N12Pricketts Hatch, Cottage2 parcels 4 acresCopyhold
N13Le Marles, messuage and barn1. 2. 00 acresCopyhold
N13ALe Marles, 3 cottagesCopyhold
N13BLe Marles, Roses, cottage in 2 tenementsCopyhold
N13CLe MarlesCopyhold
N14Larrets, cottage & garden near MarlpitCopyhold
N15Land1.5 acres within forestCopyhold
N16Pricketts Hatche10 by 30 rodsCopyhold
N17Outbuilding1 roodCopyhold
N18Cottage and garden at Nutley GateCopyhold
N19Croft5 acresCopyhold
N19ACroft7. 0.25 acresCopyhold
N20Cottage1 rood by le SwinefallCopyhold
N21Le East Lepe ffeild3 acresCopyhold
N22Cottage at Waggoners Bottom5 acresCopyhold
N23Swinefall18 acres assart within ForestCopyhold
N24Leapend1. 2. 00 acres between Little Shelfe & MillbrookCopyhold
N25Sweet Minepit Croft & Millbrook CroftCopyhold
N25ALand1 acreCopyhold
N26le Shelfe2. 2. 00 acres parcel Nutley June ffarmeCopyhold
N27Little Shelf2. 3. 00 acresCopyhold
N28Land6 acresCopyhold
N28ALand4 acresCopyhold
N28BMessuage and north part Lane Field1 acreCopyhold
N28B/ACottage1 perchCopyhold
N28B/BCottage6 perchesCopyhold
N29Millbrook & barn newly built6 acresCopyhold
N29AMillbrook1/2 acreCopyhold
N30Tenement7 acresCopyhold
N30AWindmill0.5 acreCopyhold
N31East Croft2 acresCopyhold
N31ALand1.1.19 acresCopyhold
N32The Mines6 acresCopyhold
N33Upper Minepitts, barn10 acresCopyhold
N34Le Lower Minepitts1 rood & 6 acresCopyhold
N34ALand1 roodCopyhold
N34A/ACottage5 perchesCopyhold
N35Le Court House, tenement & garden, at Millbrook20 perchesCopyhold
N36Land2 acres at Pricketts HatchCopyhold
N36AWooden chapel5 rods at Pricketts HatchCopyhold
N37Land7. 0. 13 acresCopyhold
N38Waggoners Well21.1. 00 acresCopyhold
N39Land1 acre by Pricketts Hatch pondCopyhold
N40Cottage1/2 acre at Nutley StreetCopyhold
N41Cottage1/2 acreCopyhold
N42Spring Croft2 acres at Fords GreenCopyhold
N43Smiths shop lately built1 roodCopyhold
N44Land4 acresCopyhold
N45Land4 acresCopyhold
N46Millbrook1.2.00 acres near VacheryCopyhold
N47Land4 acres near Marle PittCopyhold
N47ALand0.3.07 acre part Coneyboro FieldCopyhold
N47A/BLand7 perches part of Coneyboro FieldCopyhold
N48Land2 acresCopyhold
N49Cottage2 acresCopyhold
N50Land2 acresCopyhold
N51Land2.2.00 acresCopyhold
N52Cottage2.0.00 acres at Dodds BankCopyhold
N52ACottage0.1.03 acresCopyhold
N53Cottage1.2.00 acres at BroomhillCopyhold
N54Cottage2.0.00 acres at BroomhillCopyhold
N55Millbrook1.3.00 acresCopyhold
N56Millbrook0.0.10 acreCopyhold
N57Road field & Little MeadCopyhold
N57ALand8 perches in Road fieldCopyhold
N59Land0.2.37 acresCopyhold
N60Cottage0.0.8 acreCopyhold

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