The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Richard Jefferies: His Biography
by Edward Thomas
published by Hutchison in 1909

Only the final chapter - Recapitulation - and the Bibliography are included from this fine Biography of Richard Jefferies.
See also Field and Hedgerow by Richard Jefferies
Richard Jefferies in Sussex
and Richard Jefferies and Sussex
The Books of Richard Jefferies



  • 1874 The Scarlet Shawl: a novel. London : Tinsley.
  • 1875 Restless Human Hearts: a novel. 3 vols. London: Tinsley.
  • 1877 World's End: A Story in Three Books. 3 vols. London: Tinsley.
  • 1878 The Gamekeeper at Home; or, Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life. London: Smith, Elder.
  • 1879 Wild Life in a Southern County. London : Smith, Elder.
  • 1879 The Amateur Poacher. London: Smith, Elder.
  • 1880 Greene Ferne Farm. London: Smith, Elder.
  • 1880 Hodge and His Masters. 2 vols. London: Smith, Elder.
  • 1880 Round About a Great Estate. London: Smith, Elder.
  • 1881 Wood Magic: a fable. 2 vols. London: Cassell.
  • 1882 Bevis: The Story of a Boy. 3 vols. London: Sampson Low.
  • 1883 Nature Near London. London: Chatto and Windus.
  • 1883 The Story of My Heart: My Autobiography. London: Longmans, Green.
  • 1884 Red Deer. London: Longmans, Green.
  • 1884 The Life of the Fields. London: Chatto and Windus.
  • 1884 The Dewy Morn. 2 vols. London: Bentley.
  • 1885 After London; or, Wild England. London: Cassell.
  • 1885 The Open Air. London : Chatto and Windus.
  • 1887 Amaryllis at the Fair. London: Sampson Low.
  • 1889 Field and Hedgerow: Being the Last Essays of Richard Jefferies, Collected by His Widow. London: Longmans, Green.
  • 1892 The Toilers of the Field. London : Longmans, Green.
  • 1896 The Early Fiction of Richard Jefferies. Edited by Grace Toplis. London: Simpkin, Marshall.

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