The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Sussex County Magazine
The following articles published in The Sussex County Magazine refer to the Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Title Author   Date
The 'Soul Surgery' - Sir Conan Doyle Talks of Many Things1926
Sheffield Park: A Beautiful Sussex HomeM. S. Russell-Goggs1927
Historic Houses of Sussex - Rotherfield HallViscountess Wolseley1928
Early Sussex MapsEthel Gerard M.L.A.1928
"Mad Jack", The Honest Sussex SquireArthur Beckett1928
Historic Houses of Sussex - The Marshall's Manor, MaresfieldViscountess Wolseley1931
Historic Houses of Sussex - BolebrokeViscountess Wolseley1932
Historic Houses of Sussex - The Hermitage, BuxtedViscountess Wolseley1932
Historic Houses of Sussex - Bassetts Manor, HartfieldViscountess Wolseley1932
Richard Realf: Sussex Poet and AbolitionistDavid McLean1933
Historic Houses of Sussex - Bletchingley Farm, RotherfieldViscountess Wolseley1933
Historic Houses of Sussex - Chartners Farm, HartfieldViscountess Wolseley1933
Historic Houses of Sussex - Tablehurst ManorViscountess Wolseley1934
Men of Sussex - Edward Daniel Clarke, LL.D1934
Rudyard Kipling's VillageWilliam A. Ramsey1934
Men of Sussex - George Watson, The Calculator1934
Historic Houses of Sussex - Heronsdale Manor, WaldronViscountess Wolseley1935
Turner Trove - A Link with a Famous Sussex DiaristL.B. Smith and E.A. Hadley1935
Historic Houses of Sussex - Lightlands, FrantViscountess Wolseley1935
Edward Lear on Sussex Roads - A Record of 18291936
Major R. Lawrence Thornton1936
The Sussex Tales of Rudyard KiplingGilbert Pass1936
Rudyard Kipling and SussexArthur Beckett1936
Old Crowborough WindmillG. H. Paynter1936
Richard Jefferies in Sussex1936
Sussex and the Stories of Conan DoyleGilbert Pass1936
Historic Houses of Sussex - Bentley, FramfieldViscountess Wolseley1936
Arms of Some Famous Sussex FamiliesHelena Hall1936
Historic Houses of Sussex - Hunt's Barn, MayfieldViscountess Wolseley1936
William Augustus Raper1936
Wren, The Uckfield MartyrWilliam Albery1937
Richard Jefferies and SussexA. H. Anderson1937
Sir William Burrell - A Great Sussex Antiquarian and his WifeJohn Playford1938
Lost Mills of AshdownErnest Straker, F.S.A.1938
Kipling's Sussex PoemsW. G. B. Maitland1938
A Buckhurst DiaryHenry Cheal1938
The Sussex Side of E. V. LucasArthur Beckett1938
The Sackvilles of WithyhamG.R.A. Dick1939
Lost Mills of Waterdown ForestErnest Straker, F.S.A.1939
The Gateway of Bolebrook, 18091939
Lost Mills of MedwayErnest Straker, F.S.A.1939
A. A. Milne1939
Uckfield's Postman-PoetArthur Beckett1939
Lost Mills Around East GrinsteadErnest Straker, F.S.A.1939
East Grinstead's ArchitectureR.T. Mason1939
TunbridglographiaJohn Playford1939
The Story of Nan Tuck: A Sussex LegendDorothy E. M. Sivers1940
The Squire of CrowboroughElsie Indermaur1940
Coventry Patmore in SussexJohn Wright1947

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