The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
1851 Buxted Census
Reference: HO 107 1640, Maresfield Registration District, Folios 616-629 in the Buxted Enumeration District 3c
All that part of the Parish of Buxted from Hempstead Mill to Tibs Mill bounded on the East by the river taking Sleeches and following the footpath from Sleeches to Holders and Reeds Shop and then following the road to the Maypole and taking all the houses to the South of the above road and following the road to Parkhurst, Stone House and Rocks Cottage, Streeters Keepers Cottages and the whole of the houses on the Eastern side of the road from Tunbridge Wells to Coopers Green, Ringles Cross and Browns Lane.
Enumerator - John Duplock
 ▼ Head records ▼

Id Property Person Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
001Newlands FarmRichard Booker, farmerHead, employs 1 person, occupation: farmer1785Parish of Buxted, Sussex
002Newlands FarmIsaac VenessHead; occupation HIGgLER1829Parish of Buxted, Sussex
003Common FieldsElizabeth OlderHead; occupation FARMER1800Parish of Buxted, Sussex
004PickeringsThomas Frost, farm labourerHead; widowed; occupation: farm labourer1779Parish of Buxted, Sussex
005PickeringsJames Smith, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
006PickeringsSamuel Richard Smith, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1824Parish of Buxted, Sussex
007PickeringsJames Parker, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1809Parish of Buxted, Sussex
008Sleeches FarmJoseph VenessHead, employs 8 people; occupation Farmer1808Parish of Ashburnham, Sussex
009Greenhurst FarmHenry WatsonHead, employs 3 people; occupation Farmer1778Parish of Buxted, Sussex
010Rocks FarmJohn Alchorne, farmerHead, employs 2 people; occupation: farmer1821Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
011Fowly CottageEdward WatsonHead; occupation Farm labourer1824Parish of Buxted, Sussex
012New House FarmJohn Holman, farmerHead, employs 11 people; occupation: farmer1806Parish of Framfield, Sussex
013Hog HouseWilliam Huggett, gardenerHead; occupation: gardener1813Parish of West Malling, Kent
014Hog HouseWilliam Ashby, farm bailiffHead; occupation: farm bailiff1793Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
015RectoryReverend Henry Kingsmill, B.A.Head; occupation: rector of buxted1811County of Somerset
016Rectory CottageJonathan Brown, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1807Parish of Buxted, Sussex
017ParkRichard Markwick, carpenter and gamekeeperHead; occupation: park & game keeper1794Parish of Chailey, Sussex
018Buxted BridgeSamuel ReedHead; occupation Master grocer1812Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
018Buxted BridgeMartha ReedWife1814Parish of Alfriston, Sussex
018Buxted BridgeNelson ReedSon; occupation Scholar1841Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
018Buxted BridgeSpencer ReedSon; occupation Scholar1843Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
019Buxted BridgeJohn Catt, Esquire, millerHead; widowed; occupation: retired miller1772Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
020Buxted MillJacob Bedford, millerHead, employs 1 person, occupation: miller1820Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
021Buxted MillJames Bedford, millerHead, employs 2 people, occupation: miller1822Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
022Buxted ParkThe Honourable Charles Cecil Cope JenkinsonHead; widowed; occupation: peer29th May 1784London
023Buxted Park GardensGeorge Compton, gardenerHead, occupation: gardener1813County of Hampshire
024HempsteadJohn Plummer, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1806London
025Hempstead Mill HouseGeorge Heaver, millerHead; employs 3 people; occupation: miller1810Parish of Isfield, Sussex
026Hempstead Mill HouseBenjamin Martin, miller and grinderHead; occupation: miller and grinder1824Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
027Large House, Ringles CrossEdward Jeffery, gardenerHead; occupation: gardener's labourer1818Parish of Little Horsted, Sussex
028Ringles Cross LodgeCharles WelchHead; widowed; occupation Labourer1795Parish of Mersham, Kent
029Coopers GreenJohn StallwoodHead; occupation Painter journeyman1811County of Buckinghamshire
030Coopers Green HouseGeorge Wickens, gamekeeperHead; occupation Poultryman1827Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
031Coopers Green CottageThomas Daw, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1793Parish of Buxted, Sussex
032Coopers Green CottageMary Wickens [Hallett]Head; widowed; occupation Poultryman1806Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
033Turkey Square, Coopers GreenThomas Markwick, sawyerHead; occupation: land agent and surveyorOct 1791Parish of Chailey, Sussex
034Lipmans BridgeElias Manning, gamekeeperHead; occupation: gamekeeper1816County of Suffolk
035Lipmans BridgeJames Izzard, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1805Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
036Five Ash DownGeorge Divall, labourerHead; occupation: labourer1804Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
037Five Ash DownJohn French, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1828Parish of Buxted, Sussex
038Five Ash DownFrances Filtness, dressmakerHead; widowed; occupation: dressmaker1796Parish of Marylebone, London
040Five Ash DownRichard Ralph [West], farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1817Parish of Buxted, Sussex
041Five Ash DownGeorge Crittle, stone masonHead; occupation: stone mason7th Mar 1817Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
042Five Ash DownDavid SetfordHead; occupation Farm labourer1775Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
043Five Ash DownMary Relf [West]Head; widowed; occupation: charwoman1800Parish of Buxted, Sussex
044Five Ash DownGeorge Divall, proprietor of housesHead; occupation: proprietor of houses1817Parish of Buxted, Sussex
045Five Ash DownCarey Curd [Waterford]Head; widowed; occupation: pauper1776Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
046Five Ash DownEdward Wilmshurst, sawyerHead; occupation SAWYER1813Parish of Buxted, Sussex
048Five Ash DownSamuel ThomasHead; occupation Farm labourer1798Parish of Buxted, Sussex
049Five Ash DownGeorge Wickens, wheelwrightHead; occupation Wheelwright journeyman17th Jan 1810Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
050Five Ash DownJoseph Mills, Cordwainer & shopkeeperHead; occupation: cordwainer2nd Feb 1808Parish of Withyham, Sussex
051Five Ash DownJames Streeter, van driver and gardenerHead; occupation: van driver15th Aug 1827Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
052Five Ash DownWilliam Taylor, independentHead; occupation: gentleman1771County of Gloucestershire
053Five Ash DownJames Elphick, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Buxted, Sussex
054Five Ash DownGeorge Gilbert, carpenterHead; occupation: carpenter2nd Nov 1824Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
055Five Ash DownJohn Miller, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
056Five Ash DownFrederick Smith, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
057Five Ash DownWilliam Miller, bricklayerHead; occupation: bricklayer journeyman1801Parish of Buxted, Sussex
058Five Ash DownJane BuckHead, widowed1809Parish of Eastry, Kent
059Five Ash DownJohn WatsonHead; occupation Farm labourer1786Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
060Five Ash DownGeorge ReedHead; occupation Farm labourer1826Parish of Buxted, Sussex
061Five Ash DownJohn PostHead; occupation Farm labourer1782Parish of Buxted, Sussex
062Five Ash DownGeorge HopeHead; occupation: farm labourer1806Parish of Buxted, Sussex
063Five Ash DownIsaac Duplock, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1811Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
064Five Ash DownGeorge Bryant, schoolmasterHead; occupation: national school master1822County of Somerset
065Five Ash DownThomas Curd, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1813Parish of Buxted, Sussex
066Five Ash DownJoseph French, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1798Parish of Buxted, Sussex
067Five Ash DownHenry BinghamHead, occupation: farm labourer1817Parish of Horsted Keynes, Sussex
068Five Ash DownStephen Heathfield, gamekeeperStephen Heathfield, M, Head, married, age 40, born Heathfield; occupation: gamekeeper1805Parish of Waldron, Sussex
069Five Ash DownGeorge Relf, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1821Parish of Buxted, Sussex
070Rocks CottageJohn Hardgroves, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1827Parish of Uckfield, Sussex
071BevenfordWilliam BennetHead, occupation: farm labourer1808Parish of Buxted, Sussex
072Hendal FarmJames Dadswell, farm labourerHead, widowed; occupation: farm bailiffc Apr 1808Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
073Stone HouseJohn Beale, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1808Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
074Stone HouseAmbrose Vinall, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1823Parish of Buxted, Sussex
075ParkhurstHenry Duvall, master millerHead; occupation: master miller1825Parish of Fletching, Sussex
076Parkhurst CottageWilliam Thomas Vinall, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
077MaypoleWilliam Mann, smithHead; occupation: journeyman smith1816Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
078Maypole FarmJames Irving, independentHead; employs 1 person; occupation: farmer1811Country of Scotland
079HurstwoodJohn Vinall, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1804Parish of Buxted, Sussex
080HurstwoodJames Wilmshurst, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1798Parish of Buxted, Sussex
081HurstwoodJohn Smith, farm labourerHead; widowed; occupation: farm labourer1798Parish of Buxted, Sussex
082Nortons GreenEdward ColbranHead, widowed, occupation: retired smith1774Parish of Buxted, Sussex
083Nortons GreenJohn Duplock, master butcherHead; occupation: master butcher14th Jan 1810Parish of Mayfield, Sussex

Please note:

These are derived census records that have been enhanced as further data becomes available. For example - the surname at birth of a wife is derived from the census return or a corresponding parish record - the date of birth is derived from the age recorded on the census and refined where a parish record has been matched - the occupation has been unified (e.g. Ag Lab, Farm Lab, and many other such recordings are all displayed as Farm labourer).

The originals of these census returns are available at Record Offices, from The National Archives and from Logo

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