The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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In 1328 Edward III levied a universal tax to pay for wars against the Scots and the list of the amounts paid by the Maghefeld [Mayfield] and Wadehurst [Wadhurst] landowners is still in existence.Source: Bell-Irving
Agnes de Arlegh
Matilda de Aylardenne
Walter AylwyneTax - 1s 0dAlwynne [now Alywins]
John Baker
John le Bakere
William de Boghaldebrugh
Richard de BonehurstBonehurst [now Bungehurst]
Robert de Bonewater
Richard de Borgome
Peter le Bothe
Christopher Boton
Thomas Brown
Walter Burdon
William le Bussh
William le Cade
John le Cade
Matthew Cade
Robert Cade
Robert Carpenter
Henry Cok
Simon Cole
Adam de Courthope
Thomas atte CumbeCumbe (Combe)
Gilbert Curtais
Stephen Donngate
Alice de Everesfeld
John le Fransh
Simon le Frie
William of HaddelegheHaddeleghe [now Hadlow]
John atte Halle
Robert Hamond
William le Hert
Howestote de Hodlegh
Laurence de HorleghHorlegh [now Horleigh Green]
William Hucharm
John le Hurt
Simon de Istede
John de Istede
Relict Erl Le
Isabel de Lockesford
Isabella LudwelleLudwele [now Loudwell Farm]
Gilbert atte Lymene
Simon Marchaunt
Thomas le MistMist [now Mist Cottages]
Nicholas le MistMist [now Mist Cottages]
James de MouleshaleMouleshale [now Mousehall]
Juliana de MouleshaleMouleshale [now Mousehall]
Peter Oderne
John Petuon
John Pilcher
William Pilcher
Relict Thomas atte Pote
Relict Princle
William Rikeward
Robert Saptan
Gilbert Scrymond
Geoffrey Shorfam
Hamon de Stonlegh
Marg Sweting
Peter Taillour
William de Tokinghersh
John le Turnour
Andrew le Turnour
William Virgil
Walter Wabbe
John de Wanebourne
Agnes atte Water
John atte Welle
William Weneman
Rose Wevere
Henry de Wodeslonde
John Wykyn
William Yerdherst

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