The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Thomas Walker Horsfield, son of James Horsfield and Ann Horsfield [Hewett]
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Thomas Walker Horsfield was born in Sheffield in 1792. He became minister of the Westgate Chapel at Lewes, more popularly known as the "Bull Meeting", from the fact that the old Presbyterian (afterwards Unitarian) chapel stood upon or near the site of an Inn called the Bull, which in times still further back had been the town house of the Goring family. In addition to his ministerial duties Thomas Horsfield took pupils, and was much respected for his social and intellectual qualities. From 1824 to 1826 he published "The History and Antiquities of Lewes" and then, in 1835, his most important work for which he is best remembered - The History, Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex. This work in two volumes covered every aspect of the history of Sussex - its families and its places - and became the standard reference book for all subsequent Sussex historians. Thomas Horsfield removed from Lewes some previously to his death, which occurred at Chowbent in Lancashire in 1837.

See also The History, Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex and
At Sheffield in the County of Yorkshire
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2nd December 1792
At St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield in the County of Yorkshire
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In the County of Lancashire
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Ancestor's report
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Horsfield individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Thomas Walker Horsfield
 James Horsfieldm: 29th Jul 1790 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield, YorkshireAnn Hewett 
 b: c 1770  b: c 1770 
 Thomas Walker Frederick George Mary Ann Alathea Harriet
 b: 1792 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 2nd Dec 1792 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield
d: 1837 Lancashire
 b: 1794 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 7th Sep 1794 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield
 b: 1796 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 1st Apr 1796 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield
 b: 1797 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 3rd Dec 1797 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield
 b: 1799 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 20th Oct 1799 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield
 b: 1803 Sheffield, Yorkshire
ch: 2nd Jan 1803 St. Peter's Cathedral, Sheffield

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