The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Percy Charles Burr, son of Alfred Burr, joiner and organist and Ann Burr [Hales]
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In the Parish of Southborough, Kent
Southborough Parish Registers
26th May 1878
At St. Peter's Church in the Parish of Southborough, Kent; son of Alfred Burr and Annie Burr
Southborough Parish Registers
3rd April 1881
At Bedford Road in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Percy C. Burr, M, Son, age 3, born Southboro, Kent
1881 Census
Southborough, Kent

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Burr, Burre family records
The ancestral pedigree of Percy Charles Burr
 Thomas Burr
painter and glazier
m: 21st May 1838 St. Mary's Church, Speldhurst, KentSarah Gander 
 b: 1819 East Peckham, Kent  b: 1819 Frant, Sussex 
Thomas  Alfred  Edwin  Henry  Mary  Albert William  George  Julian
b: Jul to Sep 1838 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 12th Oct 1838 St. Mary's Church
  b: Oct to Dec 1841 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 24th Nov 1841 St. Mary's Church
  b: Apr to Jun 1845 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 9th Apr 1845 St. Mary's Church
  b: Apr to Jun 1848 Speldhurst, Kent  b: Oct to Dec 1850 Speldhurst, Kent  b: Jul to Sep 1855 Speldhurst, Kent  b: 25th Jun 1858 Eridge Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: Jul to Sep 1861 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 18th Aug 1861 Christ Church
   James  Ann Frederick Jane Elizabeth Walter Edward Charles Emma 
   b: Apr to Jun 1840 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 8th Apr 1840 St. Alban's Church, Frant, Sussex
  b: Oct to Dec 1843 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 1st Nov 1843 St. Mary's Church
 b: Oct to Dec 1846 Speldhurst, Kent b: Jul to Sep 1849 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1852 Speldhurst, Kent b: Jan to Mar 1857 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: Jul to Sep 1859 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 
2nd marriageAlfred Burr
joiner and organist
m: 29th Aug 1872 Forest Hill, KentAnn Hales 
 b: Oct to Dec 1841 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 24th Nov 1841 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1839 Southborough, Kent
ch: 28th Apr 1839 Tonbridge, Kent
 Frederick A. Alfred Ernest Percy Charles William Walter
 b: 1875 Southborough, Kent b: 1876 Southborough, Kent
ch: 26th Nov 1876 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1878 Southborough, Kent
ch: 26th May 1878 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1880 Southborough, Kent
ch: 25th Apr 1880 St. Peter's Church

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