The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Charles Henry Harding, son of William Harding, grocer and Elizabeth Abbots Awcock [Harding] [Elliott]
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Jul to Sep 1873
In the Parish of Southborough, Kent; registered at Tonbridge District, Kent; ref: 1873 Q3 Vol 2a Page 533
Pat Cox's records
3rd April 1881
At London Road in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Charles H. Harding, M, Son, age 7, born Southborough, Kent; occupation: scholar
1881 Census
Southborough, Kent
16th August 1905
Mary Dunn in the Parish of Deal, Kent
Pat Cox's records
18th June 1906
Birth of a son
Gerald Charles in the County of Kent
Pat Cox's records
4th December 1907
Birth of a daughter
Joan Marie in the Parish of Maidstone, Kent
Pat Cox's records
Birth of a son
Kenneth John in the Parish of Maidstone, Kent
Pat Cox's records
10th December 1915
Birth of a son
Eric Ian in the Parish of Maidstone, Kent
Pat Cox's records
aged 78 years
Pat Cox's records

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Harden, Hardin, Harding, Hardinge, Hurding family records
The ancestral pedigree of Charles Henry Harding
 Henry Hardingm: 19th Sep 1765 Newdigate, SurreyMartha Field 
 b: c 1745  b: c 1745 
Phillis  Henry  William Amy Thomas John David Sarah
b: 1766 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 16th Feb 1766
  b: 1772 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 25th Oct 1772
  b: 1778 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 5th Jul 1778
 b: 1779 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 12th Dec 1779
 b: 1781 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 25th Mar 1781
 b: 17th Mar 1784 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 4th Apr 1784
 b: 14th Aug 1786 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 3rd Sep 1786
 b: 22nd Oct 1789 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 22nd Nov 1789
 James Martha      
 b: 1768 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 1st May 1768
 b: 1776 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 31st Mar 1776
 James Hardingm: 23rd Nov 1797 St. Bartholomew, Horley, SurreyElizabeth Newnham 
 b: 1768 Newdigate, Surrey
ch: 1st May 1768
  b: c 1775 
 John Elizabeth William Thomas James
 b: 1798 Horley, Surrey
ch: 29th Nov 1798 St. Bartholomew
 b: 1802 Horley, Surrey
ch: 23rd May 1802 St. Bartholomew
 b: 1804 Horley, Surrey
ch: 30th Dec 1804 St. Bartholomew
 b: 1808 Horley, Surrey
ch: 1st May 1808 St. Bartholomew
 b: 1811 Horley, Surrey
ch: 6th Jan 1811 St. Bartholomew
 William Harding
m: 2nd Dec 1833 East Ilsley, BerkshireAnn Coleman 
 b: 1804 Horley, Surrey
ch: 30th Dec 1804 St. Bartholomew
  b: 1810 East Ilsley, Berkshire 
Caroline William Henry James Ellen Hubert John Lavina Ann
b: 1834 East Ilsley, Berkshire b: 1835 East Ilsley, Berkshire
ch: 15th Mar 1835 East Ilsley
 b: Oct to Dec 1837 East Ilsley, Berkshire b: Jan to Mar 1839 East Ilsley, Berkshire b: Apr to Jun 1842 East Ilsley, Berkshire b: Oct to Dec 1848 East Ilsley, Berkshire b: Jul 1850 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 30th Jan 1859 St. Peter's Church, Penshurst, Kent
 b: 1852 East Grinstead, Sussex
 William Harding
m: 3rd Jul 1866 St. Mildred's Church, Tenterden, KentElizabeth Abbots Elliott1st marriage
 b: 1835 East Ilsley, Berkshire
ch: 15th Mar 1835 East Ilsley
  b: 7th Sep 1845 Tenterden, Kent
d: 24th Dec 1936 Tonbridge, Kent
 Louisa Mary William Elliott Annie Charles Henry Florence Elizabeth
 b: Apr to Jun 1867 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: Jul to Sep 1868 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 26th Jul 1868 St. Thomas' Church, Southborough, Kent
 b: Jan to Mar 1870 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 27th Feb 1870 St. Thomas' Church, Southborough, Kent
 b: Jul to Sep 1873 Southborough, Kent
d: 1952
 b: Oct to Dec 1874 Southborough, Kent
 Charles Henry Hardingm: 16th Aug 1905 Deal, KentMary Dunn 
 b: Jul to Sep 1873 Southborough, Kent
d: 1952
  b: 1880 Deal, Kent 
 Gerald Charles Joan Marie Kenneth John Eric Ian
 b: 18th Jun 1906 Kent
d: 1974 London
 b: 4th Dec 1907 Maidstone, Kent
d: 1977 Maidstone, Kent
 b: 1910 Maidstone, Kent
d: 27th Apr 1982 Queensland, Australia
 b: 10th Dec 1915 Maidstone, Kent
d: 2000 Maidstone, Kent

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