The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Eliza Doust [Batchelor], daughter of James Batchelor and Mary Batchelor [Sherborn]
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27th August 1837
In the Parish of Riverhead, Kent
Pam Rowden's records
26th December 1859
Alfred Doust at St Saviour in the Parish of Southwark, London
Pam Rowden's records
17th October 1860
Birth of a son
Alfred at St Bartholomew the Great, in London
Pam Rowden's records
18th January 1863
Birth of a son
Henry in the Parish of Shoreditch, London
Pam Rowden's records
Birth of a daughter
Amy at Hoxton, in London
Pam Rowden's records
Birth of a son
Frank in the Parish of Riverhead, Kent
Pam Rowden's records
25th November 1869
Birth of a son
Walter in the Parish of Islington, London
Pam Rowden's records
c 1877
Birth of a daughter
Ada in the Parish of Hackney, London
Pam Rowden's records

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Bachelor, Batchelar, Batcheldor, Batcheler, Batcheller, Batchellor, Batchelor, Batchelour, Bachelour, Batchiller, Batchlor, Bacheller individual records
Doust family records
The ancestral pedigree of Eliza Doust [Batchelor]
 Samuel Batchelorm: c 1800Mary 
 b: c 1770  b: c 1770
d: 7th Jan 1848
 John James
 b: 1808 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 18th Aug 1808 St. Mary the Virgin
 b: 1810 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 1st Apr 1810 St. Mary the Virgin
d: 10th Nov 1863 Riverhead, Kent
 James Batchelorm: 20th May 1832 St. Nicholas Parish Church, Sevenoaks, KentMary Sherborn 
 b: 1810 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 1st Apr 1810 St. Mary the Virgin
d: 10th Nov 1863 Riverhead, Kent
  b: 1808 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 17th Jul 1808 St. Nicholas Parish Church
d: 18th Oct 1869 Riverhead, Kent
Mary Ann  Eliza Elizabeth Caroline Harriott Emma Jane John James
b: 1833 Sevenoaks, Kent
ch: 12th Jan 1833 St. Nicholas Parish Church
  b: 27th Aug 1837 Riverhead, Kent b: 1840 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1842 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1845 Sevenoaks, Kent b: 1849 Sevenoaks, Kent b: c 1851 b: c 1854
 b: 1835 Sundridge, Kent
ch: 6th Apr 1835 St. Nicholas Parish Church, Sevenoaks, Kent
 Alfred Doustm: 26th Dec 1859 St Saviour, Southwark, LondonEliza Batchelor 
 b: 1837 London
ch: 2nd Jul 1837 St Bartholomew the Great
  b: 27th Aug 1837 Riverhead, Kent 
 Alfred Henry Amy Frank Walter Ada
 b: 17th Oct 1860 St Bartholomew the Great, London
d: 4th Jan 1879
 b: 18th Jan 1863 Shoreditch, London
d: 21st Feb 1942
 b: 1864 Hoxton, London
d: 1949 Epping
 b: 1867 Riverhead, Kent b: 25th Nov 1869 Islington, London b: c 1877 Hackney, London
d: 1968

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