The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
1851 Buxted Census
Reference: HO 107 1640, Maresfield Registration District, Folios 588-602 in the Buxted Enumeration District 3a
All that part of the Parish of Buxted lying South of the Turnpike road from Buxted Bridge to Hadlow Down.
Enumerator - John Olive Tanner
 ▼ Head records ▼

Id Property Person Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
001Tot EaseEdmund WatsonHead; occupation Farm labourer1796Parish of Buxted, Sussex
002Tot EaseRichard Denniss, grinder and miller journeymanHead; occupation: grinder and miller journeyman1805Parish of Folkington, Sussex
003Tot EaseGeorge CarrHead, occupation: gamekeeper's assistant1808Parish of Lingfield, Surrey
004Tot EaseHenry Smith, gardenerHead; occupation: gardener1806Parish of Buxted, Sussex
005Potters GreenWilliam Leeves, labourerHead; occupation: farmer1808Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
006Potters GreenJohn SkinnerHead; occupation Farm labourer1807Parish of Buxted, Sussex
007Potters GreenJoseph Hoadly, chimney sweepHead; occupation: chimney sweep1801Parish of Tunbridge Wells, Kent
008Potters GreenGeorge Daws, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1823Parish of Buxted, Sussex
009Potters GreenJohn Card, lathe cleaver journeymanHead; occupation: lathe render1805Parish of Buxted, Sussex
010Potters GreenSophia WareHead; occupation DRESSMAKER1793Parish of Buxted, Sussex
011Popes GreenJames May, wheelwrightHead; occupation: carpenter1787Parish of Catsfield, Sussex
012Popes Well GreenBenjamin Tester, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1817Parish of Canterbury, Kent
013Popes HoleJohn Brown, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1791Parish of Buxted, Sussex
014Popes WoodWilliam John Smith, pork butcherHead; occupation: farm labourer1824City of Ipswich, Suffolk
015Popes HoleJoseph Edwards, gardenerHead; occupation: gardener1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
016Popes Well LaneMary Ann Seamer [King]Head; Husband has been transported; occupation Labourer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
017Popes Well LaneMary BrownHead1803Parish of Buxted, Sussex
018Popes WellWilliam ReedHead; occupation Farm labourer1805Parish of Buxted, Sussex
019Popes WellStephen PollardHead; occupation Farm labourer1788Parish of Buxted, Sussex
020Popes WoodStephen Filtness, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1767Parish of Buxted, Sussex
021Popes Well LaneJoseph Blackman, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1811Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
022Popes WoodDavid Frost, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1798Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
023Popes WoodRobert Farnes, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1811Parish of Buxted, Sussex
024Popes WoodStephen PollardHead; occupation Farm labourer1817Parish of Buxted, Sussex
025Popes HallJames Edwards, farmerHead; occupation: farmer1781Parish of Maresfield, Sussex
026Half Anchor HillPhilip Coalman, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1789Parish of Laughton, Sussex
027Wood BrookeThomas Wickens, farmerHead, employs 17 people; occupation Farmer1796Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
028Buxted Tan YardWilliam RobbartsHead; occupation Farm labourer1782Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
029Etching WoodEdward WareHead; occupation Farm labourer1794Parish of Buxted, Sussex
030Baily PitsThomas TidyHead; occupation Farm labourer1821Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
031Baily PitsAnn FiltnessHead; widowed1802Parish of Burwash, Sussex
032Half Anchor HillRichard TylerHead; occupation Farm labourer1820Parish of Framfield, Sussex
033Holly CottageDaniel ReedHead; occupation Farm labourer1790Parish of Buxted, Sussex
034Popes WoodJames Knight TourleHead, employs 3 people; occupation Farmer1815Parish of Southease, Sussex
035Roses CommonGeorge Farnes, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1813Parish of Buxted, Sussex
036Roses CommonJohn RussellHead; occupation Shoe maker1821County of Middlesex
037Roses CommonJohn Stevens, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1824Parish of Buxted, Sussex
038Roses CommonWilliam Curd, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1824Parish of Buxted, Sussex
039Roses CommonHenry Hall, shoemakerHead; occupation: shoe maker1777Parish of Buxted, Sussex
040Roses CommonJoseph Jefferies, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1788Parish of Buxted, Sussex
041Roses CommonJohn WrenHead, employs 1 person; occupation: farmer1778Parish of Buxted, Sussex
042Old WorkhouseRichard Taylor, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1797Parish of Buxted, Sussex
043Old WorkhouseSamuel Mugridge, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1813Parish of Buxted, Sussex
044Old WorkhouseWilliam ReedHead; occupation Farm labourer1817Parish of Framfield, Sussex
045Old WorkhouseJohn SeamerHead; widowed; occupation Farm labourer1788Parish of Framfield, Sussex
046Old WorkhouseHenry Haslot, chimney sweepHead; occupation: chimney sweep1823Parish of Lewes, Sussex
047Old WorkhouseJames SeamerHead; occupation Farm labourer1820Parish of Buxted, Sussex
048Low LandsJohn Luxford, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Groombridge, Kent and Sussex
049Low LandsJohn Saunders, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1820Parish of Framfield, Sussex
050Low LandsGeorge Sands, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1828Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
051Low LandsRichard Jeffreys, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1795Parish of Buxted, Sussex
052Low LandsWilliam Homewood, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1796Parish of Framfield, Sussex
053Low LandsJames SarlesHead; occupation Farm labourer1791Country of Wales
054Five LocksThomas Elphick, farmerHead; widowed; occupation: former farmer1774Parish of Buxted, Sussex
055Five LocksJames Dray, farm labourerHead; occupation: farmer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
056Shepards HillJames Broomfield, farmerHead, employs 5 people, occupation: farmer1792Parish of Keymer, Sussex
057Dog KennellWilliam Cottington, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1800Parish of Framfield, Sussex
058PounsleyWilliam Bishop, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
059PounsleyThomas Wren, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1799Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex
060Wilderness BankRichard Garrett, carpenterHead; occupation: carpenter1825Parish of Framfield, Sussex
061Wilderness BankJohn Ranger, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1788Parish of Framfield, Sussex
062Burnt HouseJonathan Holman, shoe makerHead; occupation: farmer1806Parish of Framfield, Sussex
063Tesels CottageThomas Cornwall, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1796Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
064CrowpitsTrayton Hemsley, farmerHead, employs 1 person; occupation: farmer1819Parish of Framfield, Sussex
065Hole FarmJohn Hemsley, farmerHead; occupation: farmer1815Parish of Buxted, Sussex
066Wilderness BankSamuel Moon Hesman, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1810Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
066Wilderness BankSamuel Moon Hesman, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1810Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
067Wilderness BankThomas BlackfordHead, occupation: pauper29th Jul 1810Parish of Burwash, Sussex
068Homebush BankGeorge SimmondsHead; occupation Farm labourer1815County of Sussex
069Homebush BankWilliam ChapmanHead, occupation: farm labourer1807Parish of Buxted, Sussex
070Gill HopeCharles Evans, farm labourerHead; occupation FARMER1805Parish of Framfield, Sussex
071Little WildernessHenry Delves, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1792Parish of Buxted, Sussex
072Little WildernessJohn Cottingham, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1777Parish of Buxted, Sussex
073Buxted LodgeAngela Hall, landed proprietorHead; occupation: landed proprietor1791London
074Waste FarmJoseph Peckham, farmerHead; employs 1 person; occupation: farmer1784Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
075Curtinhill FarmJesse RussellHead, employs 2 people; occupation Farmer1769Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
076Five ChimneysWilliam Gorringe, farmerHead, employs 3 people; occupation: farmer1780Parish of Buxted, Sussex
077Buxted WoodAlfred ChapmanHead, occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Buxted, Sussex
078Pound GreenMark ReedHead; occupation Farm labourer1816Parish of Buxted, Sussex
079Pound GreenThomas Hill, grocer and draperHead; occupation: grocer and draper1815Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
080Pound GreenWilliam Bristow, police officerHead; widowed; occupation: police officer1801Parish of Ringmer, Sussex
081Pound GreenRobert Berwick, farmerHead; occupation: former farmer1770Parish of Buxted, Sussex
082Butchers FarmWilliam Curd, farmerHead; occupation: farmer1782Parish of Buxted, Sussex
082Butchers FarmMary Ann Curd [Watson]Wife1791Parish of Buxted, Sussex
083Butchers FarmElizabeth PageHead; occupation: laundress1779County of Berkshire
084TotteaseJohn Benge, farmerHead, occupation: farmer1813Parish of Westfield, Sussex
085TotteaseHenry Brown, cordwainerHead, employs 2 people; occupation: cordwainer1823Parish of Framfield, Sussex
086Hecking WoodWilliam Frost, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer4th Jan 1819Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
087TotteaseJohn Olive TannerHead; occupation Carpenterc Jul 1790Parish of Buxted, Sussex
088Pope WoodWilliam Durrant, rake makerHead; occupation: rake maker1793Parish of East Grinstead, Sussex

Please note:

These are derived census records that have been enhanced as further data becomes available. For example - the surname at birth of a wife is derived from the census return or a corresponding parish record - the date of birth is derived from the age recorded on the census and refined where a parish record has been matched - the occupation has been unified (e.g. Ag Lab, Farm Lab, and many other such recordings are all displayed as Farm labourer).

The originals of these census returns are available at Record Offices, from The National Archives and from Logo

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